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I like the shirt @colabear
And speaking of... Guatemalan jacquard and military twill Rudy's with natural veg tanned belt
Lovely shirt @upr_crust. I like the shade of those socks too.
@el Bert hat is definitely rad. And what is the jacket please?
Great jacket! I sizes up one as I recall. And that's trim/cropped on me. I like the fit.
I'm in. You had me at "horsehide," Mike. Also wearers of small Guatemalan jacquard... My wife is getting one of your shirts...
Yes. Want to see the bow ties! Have my eye on one or two...
Wait a minute. What's Regis doing with his weekend bag? It's only Wednesday...
Beautiful photos! I was just thinking to myself the other day how the camp mocs read more gray-brown in certain light.
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