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1) Yes. It's what I think is called a half sock liner. Perfectly comfortable. I have had it come out in one pair of loafers that have been pretty well abused (worn in the sand etc).2) No for me.3) I think both are fine sockless, particularly on a camp moc sole.
FTFYDon't sell it short.
Yup, that looks about right.It's a really nice piece. I like how it mixes sort of an A1 and blazer feel. I've gotten a couple of compliments on it too.@Murlsquirl gee whiz. What is that fine looking suit? Is this an Eidos MTO or Formosa? (I'm supposed to be able to tell the difference, right... Don't tell Greg. I'll study harder. I promise).
I sized up one on this (from 40 to 42) and in pretty sure a 44 would have worked even better for me.
I think most people just roll them up since they are pretty casual. No reason why you can't cuff of course, in which case the no tape on the seam is a particularly nice option.
Oh, whistle. Customized inseam makes these a screaming deal. (Edited to include my newest favorite exclamation courtesy of children's book about trains.)
This should be fun!
Yup. Those are mine. I'd missed that Instagram photo. It's a good one.
@pastor we'll give you a pass for spending the day with your family. 😀 Who knows, maybe you'll end up getting an ice cream at Angelo Brocatos...
I just got a Clover. Sizs 5, which seems to be my Schnieder size, and fit is as gdl describes.
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