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That blouson is something else.
Will that liner make it reasonably warm? Is it wearable on it's own?
That fit is something I like about that Geller jacket. It's loose, but not puffy. Fuscia one is on my wish list. Have so many jackets to wear though... Hardly even had the weather for the DDUGOFF jacket yet. Speaking of, the corduroy patches on the Phillip jacket are so soft. The Martin bomber must be pretty fantastic made up completely in it.
@Ragechester shape on those boots is really good. I know I personally couldn't swing snake skin boots, though.
Oh, I'd assumed it was this jacket: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/new-items/beige-brown-large-prince-of-wales-tweed-sport-coat-15-16-oz-wool.html
Shades the beak too, and protects the jug handles, and cetera and what not.
@accordion Like that sweater, the fuzz and the colors, and way you rolled cuffs.
It will be done.
Got the grey flannel Fox Bros. newsboy cap in. I ordered the 59cm and fit is great. Snug, but not tight. For sizing info, I'm typically a 7 3/8 for fitted hats and head measures pretty much exactly 59cm, so I'd say these fit TTS for the metric measurement. Really wonderful hat too. I'd been on the lookout for a newsboy hat and the intersection of NMWA and Fox Flannel fit the bill perfectly. Now I notice there are other colors...
@LoKey Fit looks great on that shirt. Brown weft denim is nice. @NewYorkIslander Love those four pocket chore shirts. And the Huston Textile hook up sounds perfected. Seen their stuff in IM and would love to have a YH piece in their fabric.
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