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also need a wool mac coat, or pea coat. always liked the tiger fleece aesthetic but ended up buying several loop holes instead. still love those and wear them often
bawlin over the last few years you've done a great job at reassuring me im not alone in my thoughts on wings. i browse through their new stuff every season and come here to find you've already stated what i was thinking.im quite sad with how one of my favourite brands has not only gone downhill but their pricing keeps increasing. would still buy a pair of moleskin utility pants if they ever released those again though.
are you looking for street frontage? or to be in one of the office towers?
that would be awesome! excited for you to be downtown it will make it much easier to stop by more often. any idea on where the pop up shops will be located?
what type of price adjustments are you thinking will be in effect once you are permanently downtown? we vaguely discussed how the subject when i popped in recently.
i was in your situation. all my achilles are a 44 because of width, but in the bball i went down to a 43 because i too found them roomier.
what are the differences between the mora 2 and the neumora? and am i better off getting black in the newmora while i can from the sale? thanks!
anyone know of any good places to get a ripped pair of pants fixed? its not on the seam so i was hoping maybe someone knew of an invisible mending or re-weaving place that could get the pants back up to snuff. thanks!
can anyone speak to the coppley vs samuelsohn. i have been told its half canvassed vs. full, but not sure about much beyond that. looking at getting 1 made from most probably one of these two in toronto. thanks!
what size trees are those with a 10D using. i've seen charts that say M and others L. thanks!
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