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I find my bottom 50% frequently still gets wet when using an umbrella. We're just keeping this thread at the top of the home page here, right?
I don't cuff any of my Walts, wool or cotton. Others seem to cuff them all. So not helpful... right?
Well, I promise never to post any photos of glands. At least not without spoliering them.
Yes. I wear without stays. Seems to suit the feel of the shirt to me and the collars are so nice, who needs stays?'Bout 20k worth, miright?PSA: Everyone who experiences mid-60s temps at some point in the year and does not have a linen Inis Meain sweater... Well, you aren't living.
"Why Not Wear your Kamigata every day!"™That looks like a really nice fit on you and shoe pairing looks good too.
I like the brown/blue check with the moss ducks. Very nice.
Kamigata and Walts I'm just a tweed jacket and Barbour away from having sufficient #menswear layering. So close... The fabric on this Kamigata is really very nice. Aside from the cool pattern (I'm going to officially rename mine cloudscape Kamigate), it's a loose, textured, open weave with a really unique hand. Not really very denim-like at all.
Lebron has reconsidered and is now joining NMWA. Coincidentally, Greg has announced he will be carrying TS(s) and Niche to XXXXXL and Formosa in 64L.
I assumed he was kidding. Boots look very nice to me.
Summer polar vortex FTW...
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