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They don't look blurry to me. You can resize them so the appear larger in the thread even before clicking to enlarge. It's easy to do posting from the desktop UI since you get an option of three sizes to post. But from mobile you have to edit the code you see before you post.There's an image line in there that looks like this (for your very photo above):Code:[IMG]http://www.styleforum.net/content/type/61/id/1926207/width/200/height/400[/IMG].To make it bigger change the...
Subbed. I'm not sure exactly how all those brands on the site really breakdown, but I have been intrigued by their Century Denim. I assume that's fair game for the thread!
So so many beautiful shoes. Personally I have to admire the DGAF attitude of many of these makeups. I don't know if they are selling these RTW or more showing that they'll just make you what you want pretty much whatever that is. And the classics are extremely tasteful. Here are two plain Jane ones I like: Let's play the what lasts are they game... I think the suede is on the Tizsa and the smooth leather one is on the Franko.
Nothing wrong with a square or scarf or knit cap or something. On the other hand, I suppose there's no imperative to use the discount. No reason to spend $XX to save $X (or the extra 10% over the normal SF discount), if you weren't already considering spending the money to begin with.Houses are seriously darn expensive. I suppose rent is too. Good luck with the move and hope you get the right house!
Yes, it's always nice to get that VAT discount, even if you are then facing have taxes added back on at delivery. Better one than both.Shipping was expensive. I remember 80 Euros. Maybe they're gouging, but I think it's more that they don't ship much. Look up how much it would cost to ship a box to Hungary by FedEx/UPS. Ain't cheap if you aren't a commercial shipper. I think Vass ships a few more shoes internationally... I'm not sure Attila is compelling, screamingly...
@mebiuspower Great photos! Thanks. I really do want to find some way to get into the shop to talk through my fit with them. Edit: Also did you buy anything? @ericgereghty Those prices look to be what I've paid. My understanding is that there's not VAT deducted from those.
Well, wait, I win and I'm going to GIVE Greg money? Only in America! Seriously, great fits all around and NMWA is really quite generous with discounts, particularly considering the prices are more than competitive to begin with.
Yes, would like to see these made up.
What's that cool looking wooden thing in the background. Also, I thought PDG sent you two pairs of laces, and you're using neither?
Had them about 6 months. The lighting/filters are definitely affecting the color here. The boots are also dusty.
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