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Lots Gone, and Lots more to go. Where else can you get a hand made, Made in Italy, with self tipping, an all wool interlining, bar tacking, in three sizes for between 25-30 dollars???????? Yah...Though so.
FYI: The Marinella Collection which is normally 195 at Bergdorf and available in select locations worldwide is now on sale at 25% Off my price of 175 so they are now 131.25. The Petronius and Attolini Collections are now 30% off. And our house brands of luxury ties (4 folds and seven folds) are now 50% Off.
Not only that I haven't even charged you out yet!:-). Enjoy them!
be sure to check out our collection of Half Price Hickey Freeman Shirts at our TC Site: More Samples at the Site!
Greetings! Thanks for the kind words. I haven't yet added them to the sale but if there is anything in those departments you are interested in I can go to 20% off. Let me know!
Wanted to add that the Coats and Suits as well as Shirts are half price as well. Here is a snippet from A Harris on the coats and suits. read the entire post here: "Coats - I think they are an excellent value at retail. Not canvased, but not $4000 either. I'm not overly concerned about canvas vs. fused front when it comes to overcoats, as to me they are primarily functional - the function being to keep me warm and protect my suit. I especially liked the dark navy...
Well fellahs, Its been fun and its been real and its even been real fun but my kids business demands my attention full time and thats what pays my rent so it's time to say good bye to what started out as a Men's division but what quickly morphed into a full time website, www.FourInHand.com. Some of you know me from the past, and some don't but you can read up about me and my products here. and in the threads that are listed in post 2 of that thread. Anyway, the ties have...
Hey Ed: Thanks for the well wishes but fret not. The Men's department (fourinhand.com) was never intended to be what it became, as our main business is TuesdaysChild.com and the kids stores. The kids store sort of spawned a line of ties (since we were making ties for the kids anyway) and then from the ties, scarves, suits, accessories et al. It got too involved and I didnt have the time to handle both. We will upon occasion still do some men's ties and I will still...
Victory lap indeed! :-)Thanks for the bump Fok. Coming soon to a mens forum near you... the FourinHand.com closing up shop affiliate thread. Up to half price on ties.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy So thats what happened to him...
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