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anyone from canada order a pair from skoaktiebolaget before? looks to be good pricing but i'm wondering what the duties/taxes/brokerage fees may look like
Interest here, need a tux
those that have the chelsea boots, how have they held up over time and were you happy with the purchase? i've seen a couple pairs on grailed and am contemplating a purchase
dropped by the downtown shop and picked up a white linen button down and a white linen-cotton blend. as always a great experience with the staff and the shirts were great as i had expected.
does this mean downtown won't be getting in a supply? I was looking to just go pick it up in store when they arrived
Only a small collection of jackets, 38R, 44R, 40T is all I remember off hand, there was maybe 12 total. They were more or less all different sizes.
building on this, the Harry Rosen at Vaughan Mills has a small selection of RLBL navy sport coats from $700-$800
Hey Rick are you in the store at all today?
Store looks great Rick. Really appreciate the time you take to discuss and explain design concepts and future plans. Looking forward to topcoats!
rick is it possible to get that comparison photo you took without the ties? i always wear my OCBDs without a tie
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