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nope just the same detergent i use on all my clothes. so weird. most depressing thing is the tan jeans online now are sold out in 32.
air dried laying it out flat
These actually became my go to pants and I wore them a ton sometimes 3 - 4 times a week.I recently moved into an apartment with a stacked washer dryer set up and I swear after air drying them from the wash they felt kinda brittle if that makes any sense? Put them on and just heard a terrible ripping sound.
Is there any chance anyone has the tan jeans in 32 or knows where I can find them? My army jeans from a few seasons ago ripped
Anyone get it to work on APC?
Awesome. This may all be moot as long as they mark at it the discounted price.
Anybody know if Menlook has any custom or duty issues for orders to the US?
Does anyone know how the rain duffle fits? I'm a dead on small in the field coat. Curious how it compares.
I wore these out once and since then they've been sitting in my closet un-tailored for too long. These are made of 100% cotton. Really nice cotton. Waist - 15.5 Front Rise - 11.25 Inseam - 32.25 Hem - 6.5
When does the new season hit?
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