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Purple Shetland tweed Walts
This. It looks very very nice. Interested to see what it's made out of.And @Newcomer that Valstar jacket cut and size fits you perfectly.
I honestly don't think that Greg needs to defend his prices at NMWA. [[SPOILER]] So instead of the tedious how much should Vass cost argument, a photo that includes Vass oxblood u-caps, Casentino, SS Figiaria (not visible), and Inis Meain scarf (baby alpaca and silk is the business BTW), plus Merola shearling and peccary gloves:
Oh hi you guys like Drakes here?
This. The goods really standout in these.Two other things:Had someone notice my La Portegna bag in passing and then need to feel the leather because it looked so good.And the Drakes scarf is quite serviceable keeping the wind off my neck as the wind whips off the lake. Not expedition weight but good to walk down the block for sure.
I know we've kicked around a few Rancourt x Styleforum ideas here to no avail. I just saw some Vibergs in Italian front quarter horsehide. http://viberg.com/products/service-boot-tan-horsehide What if we could get some of that. I wonder if they'd make it up in different styles for us. Maybe R x @Portland Dry Goods x SF.
Oh hi you like Vass here?
Ha ha, my first thought when I saw that photo was, "That guy's wearing Rivet Chinos."
Those textures. I do in fact like the colors together as well.
We are all winners.Did you go with the undyed?
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