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I picked up some Red Wing Chukkas for £90 - a bargain. However, they are about half a size too short: when I stand my toes touch the end of the boot. I am thinking about using some shoe stretchers to increase the length/stretch of the leather by a few mm. Would this work?
Sorry to intrude on everybody's fucking circle-jerk but could I get some fucking feedback on my pictures please?
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So can anybody answer my question? How tight are new Red Wings supposed to be in the toe box? Length is fine.
They aren't. Just pretty cramped.
How much 'wiggle room' can one expect in a pair of properly fitted Red Wings? I picked up these the other day (Heritage Round Toe, Briar Oil Slick), and they are pretty much moulded to my feet, even in the toe box. How much can they be expected to give over the months?
I just picked up these from Amazon... What kind of break in period is to be expected? I read that some RW leather (Rough and Tough? is softer than others?
Are these Barkers a decent pair of work shoes for $30? Could one wear them with grey pants? ...or are the toes too square?
double ost...
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