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I'm not sure if this shirt has been mentioned, but the Ike Behar Modern Fit is a nice slim fitting shirt. I have it in 100% cotton. I'm not sure how the blended material shirts fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by potemkin_city_limits This shirt blows my mind... ^Shakespeare? I found that article to be quite reaching.
Quote: Originally Posted by bslo If you do wear this look, though, please conform to the following requirements: 1) tie the tie too long, 2) wear a baggy BDC shirt with a collar that is too large and 3) wear baggy, pleated khakis. You'll look like the stereotypical high school teacher that is "dressing up." Congrats. I think that's the quintessential 90s look. A sport coat and an open shirt can look good if you have a great collar. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by 6up Wear what you are comfortable in then add little touches like a PS to kick it up a notch. Variety is the key I'm definitely comfortable with myself. I guess what it comes down to is closet management (I'm using the same idea of course management in golf). 10-4 on always wearing a SC when you wear a tie. I was just throwing out feelers to get an understanding of what it's like to be a professional in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by random-adam The besom pockets look kinda sagging to me. It may be just the way it's hanging. I'll take a look at it again. Congrats on your wedding! I'd definitely go with the pocket watch, especially if it has sentimental meaning to you. I also vote for the tortoiseshell glasses . Regarding buttoning, that's a tough call. I'd unbutton when sitting, but when standing - hmmm...
This thread is for all teachers and professors. How do you dress? I recently took a position where I will be co-teaching a college course and eventually teaching my own course. In the meantime, I will be of direct service to students as a writing tutor, making presentations in other classes, and attending meetings. There are not many men at the college where I work, and their style is all over the place. I am conflicted when it comes to wearing a tie everyday and...
This fits great, but I am unsure if it's dated or ratty looking. Thoughts?
2 ties for a grand total of $1. I'm not sure about the Lanvin tie. Is it real or just licensed? The sport coat isn't a thrift, but my father's. It doesn't fit him anymore. Is it too dated to wear today? It's a Valentino Uomo from Boyd's in Philadelphia.
Quote: Originally Posted by ohdannyboy hahahaha, known honeypot? no... place that has at least a reputation for slightly better stuff than the rest? that's better than average to me Daffy's could be interesting. Forget going to the bar to pick up women, I'm just going to hang out at the Rack.
Macaroni, that is one awesome suit. Mr. Vox, what color are your trousers? Niidawg, deets on the second SC please! It looks really cool.
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