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Macaroni, that is one awesome suit. Mr. Vox, what color are your trousers? Niidawg, deets on the second SC please! It looks really cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alexander feastmaster, I think the collar looks bad... maybe another kind of collar or knot could be good Thanks, Alexander. I completely agree. The collar is weak. It's also a poor fitting shirt except in the shoulders and neck.
From church today...I should have worn red for Pentecost Fun facts about today's fit - pants are Today's Man (Made in Italy) - Does anyone know who made their pants/suits? Shoes - Church's - No breast pocket on SC; How do SF'ers feel about that?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I have 2000 photos to pour over. Going to need more than a weekend 2000 pictures!? That's wild. Establishing a rotation you're comfortable with is a good idea. Take a deep breath and step away for a little. However, you don't want to become predictable or like the woman Seinfeld dated who wore the same dress all the time and even had a photo of herself in the same dress from a prior relationship.
Just throwing in my 2 cents as a new guy here: I think you should take a weekend/retreat and make a story board of all of your sport coats and see what you come up with.
Are the shoes on sale? Anyway, I think you just have to do what's practical for yourself. Every time I go into Guitar Center I see someone buying a $1000 guitar or a $500 amp and I can guarantee you that this is not their only big music purchase over the course of the year. If you have expendable income, at any level of earning, go for it.
Casual today for class... Also, I apologize for the crappy pics (the pattern on the shirt is pink and blue). I'll fix that next time.
Thanks, Onix. They are made in Italy. The shoes are more on the casual side. I'm deciding between the Paul Smith's or a pair of dirty bucks
Not sure if Paul Smith belongs on the Men's Clothing side, but is $267 a good price for a pair of his shoes? I don't remember in they are cap toe or more of a wing tip. Does anyone think I can get them cheaper? They're at my local Bloomingdales.
So summer is approaching and I go out to the bar with friends almost every weekend. We go to our usual spot or out in the city. In either case it's a variety when it comes to dress, but usually the places in the city require some sort of formality. I'm looking for options when it comes to summer shoes and pants. I'm tired of Sperrys. At the usual spot I can get away with Adidas Sambas and plain shorts. I want to mix it up a bit this summer. I'm in my early-mid 20s if...
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