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Quote: Originally Posted by ohyoumad I've been wearing my NS for about 6 months now...I noticed they tend to bunch up at the knees..ideas? I thought this was part of the style? The bunching around the knees at the front and back?? Looks sweet. . .
Fair enough, guys. Sorry for being a bit of an ass.
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne It quite obviously isn't if there are people asking. It's a simple waist measurement. Get the tape measure, wrap it around your waist - BOOM. Jesus.
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne +1 This is where you should be measuring your actual 'waist'; where the jeans sit Isn't this common sense? You wouldn't take a forearm measurement for a wristwatch.
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero more importantly, post your measurements and how you sized it down. Because I think you've stretched past the 3 dimensional space into the 4th. I have, a few times. Scroll up/back.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Advising people to go down 5 is borderline absurd. Far from being 'borderline absurd', it worked for me. Differs from case to case; I would, of course, implore people to use common sense, and factor in their own individual body type.
Quote: Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 to get a fit like the guy above you need to go down 4 or 5 from 37". my ns fit like that, i went down 4, but i have fairly muscular thighs. PM me with your height/waist/weight, and I will PM back with your size.
Yeah - I didn't take any notice of the stuff on the front page. Sizing down 3 would, at least for me, result in a relaxed fit. Sizing down 5 and wearing HARD = awesome results.
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES there you have it folks-- size down 5. Well, technically you're sizing down 3, because a pair of New Standard's tagged 31 is actually a 29. But yeah . . . you get the idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by friggin sick pics but aren't you worried about them jeans bleeding on your sneakers? I kinda have to bite the bullet and just deal with it by this point. Raw denim doesn't look great with black shoes, imo. Quote: Originally Posted by ssleepyz Damn, those look goood! How much did you size down? I sized down twice but they are pretty loose/baggy... But probably because I'm still a 34...
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