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Cut? No offense, but that looks like a tiny ass scuff that a miniscule amount of polish would make disappear forever.
Those look perfectly fine. The first picture is where the stitching stops and starts. That crack is on nearly every shoe AE, and other makers, produce, which is why they do their best to put it in an unnoticeable spot like the inside arch. The second and fourth is barely noticeable and not an issue at all. Fit looks good if the width is right for you.
Hanger Project
Being a 13B/C, I'm just crossing all my fingers and toes that there's some left over from the trunk shows that I can MTO in late December when I can actually afford something. I don't have much hope though.
Coin stars are awful. If he chose that option, he'd lose $74.01 to the machine for the convenience.
I can't tell if you're serious or not... If you'd roll them up, why not just cash it out at your bank instead? I think paying for anything in all coins is a dick move if it costs more than $5. Maybe $10 if you have the not-often-used/not-well-circulated $1 coins.
The normal ECs would suggest $223.20. Are you aware of a pair in your size existing, or just hoping they exist?
Yeah, the 5-last McGregor longwings are available in: black custom calf, brown burnished calf, bourbon calf, Bob's chili calf, walnut burnished calf, stone suede, navy suede, bitter chocolate suede, and snuff suedeThey went all in on the Cavanaugh pinch penny loafer too... black custom calf, brown burnished calf, oxblood calf, walnut burnished calf, stone suede, navy suede, and bitter chocolate suede
Thanks for the non-buyer's remorse.
I know I'm going natural, but I can't decide amongst a Leeds, Patriot, and Strand. I wish this happened in late December instead. I could blow a bonus on all three instead of having to choose. Here's hoping there's leftovers to MTO later so it's still a possibility.
New Posts  All Forums: