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Knowing my luck, I'm 20 hours too late to get these, but am I calling the retail store's number or the 800 number when asking for Bob?
I'm pretty sure he means that he ordered a Trunk Show natural shell Dundee and was sent a standard model brown shell Dundee instead.
Anyone else still not get billed for the Galways yet? I'm sure that it's not the case, but it feels like I'm the only one.
Ugh. I've never wanted to be billed $200 so much in my life. I want mine here yesterday as I too have snow all around. Did the bellow tongue not happen? Was that spec removed at some point and I never noticed?
It was finalized in mid or late August.
Who's the a-hole that wiped out the blue thunder when I was checking out on Paypal?!
FWIW, I haven't been billed for the second half yet.
Why would they? They don't make Swims and I have a hard time imagining what a rubber overshoe second would look like.
These are all shell seconds... And I've got two more on the way from this sale (Strand and Dundee). So yes, get them.
I wore shell Patriots with SWIMS over the top this morning (in hindsight I should have gone with a full-fledged shoe since I got snow on my socks). If it's pretty dry/all shoveled away or too cold for anything to melt, I'm satisfied with boots by themselves. But if I know I'll get snow, slush, or salt all over, I've got a pair of boots that aren't terribly fashionable from Kohl's for that type of situation.
New Posts  All Forums: