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any update on the downtown location, not very many chances to get out to Mississauga
does anyone know what loafers AE makes for brooks brothers? i tried a couple pairs on today and i believe it was the patriot and randolph but am not sure
thoughts on patriot vs randolph? considering getting just a patriot in brown or a patriot + a randolph, being in canada shipping and returns can be a pain
wearing my navy hopsack for the second time today and it really is a great jacket. losrockets described it very well above
been having difficulty trying to size myself for a pair of loafer, went to my local brooks brothers to try on some AEs and they have their own variations of the randolph and patriot. I found going true to size (10D) to have major heel slippage, going to a 9D too tight in the toebox with minor heel slippage, and down to a 9.5E causing heel slippage again. Does the heel slippage get better as the leather softens or only ever worse? I was hoping to get a good deal from...
the pictures of the sportcoats look great but they look much better in person especially when you get a better idea of the texture, i highly recommend dropping by the shop if you can to check them out in person.
i had another great experience at Spier and Mackay today. I've been to the shop about 4 or 5 times now and always have a great experience. The new sportcoats are fantastic, and the linen shirts are great, i highly recommend them.
is the whole lineup available? see you on saturday
i've seen Rick wear them in the shop several times and I think they would be too casual for an office environment. if you're office is pretty laid back maybe but i think you'd have to be at a pretty easy going "business casual" workplace to get away with them.
had a great chat in the shop with Rick today, great to pick his mind about his own product and suggestions. im in the camp of thinking the OCBDs are too long for a untucked look, great shirts though.
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