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MTO snuff suede Leeds with navy chinos
My MTO Leeds unexpectedly showed up on my doorstep last night. I had ordered them on May 21st, so only a 5 and a 1/2 week turnaround. Meanwhile, my brown shell MTO Leeds that I ordered on May 7th have not arrived yet. Many thanks go to @garland, as I placed the order with him. My inspiration for the make-up was this pair of Alden PTBs, which don't come in my size. Without further ado... Specs: - Leeds plain toe blucher - Snuff suede - Exposed antique brass...
You're right, they stopped doing single MTOs when they started the crowdfunded GMTOs.
Looks like they made a mistake on burgundy shell Park Avenues... they're only listed at $229
I'd love $325 like the Rediscover America Sale, but I'd put my money on $424.15.
I looked at your post about it, and I think you're overreacting to the response you got. I wore bourbon Moras to a wedding two days ago. I wouldn't wear monks to a business meeting or any day but Friday in industries that require suits 5 days a week, but I most definitely still wear them with suits.
I think most if not all of them are. I know the Strands were.
The issue is the top line of broguing being (relatively) way off on the left shoe's heel. But given how long I had to stare at the picture to see it and the fact that it will be covered by a pant leg the majority of the time, I would bother trying to return them.
Depends how bad it is. I'd return if it's at all noticeable without the shoes being side by side like the picture above. If that's the only time it's noticeable, I'd probably keep them unless I paid full price for them (firsts or seconds).
I'll agree with everyone else that those aren't problems to be worried about and expand that the thread breaking has no affect on the integrity of the shoe. The thread is coated with an adhesive wax and is lock-stitched, so severing the thread anywhere on the welt (or outsole) won't result in the shoe coming apart.
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