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I'm not sure if this counts as aged really, but I've used my La Portegna pretty sparingly and it already has some patina:
I know we're talking welted shoes here, but kudu sneaker maybe? Unless that overlaps with the horsehide surprise I think we've heard about.
I generally wear EP L and the XL Shetland crew neck is a trim fit on me. I don't think I'd fit into a L. So my advice is size up 1.
For refund, rather than for exchange.And Mike and team Epaulet take care of the SF crew here pretty well, I think.
Yes. All pics are good pics.
I think there's shell out there. The shortage is for any maker who needs to run 12 or 24 or some large number of units to have production make sense (I'm looking at you Alden... ).It's not hard to get shell shoes MTO in various colors from Rancourt and from various Hungarian makers. I'm sure there are others as well. The point, and this is to Luxire's advantage, is that being willing to make a one-off shell shoe MTO is where that market works well now, I think.So it's...
Yes! They are the Russell boots. Got them with the Black Friday discount. I'd been meaning to order something in natty CXL and these are they.This is the photo, for reference.I have some pre-wear shots I can share too.They definitely offer more volume than the standard Blake boot last. I took my TTS 11D and they are plenty roomy.Vibram wedge does seem pretty sturdy.This will be a really nice makeup. Looking forward to seeing the cognac bison IRL.Edit: Oh and those Parisian...
Lovely lovely lovely @Shouldaville
I really like the blue lining in these. Very nice color combination.Yes, shipping from Luxire has been outstanding.
I like how FedEx and UPS seem to be surprised every year by the volume of holiday deliveries."Oh, you mean you want to send a package this time of year...?" I've had a UPS package (not Luxire's of course) that's taken since last Friday just to make it from San Francisco to Oakland. I have a dim view of UPS' capabilities. Quite glad that Luxire uses FedEx.For example, I did get a package from FedEx (again not from Luxire) shipped Friday, delivered Monday. So that was pretty...
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