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Hi guys I found on you tube this funny video of a slacker guy who changed 14 jobs in 24 days to show her GF he wasn't a layabout. That's incredible! I'm wondering how he makes it! Which one of these 14 weird jobs would you choose?and why?
Today is "Fix you"- Coldplay
I'm listening to Coldplay. I love their songs!
My favorites are:
Money and my first laptop
my boss, slow internet connection and rain!
My family, My job, My shoes and My Mercedes
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 They just don't do it for me. Should I perhaps spend more time at Bingo Night? LOL. What's the problem with women of your generation? They're so open minded.. I appreciate this
What's the worst job interview question?? I hate when they ask me "What's yoour weakness?"I never know what to say!!!
you look perfect for an interview. Was your jacket available in other colors? I need a blue jacket and I wouldn't spend so much... Good luck!
New Posts  All Forums: