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Rudys and Barena
Hmmm... had to Google both those things that I may some day wear. I do appreciate that the lead category on the Devoa Website is "Concept" I think I have the ghostly pallor down... In the meantime LBM/Barena/Seawall/Epaulet/Attila
I felt as if I wasn't spending enough time on the Internet.
@gdl203 any news on Post Imperial (hi @Tirailleur1) and NMWA? Is this still in the works? A SS thing or an AW thing? Will there be shawls? And speaking of shawls, will there be more Suzusan forthcoming? I know I should just buy one of the shawls that's on the site now, right?
Um, where to kop party hat pig shirt...?
Well, that's true.Just because you can doesn't mean anyone else is going to think it looks good.That being said, I think that collar on the pinpoint above is exaggerated a little by the angle of the shot. It probably isn't that outrageous.
Well, I think smaller collars have been pretty common, at least in relatively casual shirts, recently. For me, then, I like that I can come to Luxire and get the big collar I like on a more casually styled shirt. Oh, and then also get the collar softness I want.What's the tagline... Wear Your Style?
Well, since I've turned this into the crepe sole thread (admins are starting a new Epaulet thread... stay tuned for the link), I'll say that I don't find wet surface traction to be an issue with the crepe and natural rubber soles I have. In fact I have one pair of winter boots with a crepe sole that I've worn pretty extensively in foul weather and have never had an an issue. And that I do not drink Kool-Aid.Anyway...
@KongGeorgeVII will also say that I like the jacket (I like how the quarters sweep away at the bottom and that material) as well as how it all works with the tunic(?) underneath. I'm working up the courage for tunics. I even have one. @Cotton Dockers Patchwork shirt!
New Posts  All Forums: