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Maybe I'm misunderstanding. I'm assuming that there's a soft toe, without any structure to it other than the vamp and lining leathers and possibly the toe cap if chosen. Then I'm assuming that there's a structured toe that uses either the composite or steel to to reinforce the toe box. I will freely admit that I'm not viewing White's as work boots personally, so I wouldn't choose the steel toe, but the composite toe should give a much different look to the boot. Again,...
So then 4811 with the composite toe will give the best bubble toe look.
I think you'll do well with it.
They call it flint Kudu, don't they? I always read that as meaning gray To me it's a definite gray tone with maybe some brown or green in it depending on the light.I have definitely seen more certainly brown colors of it. Stuff more in the snuff tone range.
@Scott A I'll third the Kudu. Super soft, super durable, great unlined and cool wearing. I've got camp mocs in it. All that being said I think the reason why mine are cool wearing is that the unlined Kudu doesn't seem to last too tightly. It's not so much that they've stretch, but that my standard size in this pair fits much looser than other leathers. Which is in all a good thing IMO for wearing them in the summer without socks. I think any really tightly fitted pair of...
Is that made out... of... paper... ?
This is my problem with it. I know that if I get one, I will render several other pieces of outerwear superfluous...Sort of what the Moscow coat has done for longer outerwear.
I think ErikW's "spectacular" is about right. Very soft. Some of the nicest corduroy I've handled.Ouch! Hope you heal quickly and well. The trousers will there...
Not worried about making them sleek... ;-)I like them.
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