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I'm wondering if I have pair on the last. I'll have to see if I can find the order from a few years ago.
Do we know what else, if anything, is on the 2592?
^IDK I think I'm being trolled here, but that guy's saying he has a t-shirt on underneath his NASA polo? And when "Hideaway" is labeled in the photo, I take it this is a concealed copy of the Freddie King classic. I say concealed because I can't see it. And now I am reading the mallninja thing and I'd like to simply leave this here for us all to think about "...unlike you I have to face unruly shoppers every day."
Yes.But can we get Post-Imperial to make the helmet?
The lesson I've learned here is to google every ridiculous thing I read on the internet. To see if it's a meme or something. I'm going to be busy.
Someone should invent a styleforum reverse GoPro. So instead of filming the powder in front of your board, it's filming the steez on your person.
That's because his badge and gun are no viz.
@Cotton Dockers I particularly like the EG jacket in the third photo. @mc2k Nice colors, trousers especially. And I like how you've cuffed them to hang well above your shoes. Gives the whole thing just a little bit of a relaxed vibe.
Yup.Definitely more shoes than you have feet.Send me a pair.
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