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As the owner of a Harris Tweed DB from Epaulet, I think this sounds like a good idea. Mine has the welt chest pocket for what it's worth.
Still not quite in linen suit weather, so no worries. It looks beautiful on the site. The closeup up the fabric texture is something.
I think it's the red in the sweater that doesn't work for me. I would like it better if it were in the same tone range as the trouser and jackets. On the other hand, i guess the sweater is just the pound once you're in for the penny.
Hmmm... I've got one of those tan linen ones on preorder, so I assume I'll be seeing it in the near future... @baltimoron I like that extended use of the rabbit fur liner. It doesn't button into other coats, of course... you are just wearing it as an extra layer right? That's pretty baller, I gotta say. But then i think we've learned how you do it.
As far as I know you can expect good quality. They are a long-standing Brooklyn maker and I believe there's at least one AV here for whom they make trousers and those are very good quality, good construction (I have quite a few of these trousers...). They make trousers for plenty of other solid men's shops as well. You shouldn't have any problem with them assuming they've been well taken care of by the seller.
I like the trousers and jacket, I think. But the sweater feels out of place. @mumma's fit looks good. Very clean and a nice contrast between the structured blazer/jacket and the more relaxed looking shirt and trousers.
Is the zipped bags alone effective? I have really never seen the things that eat my sweaters, but is the idea that I would see them if I were about to zip them into a bag? Also, cedar does smell great. At this point I think my bulls wool will stand guard over the more delicate members of the herd.
That's most likely because all the moths are either in awe of you or got lost and are in PatrickR's closets.
Thanks VC.
Really nice. Yes, fold for shelf or drawer.
New Posts  All Forums: