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That's all looking really good. I think the GMTOs and these distinctive leathers are really going to be where it's at. Yes, the semi-exotics, but even more so things like Saffiano and that calf with different colors available, and a choice of colors of suede. There's a lot of value in being able to pick a leather and color that fits what we need, rather than looking at a perpetual stock selection and wondering if we need another brown/black/snuff suede/etc. shoe/boot. I...
I'll be interested to see preorder details as well.
In for the OldBlues. Didn't think I'd go with 19oz denim and unsure if the wisdom of doing so when the weather should be getting warmer, but I'll figure that out as I go.
But not the burgundy long canvas jacket though. Sniff. I am getting good use out of that one.
@psydle I really like that.
Kids heirloom duly noted. My kid actually asked if he could have one like mine last time I wore it and I was like, "Yes. Yes you can." Got to pass the colors up the chain of command and see what flys (am I mixing metaphors here?). But I think I got to go with wooden buttons for the guy so it'll be the pullover..
Neil is currently hard at work seeing in what manifestation a pair of Van Cleefs will work out for me. And if he's not working on that right now, some one tell him to get back on it... Really he's been super helpful and responsive to my questions. On another topic: Old Blue Denim So these are unsanforized (pretty much un-everything as I read it). For a 35ish measured waist and a tendency to wash things, at least eventually, sizing to a 36 seems to make sense. They...
@gerry nelson An A1 fit.
Yes, let's talk about these Wesco boots! So I didn't quite pay attention to the most recent email announcing the Van Cleef, but boy should I have. Any thoughts on what color the natural veg-tan will age to? I have a pair of boots in Horween natural Essex and it seems to go to a reddish color. Is that what we'll expect here or should it go more brown? Also: What's the order deadline on these Wesco collabs? I can't seem to find that in the details. I'm allowed to order...
New Posts  All Forums: