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what fees have canadians here got from shoebank's fedex delivery? im expecting no duty, 13% tax, but does fedex collect brokerage at the door or was it included in the shipping price?
just ordered mora 2.0s in black and brown fifth avenues from the shoebank. wanted to go with the patriots but venturing into unknown sizing didn't seem like a great idea. thanks to those that helped me get to the point of ordering
many here do. its the same tree that AE uses, made by woodlore
my buddy was trying to try on mora 2.0 to order from shoebank and an SA gave him a pair of park avenues to try on because "they are the same last". all the stores will order anything but there is no selection to try on, especially if you don't want a D width. its pretty frustrating that toronto doesn't have a better AE selection
attempted to try on either randolphs or patrios today to no avail. went to harry rosen on king, rego and brooks brothers and came up empty. how much is the return shipping from canada if they dont fit? the site says its free but doesnt specify canada
fellow canadian here, cheapest i could find trees was from zelikovitz, ordered 6 for 90 which isnt as good as this pricing but easier to get
interesting, i thought these were the black friday prices
thanks for the replies. how do people size their randolphs and patriots compared to other AEs? i wear a 10D in the 5 last and a 9.5D in the Mora 2.0. don't think i will have an opportunity to try on before ordering from shoebank so im sourcing opinions
thoughts on randolph vs patriot loafers? looking to get something now with the price at 199. want to keep them at the office over the winter for the days where heavy boots are necessary for transit
are the pictures with the shirts from an off angle the older shirts? or is this the new collection?
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