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Just posting this here too - considering the condition, good price? They are original GATs, right?
Just picked these up too. Good deal for the condition?
I just picked up these for a shade under $90.
Thanks. What color dress pants would match the color, if not the shoes?
Hi guys. What color dress pant would go with these brogues? I picked them primarily because they compliment raw denim, but I'd ideally like to be able to 'dress them up', too. Thanks. . .
My NS' at 2 months (probably about 50 days actual) wear.
Linea Black Polo shirt APC NS Adidas Nizza Can anybody point me in the direction of a nice fitting, plain black polo shirt? This one is pretty beaten up. Also, I just find my entire style so boring. Any tips on how to liven things up? Not sure what goes well with dry denim...
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