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Thanks guys. I really love this sweatshirt. Starting to fade a little around the edges. And @Medoc jeans are Big John Ruri. I have this vision of them faded pale blue eventually. But will I get distracted before then...
EPLA indigo sweatshirt and DIY waxed Doyle. EPLA loopwheel tee no viz.
Great! I'm definitely interested in the grey/indigo.
What's the material? Cotton?
Thems nice shoes!
Will also work for your summer stock production of A Midsummer's Night Dream.
Cool! So something like this, then: [[SPOILER]] Ha ha, couldn't help myself.I'm excited to see what you think up Mike. Floppy and suede, we're already off to a great start!
@epaulet That leather sounds awesome. What's really nice about Kudu suede is that it is a roughout as I understand it, so it's thick and really tough, but with a super soft feel and a really nice nap to the suede. I have some from Rancourt, but in grey. Would love a brown tone in something like that.The Top Secret Epaulet Suede sounds like it would fit the bill.As to the shape, that photo is probably a bit too pointed for my taste, though I never say never.If not something...
Or...???Ha ha. I dunno. Maybe Venetian? But that Penny on BradP is pretty solid. Something trad-ish one way or another and either would be great really.
That one is Journal Standard and not BBJ...
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