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Perfect! Really nice subtle variations in that tweed. Which fit did you choose?
Those are nothing other than spectacular. Great choice of leather for that order.
I would consider doing a Teba in the 7706.
@spacepope's texture photos are always worth clicking on the spoiler.
@An Acute Style the whole ensemble looks great.
You might consider a large. How does the chest measurement on the BB extra slim compare to the EP size charts?
Some darn nice ties up on the site and OMG the pricing now is ridiculously good. I really like the grey/brown/burgundy F/W color range.
From the archives. These use the funky iPhone angles that you don't want, but I feel as if they look the way I think the jackets fit:
My reference point for the brisk walk is obscure to the degree that I can't point you to it, but I remember reading something about rowers training for a race in the early 20th C I think. And there was a journal entry quoted in which the day's training was described along the lines of "Brisk walk along riverbank wearing heavy overcoat, 1 1/4 miles."Pattern on the shirt: [[SPOILER]] Jeans haven't been hard to break in at all. They aren't the kind you size down on the fading...
New Posts  All Forums: