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Anybody know how heavy the bonded parka is? I just moved to LA and am scared that it is going to be way too warm. http://www.patrikervell.com/product/detail/pass/2347
Is there an LA meetup?
Ditto. Just moved to LA and looking for a tailor recommendation to work on some suits. Are there any good options Downtown? I'm willing pay up because the suits are pretty nice.
if i'm a small in pocket sweaters and jackets, am i a small in formal shirting? haven't bought a shirt in forever because i was always stuck between s/m. i remember the sizing changed, but i can't remember which way.
What's the brim size?
glad i could make dreams come true!
I am looking to either sell my Ervell Aviator for what I paid for it on sale $330 $300 or even better trade it for size Small.
yeah i took a chance on it because a) i love it and b) i have a wool varsity from last year that was a medium and it fits me wellthis one doesn't seem to fit me as well , but i agree the material is super tighti also bought the turquoise sweater which was at the top of my list this season. i have so many pocket sweaters.
I got a size medium wool aviator, but I think a small would be better for me. Does anyone want to trade?
i don't know who else is working with baby alpaca, but i love the material and find it very soft and warm. the melanges are incredible in terms of color and texture compared to anything else i've ever seen.
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