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Definitely black.
This was my understanding as well. I'd back one, maybe two. It'd be a tough choice if both brown shell ECs and brown shell Townleys are options.
Nope. I voted for three, brown shell Townleys being one of them.
You're regretting skipping a sale that was 10.5 months ago and will start again in about 5 weeks?Some, if not all, of the new boots have been rolled out. And I'd suspect the entire new line-up will be available by the time the aforementioned sale starts.
Protecting your feet from inclement weather is what shell was born to do.
You're a day late with that news. It's the Labor Day seconds sale.
The toe box was a bit narrow for me. I removed the orthotic insole they come with and they're spot on now.
Alden x J. Crew perforated captoe boots in shell cordovan #8. They are currently sold out at J. Crew and likely will be for at least a few more months. They are on the Barrie last, so these would fit a Brannock size 13.5, or possibly 13 with pretty thick socks. I'm selling because they aren't the right size for me and would prefer to get something else. They've only been worn 4 or 5 times. Boots come with extra laces, shoe bags, and shoe trees. No original box. Will ship...
"savings of 15-35% off ALL factory-second shoes"This implies that all shell is included, and they'll be at most $424. They'll probably be $399.
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