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It's all camera angles and soft lighting :-)
Got s shipping notice for Essex Blake boots. Should have the in hand first thing next week.
Just some pants...that look fantastic!Which ones are these?
Well it's about time.
I posted a not too great photo here of this shirt with a tie and jacket last summer maybe end of Juy I think. On mobile so I can't search for it now... It works fine imo. The collar is not really unstructured.Tubo belts are great.
Dang @halfnhalfnhalf those are pretty. King indeed!
I think the Ranger or Aspen RLH would suit this boot. Ranger even has a decent looking lug. I don't own it. RLH in general and Aspen in particular is the most comfortable sole I wear.
@gdl203 or @conceptual 4est I'm considering the Gray Gordon cardigan. I could go with the M for same size as my Bart (which is a trim fit). Any thoughts on the wisdom of going up to L for a more relaxed fit?
Thanks for posting those detail photos @DWRR. I like that collar a lot.
I was just thinking of that word today. Don't know how near I approach louche, but it is a challenge, isn't it?
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