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I currently work in the college setting and sat in a few interview presentations for the Dean of Graduate Studies. Every candidate said that the undergrad degree is the new high school diploma and the graduate degree is the new bachelor's degree. I was astounded to hear this. I feel sorry for kids today who are incurring large amounts of debt and have no idea what they want to do when they graduate. Grad school is definitely not for everyone (and so is college) and a...
Thanks for the suggestions. Wow, a dress made of ceramic tiles? That must have been heavy.
I may be attending an opening of an exhibit at the art museum. I am a little confused as what would be appropriate to wear for an event like this. My friend who attends many of these events and other social events suggested "summer dressy, but not necessarily a tie." What's the consensus here?
I can't wait to say or maybe MBreinin say, "You never had your car."
Am I late? Some of you that have been here awhile following this event, do you have seat fillers like they do at award shows?
I somewhat agree with Pvrhye. I think that on the boards, the members have more of an idea of what they're doing. Out in the wild in my neck of the woods, people who dress over the top are only doing it to get a reaction, or are trying to copy what they saw on TV/movie/GQ. To me, it doesn't look cohesive or comfortable. Also, they flaunt it, which gets on my nerves. Doc is right, it isn't whimsical anymore, and it gives people who dress like that on occasion (and who...
Quote: Originally Posted by Violanation This is very interesting. I feel like the shirts made by most American companies cater to a body type of a watermelon. Over the past couple of years, I have tried shopping everywhere and a size small tends to be the new medium. However, Europe is doing the opposite it seems. I just gave up and started making my own shirts! lol I don't know what Europe is doing, but you're right with how American shirts...
Is To Boot New York a reputable shoe brand? A pair of suede loafers caught my eye, but I don't want to waste money on them if I could do better... - I can't find a pic of them, but they're like dirty bucks with a red sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 That^^ I agree. Wear what's comfortable to you every day. I'm in grad school now, and 99% of the men wear whatever. In my experience, the women are usually dressed better than the men. Don't be afraid to mix it up, wear a smart outfit one day and then shorts and a t the next day. Something to look out for, which may be foolish, is to feel out the mood of the class. Always look professional for an...
Going off the Seinfeld reference, I think George's line fits "I'm against all 'it's me's.' So self-absorbed and egotistical, it's like those hip musicians with their complicated shoes." Could be edited to "I'm against all 'it's me's'. So self-absorbed and egotistical, it's like those hip middle aged men with pushy wives and their complicated restaurant shirts."
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