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Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan While Jobs may have an ego, I have enjoyed his thought leadership in the computer space. I think we all agree that his ego is somewhat earned. He took a company on the verge of bankruptcy and made it the second most valuable company in terms of market cap (heck they have 50 Billion in cash in the bank) Quote: ...ease of use. I attribute this to the success of Apple. while other...
Hmmm...It will be interesting to see where the stock will open up on Tuesday. Gotta wonder the timing of the announcement...Day before earnings and market closed today. Although the stock performed well last time around with Cook in command.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Lightroom has some functions to automatically create proof sheets, which would be a page with a bunch of photos. That'll probably let you write some text on there too. Thanks. Quote: Or you could create a section of your website that's password-protected. I do NOT want to F around with Burberry.
On my kids website I am unable to showcase certain brands due to corporate policy. They do allow me to create a digital catalog to send out or have my customers download. Anyone have a good idea as to a free or reasonably priced digital catalog creator? We have meanwhile been creating pdf's off of .psd files but its time consuming. We do have CS5. Thanks in advance. Edit: Looks like In design will work for me. If anyone has any additional Comments I would...
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Wow... good catch. I'm usually good at catching the necroposts. Geesh. Oh well... I only noticed it cause Mr. T has been dead like 2 years. No, Just kidding ;-) I noticed it because the linked video/article was from 2008.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kai And, in other news, Canada has banned Dire Straits' song, Money for Nothing: http://www.spinner.com/2011/01/14/di...r-nothing-ban/ One of my favorite songs. The "street legal" PC version of that song (which is the only thing that they play on public radio) is seriously lacking. In concert they swipe faggot for queer. Or perhaps in the UK thats how its done.
Weird revival of a three year old thread. And the beauty of SF is that people just go on as if this was first posted today.
Seems to be authentic: http://www.consumertraveler.com/today/36259/ Quote: Here's an update on yesterday's Southwest story "” and how you can help \t\t\t\t\tby Christopher Elliott on January 11, 2011 \t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t The response to yesterday's story about how a Southwest Airlines pilot held the plane for the grandfather of a murder victim has been overwhelming. Here's an update. A lot of readers have asked how they can help. Nancy, the toddler's ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Benzito I read that the same way in the original story, but I think maybe the lady meant the daughter / mother of the dead child was the stepdaughter. Yes, thats what it meant. Either way its a little bit odd that the woman herself didnt go since she was the wife of the grandfather. Its not like he was heading out to beers with the fellas.
Close to 90% of all email is
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