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i've seen Rick wear them in the shop several times and I think they would be too casual for an office environment. if you're office is pretty laid back maybe but i think you'd have to be at a pretty easy going "business casual" workplace to get away with them.
had a great chat in the shop with Rick today, great to pick his mind about his own product and suggestions. im in the camp of thinking the OCBDs are too long for a untucked look, great shirts though.
the sharkskin is a great colour, i bought the pants for business casual, but i would definitely buy a navy suit if you don't have one before the sharkskin suit. that's what im doing anyways but the sharkskin is definitely up there as a top choice for me
i did the same thing, checked it out while walking through and had the same impression
what fit is the solid blue sportcoat? does anyone have any comment on what colour combo of pants would look best with it, not sure if my monitor is giving me the best representation of colour. also, does anyone have any comment on the difference between the suit jackets and the sport coats? are the SCs shorter or any less structured?
i have two pairs and they have both held up great over the couple years that i have had them
so is that old navy blazer cut similar to the current contemporary? looking for a jacket before you will get the new line in and the current contemp is a great fit for me
does the solid navy blazer not also come in a contemporary fit? and is the solid blue blazer a slim or contemp fit?
im an 11 in jordan, nike etc. but went with a 44 in achilles because of the width. im a D width in shoes though so i dont have exceptionally wide feet. a 43 was the right length but way too tight so i went with 44 that is a little long but great in the width
what is the difference? i always though derby = blucher and oxford = balmoral
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