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i was hoping Harry would have a great sale season after Saks coming into town, it was also laughable with suits discounted from $1,800 down to $1,600 but its only worse now with Saks having a sale like they are down the hallway
i saw a couple purple labels for 765, i think the zegnas were 1700 less 40%, and i know i saw an isaia for 4000 marked to 2000 less 40%.
the downtown saks has a pretty good sale going on with 40% off the lowest marked price. they had a decent selection of purple label, zegna and isaia suits and sport jackets marked roughly 50% off with the 40% added on. good selection of zegna ties and some charvet ties as well. does anyone have any recommendations on where to start looking for a tux? went to harry at yorkdale and they had a limited selection.
I'm up to about 20 Spier & Mackay shirts now and wanted to reiterate how great these shirts really are. For a staple work shirt I find the fine and royal twills to be a great fabric that is not too heavy nor too thin/see through. The linens are great for days like today in Toronto where its 30 degrees and the office gets too hot. The linen/cotton blend is an interesting shirt that i'd recommend for those that simply can't wear linen in their office as it provides for much...
anyone from canada order a pair from skoaktiebolaget before? looks to be good pricing but i'm wondering what the duties/taxes/brokerage fees may look like
Interest here, need a tux
those that have the chelsea boots, how have they held up over time and were you happy with the purchase? i've seen a couple pairs on grailed and am contemplating a purchase
dropped by the downtown shop and picked up a white linen button down and a white linen-cotton blend. as always a great experience with the staff and the shirts were great as i had expected.
does this mean downtown won't be getting in a supply? I was looking to just go pick it up in store when they arrived
Only a small collection of jackets, 38R, 44R, 40T is all I remember off hand, there was maybe 12 total. They were more or less all different sizes.
New Posts  All Forums: