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Hmm, good suggestion - would you wear khakis with them? Light wash jeans? I noticed the red contrast stitching so i assume a red shirt would look nice as well. Thanks!
Hey SF - Picked up this cool belt while vacationing in New Orleans. Does it need matching blue suede shoes? What kind of pants would you wear? Pictures should be attached but I'm new at this so have mercy. Thanks - JSB
did someone buy these? I am interested
Thanks for everything guys - OP here - I went ahead and took them out. This forum is badass.
hey man - appreciate the post but not really my thing. any others?
I prefer enamel and metal to silk knots, but I will consider anything. I am new to the world of french cuffs and I'd like to expand my cufflink collection pretty rapidly. I've browsed most of the Jermyn street stores online for their cufflinks, but find them a little over priced. Can you do better? Let me know!
Fair enough - what is your take on starching shirts made with egyptian cotton... or the various high thread count offerings from the different tailors?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Always take them out when the shirt is not being worn. I believe you, and I did take them out, but I am wondering about your rationale? - JSB
Hey all, I am new to SF and dress shirts that are not off the rack at polo and brooks brothers, so this may be a dumb question. When you hang your french cuff shirts after wearing / washing, should you leave your cufflinks in? Especially when they come back from the dry cleaners and the french cuff isn't folded... it it better to put something in there to help the cuff take shape or should I just dump all of them into my new cufflink box? Thanks.
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