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Interested in the very first comment all the way back on Page 1 of this thread.Why the disparagement for current UQ Oxfords? Great shirts at a great price. Uni-Qlo in general are a great company.
I bought some chinos in a rich tobacco. Closest true to colour I could find is below. What colours would go with them?
Just a bit more information on these SUS GATs (see above) - they look so, so much better in person. A really nice 'off-white' colour and a very slightly 'lived-in' look. Totally vouching for these - great value on Yoox for £50. The company is 'esse ut esse'. I think they are out of most sizes at the moment, but upon a restock I fully recommend picking up a pair.
Just bumping this to get some information on, ya know, what they actually are.
So what laces have you guys put in your GATs?
Anybody else, when browsing looks/outfits on the web, find it easier to look at female outfits and 'convert' them to a male equivilant, that to just . . . look at male outfits? Just me? Okay then.
Yeah - those are really nice. Can I get a bit of info on them, please?
Okay, so I want some slim-fitting grey wool pants to wander around the house/town in. Going to be pairing them with a plain white dress shirt and shoes/GATs for a casual look. Can anybody recommend a comfy, good looking, affordable pair? I rather like these, for example, but can't help but feel they fit a little oddly below the knee (although, this might just be the model/photo).
Regarding the quality of APC denim - yeah: you're going to get significant holes/abrasions at around the year and a bit mark, depending on how hard you wear them. Just the nature of the denim. Personally, I love this aspect. I rather like the idea of wearing a pair of New Standard's to breaking, fixing them up, wearing them to breaking, fixing them up - two or three times. A pair of jeans that have been repaired again and again are a real thing of beauty. Labour of love,...
Thanks for the feedback. I must admit I rather liked the fact that they are 'beaten up' - obviously these are comfier in this condition.
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