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I have some shirts from American Eagle that Jason Segel has worn on How I Met Your Mother.
Wow, rough crowd to say the least. I never said I wasn't willing to go check things out in person, I just figured I'd save myself the time and money of driving to Milwaukee or Port Washington on the off-chance that someone had an answer here due to having similar sized feet. I wouldn't have even bothered if I didn't have the Dockers size to compare with. 1. No MoL, I just graduated from college and am underemployed, so buying one pair at full retail is a major expenditure...
Hey so I am looking into slowly upgrading my shoe collection on a budget. I've decided to go the used Allen Edmonds route and recraft if it's necessary, resulting in good-like new shoes for 50% off or more. I'd likely be going for Park Avenues, McAllisters, Lombards, MacNeils, 5th Avenues, and Strands (Park Avenues mostly). The only problem is, my size is different with different brands. My only pairs of dress shoes are two pairs of Dockers cap-toes, which are 13Ms, and a...
I'll ignore the want to lament the same FML that is plaguing Texastyle and address for the OP if he's still around... Wanting to highlight your feminine features but at the same time stop being confused for a woman is a very conflicting statement. Clearly you notice that men's and women's clothing highlight different features, and I have a hard time believing that you will find something that accomplish both of these tasks. But I think what will do wonders in that...
It's been said, but I don't think it can be said enough for those not in an area that has an actual winter. You will completely destroy carpeting and flooring in less than a decade if you walk around in a house with rock salt, sand, and dirty snow. And that practice just becomes habit the other 7-8 months of the year.
1. Nothing unique or compelling. Just styled by what was popular in that time.2. I wouldn't say they are compelling on the show. The show is a monster hit and guys want to emulate a style and perceived sophistication that is from a bygone era. Everyone wants to be Don Draper (maybe minus some traits, but the undeniable cool for certain). I'd compare it to women getting "The Rachel" hairstyle when Friends was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
I'm not sure that gigantic wrinkle across the left chest area is fixable. It looks like the shoulders and upper arms are baggy and the chest is too tight. Am I right that it's tight on that top button and that it's pulling and stressing the button? Can you button the bottom button (yes, you aren't supposed to, but can you without the same pulling/stress on that button)? Also, the jacket length looks about 1-2" too short based on your arm length. Obviously the arms are too...
Some of us don't have shoes that are perfect fits for our feet and don't have the coin to buy MTM or bespoke. I have two pairs of boat shoes... one pair blisters both heels, the other blisters near the ankle on one foot once in a while. The best solution I've had so far is well placed chunks of duct tape that aren't visible unless someone is really looking for it.
Here's why I'm against them... I wear size 14. Square toes make my shoes look more clownish than normal lasts.
thetiebar.com has some great extra long ties. I've got two of them so far and my only complaint is that they make the extra long regular silk ties 3.75" at the widest point instead of 3.5" like their regular length. But it's hardly a dealbeaker. I suppose I should disclose that the only knot I use is a half-windsor.
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