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Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris This thread needs some classics: S Prefix 29-2 44 Mag, Circa 1966: Model 57 no dash, 41 Magnum: 5 Screw 1955 Target (Pre-25) 45 ACP: wow! vintage S&W N frames are still my fav
Quote: Originally Posted by Duff_Man On that note, anyone going to IWA? i might this year, havent been to Nurnberg in 5yrs
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace Rimmer Anyone going to SHOT this year? I'm not ... but going to NRA 2011. I'm exhibiting - Multitasker Tools (in LE/MIL)
BTW, if anyone is going to be at the SHOT Show, pls visit booth 7309 (Multitasker Tools) and say hello
Been really busy with the whole Multitasker thing so SBR build is coming along REALLY slowly Paul @ LaRue hooked me up with a nice Scout Light Mount, waiting on my M300 Also scored a Battlecomp 1.0 - what a quality piece
Any more cool eyeglass frames?
Quote: Originally Posted by A Guy from Shanghai They have been claimed already i see that now. damnit!
i'll take the Green Horn Dunhills - PM sent
Pm sent on tie no. 3
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