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just ordered a brown mora 2.0 and a walnut strand from a local shop. the fit for me was surprisingly similar to how my common projects fit, the 10D was a bit too long, but 9.5D was too tight and 9.5E was much too loose for those with the rochester red cedar trees, do you find a 10D allen edmond goes better with a large or medium tree?
anyone know what happened to allaboutshoes? also is there anyone else or anywhere else that has a similar AE pricing going on?
is that 25 plus taxes and duties? or the 25 was all that was due on delivery? also do you know if the price goes down with multiple shoes or is it flat?
would love to get in on this, do you think it will still be available by the top you get the pop up going?also can you or anyone else here comment on the similarities/differences with a suit supply suit, just curious
was planning on getting a pair of mora 2.0s and strands from a shop in toronto called rego that was having a 2 for 589 promotion, however it has apparently ended so im back on the hunt. any places that could have a deal on multiple pairs or has frequent sales? i keep an eye on shoebank but am not aware of other potential places thanks
thanks for this. im not heading there anytime soon but will in the eventually so ill keep my suit aside until then and check them out. thanks
anyone know where to get pants reweaved in toronto? thanks
thanks for the advice. what range would the "obscene" amount of money be in, more out of curiosity than anything. i considered orphaning the jacket to get some more use out of it, i know that gets a lot of hate on here
recently ripped my favourite suit getting into a car. was hoping with seeing a picture of the rip and a better picture of the colour people would have recommendations on what could be done about it, if the jacket would be horrific if somehow orphaned, or if im just SOL. its a fairly new suit and id be upset to see it totally gone thanks
looking for a large peacoat, PM me with what you might be willing to part with!
New Posts  All Forums: