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9B. And those might be too wide.
Replace "AE" with "Saphir" and you have my method.
It seems to me that as AE's burgundy shell ages, it usually retains more red tones than that, but I have no trouble believing they were burgundy when they were purchased.
My ravello LWBs from AoC arrived today. For anyone that's interested in how the recent batches have looked, here is my rainbow of longwings with acquisition dates... Whiskey - October 2014 from TSM Ravello - October 2014 from AoC AE's Brown - July 2014 from AE MTO Color 8 - September 2014 from J. Crew Black - August 2014 from TSM
Same here. My black LWBs react poorly to water, my #8 LWBs have been great, and the jury is still out on the whiskey and ravello.
I still don't get it.
Unbranded WoodloreSign up for their email and wait for a 30-40% off code to show up and you can get these at $11-$13 a pop.
I'm the same. I'm wearing my whiskey LWBs with navy wool pants right now and do it with my walnut Strands too. Like doloflow, I'm in academia. I pretty much wear whatever I want to.
Do it. My bourbon Strands are my favorite non-shell shoes I own.
I don't know about him, but when I say I wish I got into the shell game before the shortage, it means I wish I could call up Shoe Mart, DC, or SF any random day of the week and be able to get a LWB, LHS, or PTB in whiskey, ravello, or cigar shipped to me without a wait. I possess very little patience. Waiting for the AoC ravellos for 4 months was agony.
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