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@Bakes11771 Those look great! The RLH sole really does give them a different look. I think you made the right choice going with that option right away. The grain does look a little different from mine. Probably quite a bit of variation when you have a grain that's so pronounced. Team Bison Clymers...
@Steel28 That Eidos jacket looks like a perfect fit. I'm going to guess that boiled wool is going to break in a bit to fit your shape in the shoulders, but I'd say the fit looks fantastic just the way it is.
That's a nice shoe box. Is that your shoe box?
@Kahuna75 those look great. Will look forward to seeing more photos.
Well, team And lilla regn, lilla regn
Nice! Love those EP Barenas. Getting to be the season for those.
I think Francis Kupferwald does the best photos...
Nice @Michigan Planner! Blue tweed ftw!
Dang @msg that is nice. Good overall fit with it as well.
Those YH ties are beautiful. Rob makes great fabric choices.
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