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I love that second photo though I can't quite tell what's hanging out of the jacket breast pocket looking at it on my phone...
Texture looks fantastic on those. Did not look at them at first. Will like to see what else you got in your big box. 👌
It's a very nice drop and helpfully presented here in the forum too.Speaking of oxfords I've been wearing this one around a bit and it's a really nice fabric. Good weight, soft, no shrinking with a cold wash and drip dry.These oxfords present quite a value.http://luxire.com/products/light-blue-university-stripes-on-white
Sure I'm interested too...
Looks as if it is a ploy to make you given them your email...
You know, I'm not sure tonic is allowed anywhere near the gin when you've gone the full madras.
Well, you can't go wrong with that as separates. And you seldom have the opportunity to buy a full suit in madras, so why not?
Yes you did.
These look really good. And a nice makeup that we don't see much of here.Thanks for posting the photos.
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