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I sent in some shoes for a repair and it took at least three weeks as I recall.
So... if we go with our standard IM size, we'll get something that fits a bit larger/longer, yes? Seems to sound about right for a tunic.
Oh, well ok then. I was hoping to be a rebel and be like WELL I'M GOING TO ORDER IT ANYWAY I DON"T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS.I'll look forward to seeing the tunic measurements. I like the idea of a linen IM that falls straight at the hem and sleeve cuffs...
I assume it's asteroid dust he never gets the chance to wash out.
Nope, noticing this too across three different browsers. Site usually loads as quick as a wink.On another note, this is nice:
If I order orange, am I going to get a sharply worded note from you?
We have a lot of questions.
Is 241 going to turn out pretty orange? Not at all orange? Some other color? Are any of these a dark green? Doesn't look like it...
@Cotton Dockers My goodness that is a nice jacket.
Tunic sweater?
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