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APC New Standards - 1 1/2 Months
I love how women are being treated as a commodity in this thread - summed up by sweeping generalizations; a local produce to be 'sampled'. Nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by acularw Yes. This doesn't answer his question. What's with you people? I find a navy blue goes well with raw denim jeans. Black is classic paired with some white sneakers. Dark red or burgundy goes well.
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero no. Passive aggressive doucebaggery doth not make the man.
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero Ofcourse, why shouldn't it? I thought there might be a small degree of permanent shrinkage. Surely a pretty fair assumption?
Okay, but my question is - when the waist shrinks after washing, does it stretch back out again whilst damp?
Quote: Originally Posted by abcdenim most shrinkage will happen in the waist, the length doesn't get affected too much in APC's, so it doesn't really matter so much if you do it before or after. personally i say do it before, since the fades aren't fully settled and everything, but its really all preference. one thing to make sure though if you're going to taper its gonna not mess up the selvedge line! Any shrinkage in the waist will just get...
What are the best places to pick up some nice clothes here in Cardiff? A scout about uncovers the usual suspects. . .Topman. . .All Saints, etc.
In terms of quality/fit, how do Dior jeans compare to APC jeans. In particular the pre-washed denim?
APC NS 5 days of wear.
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