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rick is it possible to get that comparison photo you took without the ties? i always wear my OCBDs without a tie
stopped by the shop yesterday and had another great experience with Rick and his team. the new belts really are fantastic and are a great deal for the price. i also got measured for my first custom shirt order, and bought a couple ties. my wallet will take a hit when they open downtown
Rick, whats the best way to order the fabric online with the sale and come in at a later date to figure out measurements and stylings
thanks again for another quick replyis it possible to "reserve" the white twill with a black friday bundle?also, how do the 2 ply 120s poplins compare with the 2 ply 80s you recommended?
thanks Rick, is there a white fine twill? or is it only whats on the website, the pinpoint oxford and cavalry twill?also is there more options in store or is everything you have on the website?
what are the top recommendations for plain white shirts and plain blue shirts for going custom? too many options and would like to order some fabrics before coming in to get sized
got two of my S&M suits back from the tailor today (magic tailor), and as always very happy. i went with the blue sharkskin and flannel prince of wales. thanks again Rick.
are the new OCBDs shorter than the last go around? i remember them being a tad too long for myself knowing i will never tuck them in
so how does the fabric, both the asian and italian, being considered for the full canvas compare to the model 2? and what would you compare it to as far as something we have probably seen OTR somewhere?
especially if you are a common size. the best i've found to semi-regularly obtain is from Tres Bien Shop with one of their codes. if you are in the usa the exchange rate makes it a better buy than local shops
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