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Well, here's one for you: Terroni And I also learned something from this tie. I misread the name as torrone, which are delicious and which I got from one of my grandmothers every Christmas. I also seem to recall torrone with the outside stamped with a reticulated pattern like the one on this tie. But on looking up terroni, I now take it to be a term of reference (originally derogatory but appropriated now with pride I hope...) to the residents of Southern Italy. NYI...
Like Cecil Fielder ;-) [[SPOILER]]
That is a fantastic sounding selection. I am glad to hear the Vass and Casentino sizing worked out. Enjoy and post a photo.
$500. Those trousers look very nice.
Larceny. Carmina Alt Wiens while waiting for a haircut.
Too bad I don't have a tapestry needle. Fortunately I just received a lovely pair of Niche brown gaucho corduroys from this place people in the know refer to as NMWA, so my lower parts are covered. Both literally and figuratively speaking. Also received two Mazzarelli shirts (blue oxford and blue check) and went one size up, which turns out to have been a very good idea. They are lovely as well. The Thos. Mason cloth is very nice indeed. The corduroy on the trousers is...
New site looks really good. One thing I see right away is that when viewing the collection on my phone, the boxes that tell you how many are left of a tie almost totally obscure the images in which the ties are rolled. Hopefully that description makes sense. Can't wait to see the new and restocked ties!
Closer. Let's see if the pattern is fractal. ;-)
Strong entry here.
Those look great. Too bad they aren't 11D...
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