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I'm a shade over 6' and tried a Eidos 52L because NMWA had it in stock. I felt like it was too long for me, e.g. coat skirts hung a little lower than I liked and button point was a shade lower than I though worked for me. That's compared to a Formosa 50R.Agree with Greg that there's an element of subjectivity here.If/when I get in on this preorder it will be as a 52R.
Oh chunky linen houndstooth. I ❤️ you. I'm not sure I followed the text above properly but is it possible to order a full suit in that fabric? And if so is that totally crazy?
@fairlynerdy Great looking shoes. Chelseas, right? Where did you get them? @bienluienapris Looks great. Love the trousers and the jacket.
Saw the Matsuoka project on Instagram. The algorithm recommend it based on other posters of sewing machines that I follow. Denim Bruin sounds like some fun. Will look forward to seeing some photos.
I went with the XL as a 40ish chest and 18.5 in shoulder. Fits well or a little on the large side will work for me.
Pretty positive the my will only resold a boat shoe sole with another boat shoe sole. I believe that's stated in the resole options.
Sale purchase report. Finally did buy this: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/indigo-dyed-cotton-crewneck-sweater.html
You can stop in at Bow Truss coffee if you make it to Meyvn. They have cold brew on nitro draught there.
Same here.
Saw this on the H Stockton Instagram: Would love to see this in a heavyweight corduroy. Would have a very old school hunting coat feel to it.
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