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anyone know of any good places to get a ripped pair of pants fixed? its not on the seam so i was hoping maybe someone knew of an invisible mending or re-weaving place that could get the pants back up to snuff. thanks!
can anyone speak to the coppley vs samuelsohn. i have been told its half canvassed vs. full, but not sure about much beyond that. looking at getting 1 made from most probably one of these two in toronto. thanks!
what size trees are those with a 10D using. i've seen charts that say M and others L. thanks!
you are correct. i got mine with a TBS discount code at some point, best deal i could find and have yet to see a better one
i've dropped 30 which dropped my belt size 2 holes and then next 20 will be harder but will happen. id rather get it to fit how it should later and deal with being a hole or two to far over for now.what is the turn around these days? ~1 month?
finally got around to placing my oder. went for a australian nut in a hazel, both 1 1/4 with nickle. not too sure if itll be to think for my liking, but should work out. also went with the 35 length reccomended earlier in this thread, how far is the last hole with 5 holes to the end of the belt? ie. if i have to use the last hole for a couple months will it look really werid?
great buy, about to get the walnut strands myself but with some brown mora's as a second pair. would love a good maintenance guide as well
i did last week and im going with hazel. i just like the colour better between the two and think both would go great with walnut strands (which im ordering after i receive the belts)
thanks for all the answers guys. much appreciated. what are your thoughts on dobbers vs just an old cloth? are they just easier to work with or do you find they provide a better application. read a bunch of google results on shoe shining and the thoughts vary wildly so i figured i ask the AE crowd
thanks for the detail. ill be going with nickel after that. last question before i order. my current belt is 37 from end to the hole i use, but ive lost weight and ive still got about 20 pounds to go. would you recommend ordering an inch or 2 shorter than 37, so i wind up at the middle hole?
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