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How do they compare in quality to cashmere sweaters by other labels, such as Brunello Cucinelli? Any comment on durability/fit/value/anything else noteworthy?
In the past, I've always associated sharkskin suits with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. However, lately I've noticed quite a few modern celebrities wearing sharkskin suits. Some look way too shiny/flashy, while others have a very slight sheen that look decent. Is it just my imagination, or is sharkskin in style again? If so, do you think it's just a fad, or does it have some staying power? .........I guess what I really want to know is if sharkskin suits are okay to...
Hey guys, I just found this video from Allen Edmonds, which answers my second question (I think?): I guess the only problem I have with the video is if Collonil is a cream, then is Allen Edmonds Premium Polish something different since AE says it's a wax/cream combo?
In other threads (see below), some people say it is a combination of wax and cream. But other people say it's just cream, like in this topic and here: Maybe the silicone in this AE...
I was interested in purchasing a few Allen Edmonds Premium Shoe Polish tubes. I have two questions: First, does this product include silicone? I had a bad experience using one of those water-proofing silicone sprays on a pair of shoes a few years ago. Second, is it wax, or is it a cream, or is it a combination of wax/cream? I've used Kiwi for years but I'd like to try this if it's silicone free and has at least some wax in it that will protect my shoes from the elements
You're probably right, but I like saving money too much to give up the outlet stores.
It really depends on the club. When I used to live in Miami, I went to clubs often and I'd usually wear dark jeans, a sport shirt, and dress shoes. However, there were a few clubs where a sport coat or a suit made more sense. I remember at one Miami club in particular, most guys were wearing suits and sport coats. In the VIP section, I'd say 95-100% of the guys were wearing jackets. In my experience, dress shoes, dark jeans, and a sport shirt can work from the...
Is it possible to get warts this way? If so, is there anyway around it? I just thought of this today while watching people try on flip flops while barefoot at DSW. I also saw someone trying on regular shoes barefoot.....which I thought was crossing some sort of shoe-shopping etiquette line. I don't expect people to use shoe horns at discount/outlet stores, but I feel like people should at least wear socks while trying on loafers and lace-ups.
Thanks Harvey! That sounds like what I need.
Thing is it doesn't really smell.......or at least I don't think it does. I just sense that I've gotten to the point where it is no longer clean. I've read online guides on how to hand wash "dry clean only" wool coats delicately with woolite (or similar products) and I imagine that would be safer.......but I'm wondering if dry cleaning would be appropriate at my stage (3 years without ever cleaning the coat, have thrown up on it, no stains)?
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