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Those are some really impressive boots. I like these as well: And I like the beige color and texture of the shaft on these: GMTO? That would be pretty hilarious. Considering all of the options I think it is a statistically vanishing probability that we'd ever settled on one makeup. @edmorel What's the ballpark pricing on the boots?
Wow. That's a really sharp look overall @bkotsko. Jacket goes well with the fades on those jeans. I like those black sneakers seeing them on DonL and now rydenfan.
I bought the tomato in 34, which is my standard trouser size for a 35ish inch waist. It fits on the big side, so you might not need to size up. I am going to dry them to see if they shrink a little but I doubt they will considering the fabric. I can measure the waist of the 34 and post later if that's helpful.
This is another good game. I'll play. Tomorrow when I can post some photos from the archives easily. I may break the rules and pick one thing from FW and one from SS. Well just see.
Agree that it's breathable. It's a pretty open weave. You can see sunlight through it when you hold it up and it wears pretty cool.Not sure if it's June Mediterranean midday sun cool, but then that's probably mostly beach/pool attire weather anyway. Should work at other cooler times of the day, I'd think, particularly with a gentle sea breeze. And I want to go to Monte Carlo and Rome (and presumably various points of the Cinque Terre or Corsica or wherever in between...?)...
Machine washed and drip dry mine.
They are indeed the ones I had my eye on. Now sold out in my size. Next time.
Mine were beef roll handsewns with leather sole.
I wouldn't have been surprised if you'd actually gone tritone... :-) and take that as a compliment. You get the shoes you want and they look good. Though three pairs is obviously pretty baller in its own right.Well not sure but I had the local cobbler replace the heels on my beefrolls. The dovetail actually wore out pretty quickly. These are the ones that have since been resoled, but I recall that he took the outermost layer of the sole off and but new leather and new...
New Posts  All Forums: