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570 Euros is the actual price I've paid including shipping to the US. The shipping itself is 80 Euros I recall so quite expensive but I think it is what it is. Cheaper than flying to Budapest, though substantially less fun.Price is a little on the high side, but fair as far as I'm concerned. I assume that is a function of what I take to be the workshops small size.Very nice! And how have you found the fit? Please post more photos if you can.I have a second pair due to...
NMWA basket weave Clover is due to arrive for me tomorrow...
Mike: Will you run boots like this sans zipper?
I believe I'm going to ask for something along the lines of this shore jacket
I really don't mind the sleeve length. I did notice it but thought it looked kind of cool. It gives the coat a more relaxed vibe imo. As long as it's not uncomfortable or annoying I wouldn't risk messing with it.
^^Yup. That's a nice one. Despite a lot of looking I have yet to end up with a Camoshita jacket... I hope sizing is the same. All three schneider pieces I have are 5s, so I bought the 5. Bag seemed straight forward. I believe 6 is still there in the Clover but I don't want to exchange for size of course.
Clearly the Yogi Berra of cloth.And @rydenfan I kind of took a flyer on the OS size. Stuff seems pretty slim and this is quasi outerwear, so I picked 44 over 40 (42 already gone). Hopefully I guessed right.
Is MC casual ready for Kyle-approved SS? May have to test that out in a trolling, not trolling way. 😀 Carex looks like a really nice blue flannel blazer and since it's Schneider you figure it's got to be 10x more interesting that "nice blue flannel blazer" suggests. Don't know if it will stay on sale or not. Level of discount t suggests it is truly final clearance and SS is clearly collection based. But Carex also seems like a staple, so who knows. Two stocked in my...
Well I just kept looking at that Clover and finally caved. Sale price is nutzo. Better than BOGO for these two. Very tempted by the SS Carex blazer too. Will wait and see about that one. And I hope Kyle includes some helpful advice on how to wear the Clover :-). We'll see what I can mix it up with otherwise. Be prepared to avert your gaze...
This and this
New Posts  All Forums: