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Nothing but good things to say about sellers noobizor and normusmaximus. Got a lacoste polo and an armani tie, respectively, super-promptly in better-than-described condition. Also, though I'm not done with my transaction with randomkoreandude, so far, I've had nothing but pleasant experiences. I'll edit this post once I get my three pants, but I anticipate that it'll be continued awesomeness.
PM sent on the three pants.
Got an awesome lot of (17+1) ties and (~6 or 7, IIRC) shirts from celeste_pista. The items were all in exactly as described (pretty good) condition, were *really* cheap for the many Hugo, DK, Armani, Zegna, BB, etc. ties that I got. Better yet, the clothes all arrived in my mailbox, flawlessly-packed, exactly in exactly two days. He's really a tremendous seller--he even threw in two extra dress shirts for me! EDIT: Added a bit more detail
PM sent for the silver armani tie. Thanks!
PM Sent on the tie lot.
Seriously, that's one hell of a deal. The bottom right tie is gorgeous.
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