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First pair, third pair and the snakes are all good choices. I have not reached cowboy boots yet (aside from a pair of Wesco Morriosns on order) but it could well happen sooner than later. Where are these examples from or do I have to reverse image search them?
I do not need those 123s. I do not.
Seems like a fine idea to me. Sort of yuketen-esque. I think it will work well with a more causal loafer like a beefroll or pinch penny.What did you have in mind?
I've only tried the smock. Quality seems good. It's pretty much basic workwear as advertised. Fabric feels sturdy but not too heavy.I'm wearing an XL in that photo and guessing it's the intended fit based on the photos on their site.Can recommend giving them a try.
I've got a pair from Old Town that uses that front flap design on wide legged trouser.
@Americanaaa those look great. What are the details on the build?
@WBakerOh definitely. But maybe with the tiger wrap motif velvet slippers I'm seeing in the mobile ad just above my reply box on my phone here. Sort of just slightly serious about that...
@mossrockss does the jacket and jeans thing really well.
Eidos macro herringbone purchased. Must resist Leder coat.
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