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It is.
If anything, shell is going to fit looser than calf. It can't be wrapped around the last as tightly because shell has inferior tensile strength compared to calf. But I'm not sure it's realistic to think that looser fit could justify going down a width in size. But YMMV.
These boots were part of a StyleForum Group Made-to-Order with Meermin that finalized in early Fall 2014 and were based off of Edward Green's iconic Galway boots. They are on the Hiro last in size 11.5UK, have Ridgeway soles, a dark brown French calf upper, a dark brown pebble grain shaft, and have a full shearling lining throughout the boot except for the heel pad (as shown). They were made to the Linea Maestro standards, meaning they were made with Meermin's highest...
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FWIW, I wholeheartedly disagree with whatever told you that. They're bluchers. Having a cap toe instead of a wingtip or plain toe doesn't magically make it unsuitable for jeans. I wore my bourbon Lexingtons with jeans yesterday.
Bourbon is literally walnut that spent some time on the black burnishing wheel.
These would be my answer as well. A dark brown or burgundy longwing can range from jeans to a suit if you aren't a person that sticks their nose up at pairing a pair of bluchers with a suit.
It came and went real quick in late winter as a web-only offering. It was just black calf. I don't think many people bit because it was a brand new last.
Antique brass it is.
Well lined it is then.
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