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are the pictures with the shirts from an off angle the older shirts? or is this the new collection?
in the settings you can change it so that paypal does not handle the currency exchange and let your credit card do it. this is what i have done and added an amazon.ca visa which charges 0% for currency exchange, if you're in canada its a good card to get but im sure elsewhere has similar cards
is there a way to tell online which shirts have stiffer collars and work better as open collar without a jacket? i have 3 of your shirts already and 2 hold a better shape. looking to order 3 more in some sorts of blue with a semi or full spread. also in some of the pictures it looks like the classic point is a wider collar than the semi? just a picture of a different collar to get the colour across?
thanks! it doesnt say any style on the care tag, just the number. so now that i know i have the slims, how much slimmer are the new slims?
the style is marked 2F1H1, is the contemporary slimmer than these?
i have some pants that i picked up in june that are not the slim cuts, i guess they were standard. what do those equate to with the new cuts?
a sales associate today told me the premium shoe polish is the same at the shoe cream (stuff in the jar), is this true? i thought the tube had some wax mixed in and the cream does not
what shoe cream do you all use on your walnut calfs? is the ae light brown the best match? local store only had dark brown but i could order light through them or just try and alternative
go to a 45 and you should be good. i wear a 44 in achilles and a 43 in my bballs which are perfect
correct, they will do 1 first to nail down the measurements and then keep it on file for future orders which will all be faster
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