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And the photo of the shop (which may or may not be an actual physical store associated with the site) is about as un-Ivy as I can possibly imagine. I guess it does specify "contemporary Ivy." Shrug.
For cotton trousers, does Eidos (Sal) 50 = Rota 50?
Easy... just wash the denim. Sounds like there may be another round, though.
I like that Epaulet Signature PurpleTM is going to be a color choice. First guy to rock these things in Purple Haze wins.
Mikeeyyyyyyy. That. is. a. lot. of. rise. It's going to be hard to choose among those four fabrics.
Two nice looking pairs of boots and you really get some wear on them.
Thanks. Tellason Sheffields 16oz.Is that the washed cashmere stole? Oooffa!
@kwhitelaw are those horsehide or the unicorn shell cordovan?
A shade under 6"1'. I'm generally a US40 and I think I typically wear shirts with a chest between 21.5" or 22.5", depending on how fitted the cut is.Now you are a bit taller than I am I think, but you may still be on to something thinking the XL will be too large. I say that because looking at the measurements for this season online, I'd pick an XL if I didn't know anything about the fit. Shirt in L I'm wearing is from last year, so maybe fit changed? Don't think so...
Yes. I'm wearing L.Funny, I might have missed it in so much awesomeness, but I don't feel as if Port Flannel featured much yesterday's contest.
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