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Unbranded WoodloreSign up for their email and wait for a 30-40% off code to show up and you can get these at $11-$13 a pop.
I'm the same. I'm wearing my whiskey LWBs with navy wool pants right now and do it with my walnut Strands too. Like doloflow, I'm in academia. I pretty much wear whatever I want to.
Do it. My bourbon Strands are my favorite non-shell shoes I own.
I don't know about him, but when I say I wish I got into the shell game before the shortage, it means I wish I could call up Shoe Mart, DC, or SF any random day of the week and be able to get a LWB, LHS, or PTB in whiskey, ravello, or cigar shipped to me without a wait. I possess very little patience. Waiting for the AoC ravellos for 4 months was agony.
That ain't bourbon's fault. That's some grade A loose grain wrinkling. I'd exchange those without hesitating.Case in point, here's my two pairs of bourbon seconds, Daltons and Kenilworths...
Dude, you can't just write that and NOT elaborate. You tease.
This is my experience as well.I work in education, so I guess I can't really speak to how things are perceived in the accounting world, but I can't imagine there's anything wrong with semi-brogues in that environment. I wear Strands, MacNeils, and Alden longwings all the time. Perforations make a shoe more casual, not more formal.
I haven't had any issues with my bourbon Kenilworths. But if you are looking for other suggestions, I don't think you can go wrong with a brown or bourbon Strand.
The left shoe's entire wingtip piece is a bit off center. The fact that it took a while for me to see it, even with close inspection of zoomed in photos of the shoes being side by side makes me think I would keep them... especially if it's as much of a hassle to exchange them as I can imagine it is.
Once mine need a recraft, I was thinking of changing it to look like this Tricker's x Superdenim collaboration make-up with black Dainite sole and natural welt:
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