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EPLA Wilshires and Epaulet calfskin gloves:
Inis Meáin and Oliver Spencer:
And to think what a major difference Yellow Hook Necktie has made in the ties I wear in just a year. Rob: Congratulations to all involved and I'm looking forward to spring ties and many more seasons to come.
Agree. @europrep, you are showing the Alva Mac very nicely here, and the whole look is strong. I particularly like how the collar works so well standing up with the scarf tucked inside. From my experience with the jacket, I'd think that this is really quite a warm combination you've put together. And thanks @in stitches. You're very kind.
Walts and heavyweight Daltrey:
Vintage English tweed:
Here's my Inis Meáin: Also, Mazzarelli:
Here's a shot (which actually also covers the rumpled Walts worn without crease territory again):And another closeup where it doesn't show quite so grey. It's definitely a nice brown color. I don't know if I'd call it very dark though.
Like this? I really only wear cotton Walts uncreased and some have posited that I have a wrinkle machine that my clothes pass through, so I am with you. I too like the rise of the Walts.
Agree: Everything looks good and I like that boiled wool in particular as well.
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