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anyone order from bodileys or the uk in general? whats the customs/duties hit, HST + ~15% duties?
what is the weight of the chesterfield fabrics? also what is the lead time on them for stock and MTM?
anyone wear the chesterfield over a suit? did you go a full size up and do you like the look with a suit underneath?
Up for sale is a paid of Mora 2.0s from the allen edmonds shoebank. These have no discernible flaws, they just have not been a part of my rotation as of late. These have been worn 5-10 times total, always kept shoe treed after wears. PM for shipping quotes worldwide and additional pictures.
shoutout to othertravel for the grenadines! the ties are great, colours (dark navy and burgundy) are fantastic. thanks again
i'm similarly sized to you and go with the 44R, however, thats because the 42R is to snug in the shoulders for me so i go up to the 44 and take parts of the jacket in. also if the pants are available as separates in a smaller size they will swap them for you (suits are a drop 6)
also bought a couple pairs around lunch time. i went with the medium gray and light blue. i agree about the funky colours being great just not for those in a conservative office environment. don't sleep on these if you're thinking about them!
are these flannel pants from the new factory or are the brushed ones coming soon the first pants from the JV factory?
the new trousers are indeed very nice. all seven colours are great in person. As i work in a relatively conservative office I'll be held to the greys and blues, but the green and burgundy are great for a more casual office / casual wear. great stuff rick!
Hey Rick, Can the grand opening coupons be stacked with bundles?
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