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Hmmm... Iron Wiener...?Just wanted to be in first with that one.
Oxblood horsehide trainers
Someday I will have a sort of robe/coat thing made with a blanket. Question is do I dare go full PNW fur trapper historic reenactment or something more moderate. Time will tell.Great stuff lately by the way TFT. Nice to see posts in the SW&D thread too.
Whatever is in that second photo is nice.
I was out this morning in 20 degree overcast blowing snow Chicagoland in my NR Moscow. Had on a button down and lightish wool sweater underneath (hat, gloves, weather appropriate socks and shoes, etc. No scarf, see infra.), middle two buttons done on the coat and I was HOT by the time I got where I was going after 15 minutes. Like a good shvitz hot. What's that all about???? Is that the global warming? I would also like to say how much sense big, turn-up shearling...
@gnatty8 I like those black boots. Where are they from? @Cotton Dockers +1 for O'Connells!
Rancourt offers what they call Color 8 in Horween CXL: http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/men-s/loafers/penny-loafers/pinch-penny-loafers.html Third color choice in the menu. May not be what people have in mind though.
How did you go about getting the shells? Right from the tannery or through another vendor?
Lovely coat. Is it the Tri-p?
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