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Like you said, to each their own, but a recraft by AE or a resole by a cobbler that does things the right way (like B. Nelson) will completely negate this concern. The cork gets replaced and flattened out.
Bourbon was too expensive of a color. Its inconsistency and striping led to way too many seconds. I love the color, but completely understand why they dumped it. It wasn't profitable enough to keep.
Cigar and ravello are Alden exclusive colors, so no one gets that but Alden. Not to mention that the dark brown that AE stocks isn't terribly different than cigar. I just hope that AE was the large scale purchaser of bourbon shell... someone asked Paul about that on his AMA and his answer was coy and ambiguous.
First wear of my new Carmina adelaides from The Armoury...
That and the aforementioned brands don't even bother with narrow feet. Skoak told me straight up that they don't think Enzo has anything that would work for me.
Up for sale are these 12B/D Barrie lasted cigar shell plain toe bluchers. These were originally purchased in 2008 from Alden of San Francisco by a StyleForum member, then sold to a grailed member. Then sold to me. The shoes have lightened up a bit and have a nice patina. The soles have plenty of life left in them... but the heels probably need some taps soon. I'm selling because I was under the impression that they were a significantly lighter color, but they are too...
If these are seconds, I'd be jumping for joy that this is the defect. If these are "firsts", I wouldn't bother returning them.
I have them. They are darker than walnut in real life. I use them for the same purpose.
Two different places. Customer Assistance Center is just their customer service line to take orders. If a pair of seconds is listed as being there, it's in a warehouse in a different part of Port Washington that you can't shop around in. If you called a few days ahead of time, I would think they could move any pairs you want to check out from the warehouse to the Shoe Bank.
Club Monaco has had several exclusive models that are amazing. They have a great looking suede Mora and two suede bucks (that aren't as loud with the red brick sole missing) that are great as well.
New Posts  All Forums: