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I recommend gummy bears. Also, will there be a team S&C Pamplemousse?
Amex Centurion lounge is nice. Full buffet meals, espresso etc., drinks if you want them, wifi, nice seats. I don't belong to any airline lounges and I have only been in one of the new Amex lounges, but it's not bad at all. Edit: Also I want to go to Rome so I can complain about the airport, please.
@Webbo Nice looking shape for that last. I like that high toe box. What leathers did you choose for this?
Sounds like a great makeup. Pull-up bison's going to look really nice.
Do you think you'll do the standard ranger moc or are you considering the 1967 4 eyelet blucher?Also, new member @j3di2002 (welcome!) asked me via PM for some photos of the bison Clymers. Here they are. I've definitely worn these some, but they don't seem too worn in yet. This is the Tuscon bison. I think the PDG makeup proposed here is the smaller grained pullup bison, maybe?
I have this feeling I'm ending up with two field jackets...And I wear and love my black OD Doyle. I'm actually looking at it right now.
By the way, should have noted that he olive bison looks really fantastic. Great choice for a makeup.
@Portland Dry Goods what about the 1967 style ranger moc? http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/1967-collection/1967-4-eye-blucher.html Ranger or crepe wedge would look good IMO.
Me too. It's pretty perfect.
I have a real problem making decisions.Will do in some natural light. Not sure if my photo skills are up to capturing what's essentially black velvet, but let's see.
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