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Same. I snagged a pair of 12.5D walnut shell Strands that will be arriving today. No idea how that was still floating around either.
Supposedly it starts on the 1st. But the question should be whether it includes firsts... as the guy on the Appreciation thread mentioning it said it would be $399 for seconds. I hope there's one for firsts, especially since the selection of seconds in my size is worthless to me (only Graysons and Randolphs), but I'm not holding my breath.
If you only went by that thread, you'd think Alden only makes shoes and boots out of shell cordovan and suede.
Pretty damn slim. I remember the only cordovan Strand second in my size that I've seen on the website in the past 6 months disappeared in a day.
For anyone that has done the Made to Fit program, reflecting on the size you choose and have now broken in, were the trial shoes broken in too, or were they closer to how your purchase fit when they were brand new? Basically, it seems like a consensus that you should go half a size down to compensate for CXL stretching. But my feet are size 13B. The 13B trial loafer fit me great, but the 12B trial loafer wasn't long enough. 12.5B isn't an option. So I'm wondering if I...
I'd definitely return that kiltie wingtip monkstrap monstrosity.
For length-wise fit, the widest part of your foot (ball of foot/where your toes connect to the rest of your foot) should be at the widest part of the shoe. This is the proper flex point of the shoe. So you should be sizing based off of your heel-to-ball of foot size, not heel to big toe. To put it another way, if your toes were to be chopped off, you'd still wear the same size shoe you did when you had them.
I've had one pair recrafted... a beaten up pair of Leeds I rescued on eBay. Here's the results that I posted in early fall.
When I see this bag, and other large items made of rare shell colors, I can't help but think that it should have been two pairs of shoes instead.
Looking at the picture of the first pair of Carlyles you rejected, a more suitable analogy would be returning those J. Crew trousers because a thread at the end of a seam wasn't trimmed close enough, so it was sticking out the end of a pant leg. Technically a flaw, but one you could solve on your with a pair of scissors and 2 seconds of your time.
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