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It's something else... These aren't slubby. They just have a little bit of hair on them.
I do want to try out a Schneider shirt. I keep eyeing that blue denim-textured hidden placket one. And one of the plaidish flannel ones.@tdude that is truly epic. Nice stuff.
Gave the archive photo a thumb... Nice look of warm colors from warmer days to follow on @applky's. BTW, I like that double sided polka dot scarf. Whoever picked up the lightweight scarf assortment in the Instagram sale is going to be happy.
Thanks. I'm wondering about whether I'll end up wanting to take in the body on my Formosa jacket a little. As I said before, I like my tailor, but I kind of don't want him to touch the jacket for what I think is an improvement only on the margin. Will wait and see.Again, yours looks fantastic.Oh, and I'm glad for the clarification on the lambswool jacket. Might have had to demand a recount if it were Schneider. On the other hand, the GRP looks pretty much perfect...
Fit is very much in line with EP trouser fits overall. They call it slim-straight, and I'm not sure if this would match with a need for tapered or not. There's an inch of difference between the size of the knee and the leg opening, so that does taper at least some.I think the images on line do show the texture well. They are pretty crisp when new, solid but not heavy, and they have a little tiny bit of a fuzz to them (that's called something, I know... )
That sounds familiar. I may need those. Haven't tried EP sneakers yet, but I'd better figure out my size before something like that shows up...
Ed, when are these due to arrive? Very eager to see what they look like.
@lawyerdad That all looks very very good. What did you have your tailor do with the Formosa jacket? Agree that the shoulders look terrific and the shape through the body looks nice. What is this Schneider lambswool jacket? Did I miss something? And OS jacket
Yup. I have them wore them this weekend. What are you wondering about?
Well I can't argue with that.
New Posts  All Forums: