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Hi everyone, this is my first thread. Sometimes ago Francesco Barberis Canonico asked me to produce a series of video on the making of a bespoke garment. We produced 10 videos that show the process from the pattern to the making of the buttonholes following the tailor that produces most of Francesco's suits, Giovanni Barberis Organista. I bet some of you haven't had the chance to see those and therefore, thinking it might be of your interest, I'm posting here the link to...
I want to thank all of you . It has been great to meet you guys. It has been a great celebration and I'm glad that O'mast was part of it. By the way San Francisco is an amazing city! Cheers! Gianluca
Mr. "Eustace", I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy my film O'mast and I'm sorry it didn't fulfilled your expectations of something more similar to the BBC series on Savile row. It was my directorial choice not to make it any similar in structure and contents. Those are two different realities, different styles, lifestyles and so on. One of the biggest difference is the reason why I made it compared to the BBC reasons and it's out of passion, a word that Mr. Andrey seems not to...
thank you! that's very nice of you.
Hello, the film is done. We are making the dvd's . It's going to be presented for the first time in New York on the 30th of November at NYU Casa Italiana ( For the kickstarter campaign I have to agree it's NOT looking good, which doesn't make me happy... Anyway for info please contact me at Regards
hello, the documentary should be released on late September . The post production is almost completed. I'll post the exact releasing date on this blog. Thank you GLM
Hello everyone, my name is Gianluca Migliarotti and as the author of "O'mast" I thank you all very much for the appreciation you have express to the trailer of my film. I have to apologize for the terrible delay. We have finished editing the film in February and as the most of you know we are looking for a proper distribution. I'm a filmmaker and for me is important even to participate to festivals. Some of them have strict rules on the exclusivity of the...
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