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Can someone give the measurements from the slimfitting H&M dress shirts? armhole width, armpit (seam to seam), shoulder yoke, etc. Thanks
There is a canali at a local suit shop... I think I will go take a look today. How much are Canali suits actually worth though? I don't want to get ripped off by this guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by j IMO it doesn't really matter because the quality, the fabric and the style of the collars is so cheesy. Sorry to come right down on it but it wouldn't matter to me how they fit having seen them. good point, but some suggestions would make you seem like less of a downer.
Can anyone give any input on Geoffery Beene fitted or Alfani Fitted. I have heard mixed reviews on their fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Speaking of blasts from the past, how about Baron boutique's Collateral or Ocean's 12 suits? The collateral one looks pretty close but it has a slight pattern, or maybe that's just the wool/cashmere? I am not sure. At $399 I wonder how the quality is at Baron's... anyone? fused or floating? etc..
Follow the coloring of yourself (skin/eyes/hair) and play with contrasting tones like the above person mentioned. I have have a royal blue/black/white striped tie that I usually wear with an outfit like yours.
agreed, every bit helps. edit: and in case anyone didn't know I have read on these boards that many tailors measure your chest, waist, and hips then add 5, 6, 5 respectively to your measurements when creating your custom shirt. Sorry, I forgot where or who mentioned this. Additionally you may add 4, 5, 4 instead to creating an even more fitting shirt. I haven't tested this yet however.
Quote: Originally Posted by itskub The shirt I have says BOSS hugo boss on a black label from an outlet store. Not sure if its different from the HB shirts with a red label. Its a 15/34,35, and I have a 37" chest, and its not close to slim. We have really similar measurements, what shirts have you found that fit you best?
I have searched everywhere possible to me for a suit in 38R that is a very light gray color (some people call it silver) but haven't found anything! I was wondering if anyone out there knew of such a thing. I am not looking to spend more than $300 on this suit either because it won't be for formal occasions and will be traveling quiet frequently through airports and the like. So, if anyone has any good spots online or off (state of FL, USA) where I can find suits (this...
Does anyone have a Hugo Boss in 15.5, 34/35 and would be willing to take some measurements for me? I was looking for: 1. armpit seam to seam across chest 2. across yoke, seam to seam shoulders 3. acoss mid section of shirt 4. width across lowest parth of shirt Thanks.
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