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i hate that i think these are my size, beautiful shoes and goodluck with the sale
yes. order online and put 0s in for the measurements and in the notes section just comment that you will come in to get measured. have done the same in the past
thanks! i had considered those but not a huge fan of the plain velvet slipper, i prefer it with the buckle.
anyone know where to get something similar to these faragamos that dont break the bank as much? thanks
this. i used to be a similar size to you at 6' 200lbs and i could never come close to wearing their 42R jacket in the contemporary. I always have gone with a 44 and has the pants taken in significantly and the jacket pinched in certain places. Throwing up pictures with yourself in both jackets will help Rick and/or others to chime in on what fits you better relative to what can be tailored and can't be.
anyone get a custom shirt with the thomas mason fabric yet? how does it compare to the standard fabrics?
will it behey is it replenished daily or will all the good stuff gone by end of day thursday?
thanks these look great!anyone have experience with merlutti? saw themwhile browsing but haven't seen much written about them
anyone know of any sub $300 plain velvet slippers? need them for a one time use so not looking to break the bank but want something that looks good
not positive but the pricing was similar to suits, i think with a mid-tier fabric it would come up to about $800. as far as styling it could be whatever you wanted, shawl or peal, vented or ventless
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