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These Allen Edmonds Daltons are in bourbon calfskin leather and size 13D on the 511 last. These are factory seconds with a double butyl leather sole. I bought them a few months ago and they have been worn exactly once. With some spot polishing, they would look like they were never worn. They retail $425 and $339 as factory seconds. I'm only selling because once my pair of GMTO boots from Meermin come in, I'll have more pairs than I can justify to myself owning. Free...
Since apparently grailed links were banned at some point in the last month or so, I added what I wrote in that listing. Basically, they are a bit too wide for my narrow feet and I wear my Park Avenues and C&J for BB perforated captoes in situations that I'd consider these. They're a great shoe, just not terribly needed in my collection.
These cap toe balmorals are dark brown calfskin leather with subtle antiquing. They are Goodyear welted and have channeled soles and a beveled waist. I purchased these in August and just have come to the realization that they don't fit me the best and whenever I need captoes, I reach for my Allen Edmonds or Crockett & Jones. As such, these shoes have never been worn. The only reason they weren't returned is because I didn't come to this decision within the return...
I'd be all over this... if I had the funds. Stupid whiskey and ravello longwings draining my shoe fund. Any chance this trunk show is part of a circuit that would still be running and taking orders into January?
9B. And those might be too wide.
Replace "AE" with "Saphir" and you have my method.
It seems to me that as AE's burgundy shell ages, it usually retains more red tones than that, but I have no trouble believing they were burgundy when they were purchased.
My ravello LWBs from AoC arrived today. For anyone that's interested in how the recent batches have looked, here is my rainbow of longwings with acquisition dates... Whiskey - October 2014 from TSM Ravello - October 2014 from AoC AE's Brown - July 2014 from AE MTO Color 8 - September 2014 from J. Crew Black - August 2014 from TSM
Same here. My black LWBs react poorly to water, my #8 LWBs have been great, and the jury is still out on the whiskey and ravello.
I still don't get it.
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