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these are the gumsoles we were discussing
ive been looking to get a pair of these for so long. its the only other CP i feel i really need. more id like to get as the seasonal stuff comes out, but they are necessary for my collection
this. what size are you trying to find on sale? i got my black low achilles for 50 off, but that was more luck than anything, just kept checking all stockists around sale time. white achilles low i never found on a big sale, but got a good price from TBS, with a coupon code + at the time there was a good exchange rate. main thing is your size though, dont see 39-42 in the mainline stuff on sale. im a 44 btw
depends on the model as well. if you are talking achilles low, you could also be a 43 if you have a bit of a wider foot. im an 11 in nikes and a 43 was just too tight, so i went with a 44 that was a little too long, but fit in the width much better.
i wear a 10.5/11, mostly 11, and wear a 44 but i would wear a 43 if they werent too snug. my 44's are a little long, but the 43 was just too tight. i dont have particularly wide feet but achilles are quite narrow. i wear a 43 in almost all my other CPs.
never came out, couldnt get the quality they were looking for at the right price point. scrapped the project all together
yea, don't know how i didnt mention that
came across this brand today while at HR2 (an outlet store). they looked pretty nice, had a nice cut, but i have never heard of them, and can't seem to find any information about them, except that its a London company. anyone have any insights on them? the retail price ranged from around 700-900, but they were on sale for between 250-400. thanks
nothing is forsure. they have an manufacturing setup in canada already, if they blow up internationally, and need more manufacturing, china may come into play. i could see them doing some lines or products there, but keeping their flagship pieces at the canadian factory, as a "heritage" or "classic" collection or something.
bain capital bought a controlling share of the canada goose, we don't know how much. they say that for now nothing will change, and that they bought in to provide capital for international growth. we don't know anything for sure though, or how hands on they will be in the operations
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