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Command performance (@sacafotos) Formosa navy washed linen [[SPOILER]]
I'd say 9D.
Hi Luxire! Are these fabrics stocked in house or will you order them?Specifically:http://custom.luxire.com/collections/linen_may_2016/products/cotton-linen-blue-pencil-stripes-on-green-gov_541403_bthttp://custom.luxire.com/collections/linen_may_2016/products/linen-ink-blue-white-hairline-stripes-gov_531785_37_stripes
I like this. Trousers have a nice rise and cut. What color is the shirt though? In the photo it looks like it's too close of a match to the trousers.
Yes! Formosa gang looking good.
My tailor only ever marks one and he seems to get the job done.
@BradM Dayton Boots. Maybe their service boots will be what you are looking for. Truman Boots is another option. Oak Street or New England Outerwear? I don't have personal experience with those however.
Sorry for the late reply, but even with the stretch of CXL I wouldn't knowingly order shoes too short. That's my personal thought. Perhaps consider a leather with less stretch like bulldog or a suede. Then you don't have to in to account.
Wear a soft collar and then the whole thing can look like a mess! Or listen to AAS...
I like the looks of this Wesco collab. This is a good direction and hope its a sign of more to come.
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