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ok IMHO in no way can he afford an LV, Dior, Balenciaga, etc. and even less a hermes (do you realise how much those cost!) at 500 dollars. I would not suggest a Marc Jacobs as I have seen on two occasions the leather stain from wearing them agaisnt a pair of jeans or many other surfaces. Longchamp seems like a good call, they have some new ones out lately that are pretty cool over in Europe and girls really seem to like them over here. this coming from a guy whose GF...
if I'm not mistaken I think it's because these are mainly hand pockets 9not for storing stuff) and by having them not stitched all around you get an extra layer of shearling all around the pocket and the coat, thus making it less penetrable to cold. I find this is often the case on Shearling 1940's bomber jackets.
I can't vouch for quality but Rizal is I believe a French producer of furs, they have a store in Lyon and I hear that they produce in Europe, I have bought Rizal as gifts for female friends and family and I found it to be quite nice but I have no knowledge in furs so take it as a random unknowledgable viewpoint. it isn't crap though.
Hey, long time since my last post, in Lyon you can find JM Weston off of Bellecourt, (the main city center) and a Pal Zileri / Grafiti (RL clothing etc. jm weston and other good shoe brands inside) near Terreaux. Basically wonder down the "rue de la Republic between Bellecourt and Terreaux" or the street parallel to it (on the left if going up towards terreaux again where all the high end stores are.) as far as food goes, I'd go for a bouchon Lyonnais in Vieux Lyon, for...
nontheless you could justifiably have thrown him a tap on shoulder and punch on turn, no questions asked. not doing so is kind of you. or humiliated him by the pimp slap or the more refined leather glove slap and be prepared to challenge him to fisticuffs in the stables. (to be used with caution)
its going to button the opposite way for a woman though, it seems women's coats button on the opposite side from men's coats.
yep talon and rir for high end zippers in the euro zone
uh oh I should get flamed for this but I gotta do it. Three day Trip to Annecy France which is like the nicest place. We went with some of the Bourgoisie Lyonnaise Who had a house in Veyrier dU Lac in Some huge ass house, went waterskiing Boarding tubing and all other water-tracting activities, Played poker, smoked cigars and hung out with em Bitches blairing music and getting drunk off Russian Standard and Champagne. My body aches greatly but I felt pretty pimp, cause...
I wouldn't adventure myslef into fountain pen territory until having at least tried one for something like a week or so. Buy a cheap Waterman or something and see if it is the best solution for your needs. Then opt for a nice pen. just my opinion though.
that life isn't and will never be fair. They teach shop in middle school in the US at least where I went. and I did electrical/electronic and mechanical engineering in HS in France
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