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Which color did you choose?
Oh ha ha. Well you can see I know what I'm talking about with the pants (or not... ). Taper looks good I think.Thanks for the deets on the shirt. I'm I intrigued by the natural dying. I bet a guy who can taper his own trousers can replace a set of buttons too...
Quoted to make the images bigger. I would like to see more of the shirt.You added the little pocket to the trouser? They don't look at all bad.
Dang @ReedCA. Solid. Love that Doyle fit. Windowpanes are always a +1 too.
No, I wouldn't try the shearling donuts. Just a fad.
Yes, natural also.
I think buying one would guarantee a mild winter. Or at least a winter that feels mild... What? This wouldn't get a lot of wear down in Texas?
The Norwegian rain must be constant and frigorific. Those coats are some serious business. How much does one of those things weigh?
@tricky I have to assume that you are leading with that 1x Penny Clutch Black Pebblegrain Calfskin ‎when you get home. And I see we wear the same size EPLA sneakers: Ha ha. Great pickups!
What's it like on ice and snow? I have worn mine more spring/summer/fall. Seems like it might be a little slick since it doesn't have much of a tread.It is definitely more solid/less squishy than the RLH Aspen. Good/bad depends on what you are looking for, I suppose.
New Posts  All Forums: