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Thanks for the heads up Re. the tailoring issues J - Crew have. So with that seemingly being the case, can anybody recommend a company with nice, fitted trappers/jackets, that won't break the bank? See my original post for the style I'm going for.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog fit looks perfect. it will stretch out a lot on the top so no need to worry. Yeah - I guess you noticed the waist is tight as hell. I have been wearing them for 5 hours or so. Thanks for the feedback.
Image doesn't show up. . .
Quote: Originally Posted by jslade It's not going to fit you nearly as well as it does in that photo. Eh?
Thinking about picking up this trapper from J Crew . . . what do you guys think?
Just recieved my brand new New Standard's in the mail today. What do you guys think of the fit? Does the stacking look weird? Fairly new to this, so any input would be appreciated. They are skin tight from the waist up.
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y are you wearing a sweater over a polo? yeah!
So i'm kinda new to this. Looking for any comments on the outfit, positive or negative . Posted this on the last page but deleted by accident.
What do you guys think of this ancient pair of (pretty destroyed) sneakers, and moreover, can anyone ID them? I picked them up 4 years ago from Camden, and they were god knows how old then. No tags/labels.
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