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You don't and they are! I only really have call for a tie a half dozen times a year at most. Which isn't to say that I don't have a few... Including the NMWA P-I heavyweight indigo silk from last year. . It is lovely
@ComfortablyDumb Ties look great!
That shirt looks great Rob! Are the buttons metal? Great use of the Yellowhook yellow though out.
@Gerry Nelson is the coat Kapital?
Speaking of boots is there a chance of a photo of Neil's Van Cleefs with some wear on them?
Horse boots sound good. Will keep an eye out for those. Kudu suede will be a great makeup as well. That stuff is both tough and soft.
I've got both and I'd say Budays are far more comfortable than Carmina. I feel a difference.$475 is a really good price for shoes the quality of Budays.Whichever brand you go with be as sure as you can about sizing and how the last fits.
I wouldn't choose the white wedge but it isn't a bad sole. RLH is a great choice. If you are going to put a lot of wear on them though skip the upcharge, wear out the stock sole and then get RLH for your resole! That dark olive CXL is nice IMO. Strong argument for suede too. Either the shoe or the boot works for Fall. Shoe would be easily worn with shorts in summer too if that's a consideration.
@Mr. Six that's extraordinary good.
I do like those boots.
New Posts  All Forums: