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What they said, That is excellent @el Bert.
This nice shirt is the sale section too Pindot chambray is another good one. Wore it yesterday.
This sounds like an excellent design. Hope it turns out well for you.The fabric looks perfect. Kudos to @luxire for sourcing it.
@7_rocket Looking good!
This is really good.Are you two about to go find the fellow who took your socks and give him a good talking to?Joking.Excellent photo.
This is fun.
Oh yes, this does look nice!
@Isolation this is the kind of thing that won't work until, suddenly, it does. So if it is something you want to commit to for a while, then just keep at it and see where it goes for you. No guarantee that you find the right version that suits you and receives critical acclaim both, but you don't know until you've tried.
Those do look good very good. We can keep it secret, but not so secret that Ed can't become the Buday King of New York. He'll get all the best tables and such.
Well, I'm not familar with it either. I feel as if I have brown CXL from Rancourt that's the same color inside and out (unlined) would have to go look at it. But maybe this is why we tend to see natty CXL used when we see a CXL roughout.Anyway, a very nice hypothetical conversation to be having.
New Posts  All Forums: