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$700 for the NMWA
OS!And look at that tie! I like it.
Thanks! Yup, I like them a lot. I'm a big fan of textured leather and this is something really unique, even more so than some other bison leathers I've seen that have a finer grain. I think Rancourt calls this Tucson Bison, whatever that indicates about it being something a little different.And again, every indication is that this leather is tough as heck. Suppose it ought to be if it's original purpose is protecting a bison while it lives on the plains...
Wow. Color/texture shows really nicely in that second photo.
Well, the bison is till plenty casual IMO.Here's my best effort at a neutral color representation. Turns out having some red undertones in these photos.Peanut does seem a little red to me. I'm not sure about it at all. Would have to see it in person, I think.
A-1 Tailor on Dempster Ave.They've done a good job for me. Nothing too complicated, but they have taken in the body on a jacket or two and they shortened the sleeves on my Formosa jacket. They are definitely a full fledged tailor, not a cleaners with a sewing machine.
Shirt looks nice too. Very clean without the placket and pocket. I like that fabric.
Yes, definitely very lightweight. Probably ideal for SoCal I'd think.More of a causal intermediate layer or Fall/Spring piece for colder climes.I got the cadet blue and it is a nice shade, exactly as described by badsha.Not sure why I didn't pay attention to it when it launched. The sale price is very nice, but it's a good value at the original price too.The quilted wool fabric would make for an interesting Doyle...
Thanks. Meant to thumb your Valway post, but it's way back there in the thread now with all the conversation. It's a beauty makeup. Glad to hear your foray into the R last is a positive one so far. I think it's a really nice shape from Vass.
Oblivious question time: Kevlar is for protection while riding a motorcycle?
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