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Official kung fu belt.
Geelong cardigan over EPLA tee with Bedford cord RCs.
Sure, I can see what you are saying. A venetian would look great in any of these.
Canada. So superior.
OMG.OK. So one of each then...Honestly, if there's any traction at all for marbled shell beyond the two of us, I'd think that this is the kind of direction that would make for a very interesting SF/Rancourt collaboration.Heck, I wonder if just the two of us could get Phil to sell Kyle enough of the hides to make us each a pair of shoes. Let's keep that one in the hopper for now...
I wasn't aware that Phil did marbled shell in different colors. I guess no reason why not. I'd assumed he did black because it was likely the easiest to get.Anyway I'd do a loafer. Probably that over a ranger-moc. And I'm ok skipping boots.Crepe/RLH sounds good too.Glad to hear you are enthusiastic.
Oh, right, Las Vegas is probably pretty warm too... Maybe even the optimal temperature compared to the summer months when I typically stop in for a trade show. And yes the tweed and flannel does compensate. I am currently wearing some tweed. But I could wear that in 30 degree weather. It's this dangerous windchill stuff I'm not hip with.
Me too. The distressed versions coming up look pretty fantastic, but I'm interested to see what my rather easy livin' lifestyle does to this one.I want to plug the EPLA tees too, if I may. These things really hold their shape (I have worn either the plum or the green pretty consistently since I bought them almost a month ago now) and they fabric is of a quality and softness that when I've put on a few other tees, those other tees feel rough by comparison. I think the EPLA...
So you got them? Great! Did you end up going TTS? Will look forward to photos.And on the topic of @LA Guy's suggestion of a special SF makeup from Rancourt, what about asking Rancourt to do something in marbled black shell cordovan? I gather this actually something of an irregular item from Horween, but Phil from Ashland Leather (who seems to possibly also work at Horween...) suggested at one point that it could be available if there was a demand for it. Maybe SF x...
I think I need that RR stripe tie. But also want to see what's coming for S/S...
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