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Cheap toothbrush.
He said they were firsts. I don't really see anything to be upset about. Nothing that a dab of polish can't fix. The sole is a pointless thing to question since they'll scuff away on the first wear. The welt indent is on every single shoe they make as that's where the stitch started and stopped. It's more obvious on some and less on others.
Same here, only 12D. I can understand him not going larger than 11 on stock though. I had a hell of a time trying to sell my J. Crew #8 PCT boots in 13D.
Minor defects? They got the specs he ordered completely wrong. Say what you will about the upper's leather color, but the black stitching and binding are the culprits of what makes the shoes look bad, and that's what was screwed up in the specs.
Well, technically you are saving $49.50 per pair from the regular seconds price. It's just that we all know that's far from the best deal possible. When I was at the Shoe Bank last week picking up some shell, a mom and her high school- or early college-aged son were there to buy him some shoes. They ended up buying 2 pairs at the full $299 a pair price. They probably had no idea that if they just waited a month or two, they could have saved $300.
I got one yesterday... Trying to decide if I actually want anything in calfskin from AE before it expires.
Wanting a natural welt and commando/mini-lug sole.
Your guess is as good as mine. I was thinking the same thing though. I only have Addisons to compare, but the loafer construction makes it difficult to tell.
Behold, the wonders of AE Recrafting... Before - a $50 pair of beat up, heavily used burgundy shell Leeds from eBay: Middle - after several rounds of Renovateur, Reno'Mat, and (gasp!) rubbing alcohol: After - Fresh off my feet from the first wearing post-AE Recrafting:
I wear bourbon and walnut Strands anyway, but I'm in an education setting. Up until a month or two ago, we had no official dress code. I had done a school hoodie and jeans on Friday before with no batting of eyes. Some coworkers wore t-shirts and sweatpants (dead serious). We now have a business casual policy with a denim ban unless it's Friday and you don't have any appointments with other departments, students, or the general public.
New Posts  All Forums: