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i dont have any suede achilles, but from what i've read on SF it should be the same, people sometimes adjust sizing with the premium achilles. i had the same issue with sizing but a size down, 44 is a bit too long, but 43 is too tight so i went with 44 for my achilles. some models i went to 43 though since they arent as narrow
i'd go with white. more versatile IMO than 3, and id rather the original than the mesh. ironically i wear my white the least, i wear black more often, but with your options id say 1.
these are the gumsoles we were discussing
ive been looking to get a pair of these for so long. its the only other CP i feel i really need. more id like to get as the seasonal stuff comes out, but they are necessary for my collection
this. what size are you trying to find on sale? i got my black low achilles for 50 off, but that was more luck than anything, just kept checking all stockists around sale time. white achilles low i never found on a big sale, but got a good price from TBS, with a coupon code + at the time there was a good exchange rate. main thing is your size though, dont see 39-42 in the mainline stuff on sale. im a 44 btw
depends on the model as well. if you are talking achilles low, you could also be a 43 if you have a bit of a wider foot. im an 11 in nikes and a 43 was just too tight, so i went with a 44 that was a little too long, but fit in the width much better.
i wear a 10.5/11, mostly 11, and wear a 44 but i would wear a 43 if they werent too snug. my 44's are a little long, but the 43 was just too tight. i dont have particularly wide feet but achilles are quite narrow. i wear a 43 in almost all my other CPs.
never came out, couldnt get the quality they were looking for at the right price point. scrapped the project all together
yea, don't know how i didnt mention that
came across this brand today while at HR2 (an outlet store). they looked pretty nice, had a nice cut, but i have never heard of them, and can't seem to find any information about them, except that its a London company. anyone have any insights on them? the retail price ranged from around 700-900, but they were on sale for between 250-400. thanks
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