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Really well. They are built solidly and comfortably. Waxed flesh is awesome.Sure. Stay tuned.
Brown waxed flesh
Also... Aloha, shirt!
That belt is really excellent. Good choice.Also, Mike, please continue bringing in the loop wheel tees in various colors for ever. Those things are so soft and substantial and, like all the other tees from EP, keep their shape really no matter what.
Very nice! I would definitely like to see more photos. Maybe from the side so we can see how the different design looks in the Kudu and I'd love to see more of the cricket sole too.Enjoy!
It is not a sin. Tuck it in.
Very nice. Rough out is CXL? Like that contrasting tongue.
Thanks all! Yes, tan Carnet. Not yellow at all to my eye and it is a very very nice piece of work. The P-I tie is stunning. Yes, I suppose it is a little on the narrow side. And the Formosa has real lapels, but I don't know, doesn't matter to me. I've had my eye on this tie all spring...
Formosa Inglese Post-Imperial
@deadAngle love those front pockets. What denim did you use?
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