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After a while I don't worry too much about it. They are going to get water on them. They are going to get mud on them. They are going to get scratched. On the other hand I can definitely agree with @David Midecem about not making the first wears of a new pair of shell boots in muck and salt. You've mainly got to worry about dropping King Cake on yours or the risk of them getting scratched by flying beads, right @halfnhalfnhalf?
This was in the very first order I made from NMWA fall of 2013, so I probably picked 40 because, well, that's my size!It does get a little tight in the shoulders with a sweater underneath, and a SC with any padding in the shoulders isn't really ideal to wear with it. So maybe sizing up one would be a good idea for regular wear over a SC.Greg will offer sound advice on this, I'm sure.Likely so. Really the only thing I lift with any regularity is a coffee cup.
Yes, it's long enough to wear over a SC. The way the shoulders are cut and the size I have (40, which is what I'd call TTS for me), means that anything with a structured shoulder doesn't fit too comfortably underneath, but it does fit.
Yes, Chicago. I've found this coat to be plenty warm with a good sweater underneath and all the other appropriate cold weather items on (hat, scarf, gloves). The way it works for me in really cold weather is that it provides a nice outer shell; the tall collar really helps since you can wrap your scarf up inside that and keep cold air from getting in that way; the double breast works well in the cold since it keeps the front tight; and it's a decent length.You aren't going...
Would be a shame to give them their first real wear in winter salt.Looking forward to see a photo of these!
Thanks for digging up that photo @jetI think the one I have was simply called brown. No fancy name that I recall. It didn't get restocked this fall maybe? But it took some serious willpower on my part not to pick up one of the single breasted versions year.These coats are awesome because;Pop the big collar for style and warmthDeep pockets easy to stuff gloved hands intoWarm in fall and spring worn over a shirtWarm in winter worn over a sweaterLight, but quilted wool outer...
Thanks. It's a favorite. I get a lot of wear out of it from Fall all the way through Spring.
Thanks! The shirt is from Gustin. I really like the chambray fabric, but ultimately the collar is a little small for my tastes. Works OK for a casual shirt of course. But I really prefer the fuller collars like Inglese makes.
Really nice, Don!
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