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what shoe cream do you all use on your walnut calfs? is the ae light brown the best match? local store only had dark brown but i could order light through them or just try and alternative
go to a 45 and you should be good. i wear a 44 in achilles and a 43 in my bballs which are perfect
correct, they will do 1 first to nail down the measurements and then keep it on file for future orders which will all be faster
was not too impressed with the goose collab but i saw it in stores today and it is a mighty fine jacket. still wouldnt spend near 1200 on it though
any updates on the pop up?
i believe it was mentioned that kickstarter did not allow you to back multiple products. it was originally planned as a kickstarter campaign
internal debate with myself whether to go cognac cognac for briefcase + portfolio, or brown briefcase if it gets unlocked. not a fan of matching the two colours but that cognac colour is just too nice. not a deterrent to my order, but $55 for shipping to canada is pretty awful. i understand the one price for international rational but its still very high
@Linjer thanks for the response. now im waiting to hear about this special for the portfolio + briefcase. i get that most people can't take a filson to the office but i work in a less conservative firm and have no issues with it. when i pack enough stuff its necessary and your briefcase isn't big enough, so i was looking at the portfolio as something for the other end of the spectrum, travelling with the bare minimum.
i have a filson that i use for when im carrying books+lunch+ipad. sometimes i just want to carry my ipad and the portfolio would be perfect, but at the same time the briefcase is awesome
deciding between portfolio and briefcase will be the toughest part of the next week. great products guys!
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