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@bry2000 I meant it to be a good humored whooaa, reflecting the fact that he's using what I believe is pi to arrive at hat sizes. It's like magic.
Whoooa...Edited to make it clear that I'm duly impressed with the math and science bkotsko is dropping...Will include a smiley face for full good-humor:
Got my navy moleskin Taylor MTOs in this morning. The moleskin is like velvet. Very nice!
Very nice. That's their classic Austro-Hungarian last I take it? Looks really good.
I really like that Preemo. Like that fit photo setting too.
I cannot condone flip flops.
Geez that's a hard turn.
Love that. I'm right there with you. We get way too caught up in details that help us rationalize a purchase or that we want in order to impress a small group of fellow aficionados, when in the big picture most of the world does not care about our boots and will hardly even notice them. Wear them and enjoy them, and at the end of the day that's what you do.Edit: And I do get the frustration of paying money and not getting what you ordered, but it sounds like Mike has...
Oh, I'd wear them too. I do like that white version.
It's even kind of Franken-penny too, with the split toe. Maybe Guidi will partner with my favorite Made in Maine brand next.
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