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anyone an idea where to get cohiba or romeo y julieta cigarillos in LA?
I want to go for these, anyone know sth about sizing? Wear 10 in chucks.
Are the Vans OTW Pritchard true to size? I wear 10 in chucks.
Which buckle and width should i buy to wear with my new apc ps? I'm not sure if #1, #6 or #9, all in brass. leathergoodsconnection
Hi, i want to buy this wallet by Tanner Goods or any similiar/small/slim wallet that holds up to 4 cards and has one lengthwise pocket for bills. Color goes second.
I've been looking for just a simple leather Jacket, like this one from emilio or this from Tiger of Sweden but couldn't find neither the first, nor the second one. anybody an idea where to get a clear leather jacket like the two above in tan. Budget depends around 300$
Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc anyone has a pair of these Vans OTW Pritchard? what about sizing? i have 10 in chucks (high)
PRL Polo (should i get rid of the "duck tale"?) Reserve Sucker Shorts Unlimited Shoes first post here, be critical!
anyone already bought model "Sanford"? Posts +1
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