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Looking at @An Acute Style's fit just above on a decent sized screen and I totally missed the horizontal seersucker in the first photo and the seersucker and checks in the second. Like 'em both.
11D Barrie. Foot's a little on the wide side.Tried a couple of pairs of bucks this summer from O'Connells and Walkover and couldn't get the length/width that worked.
Meyvn does have those boots. Nice shop and nice guys. And they are having a Labor Day sale if you check their Instagram.Edit: I really do have to figure out a pair of white bucks for myself.
@Darkside @SteveL91 Fit pic of you haven't seen it already: http://www.styleforum.net/t/111211/epaulet-shop-official-affiliate-thread/48540#post_8194032 And to the question of warmth I'd say the moleskin is warm but not to 20 degrees. Maybe down to the 50s. But I can layer a substantial sweater under mine (e.g. EP heirloom) and then you are pretty much in business.
Rob: That Tony Polo stripe denim shirt. I see it's only available in size 4. Are you wearing the size 4 in the product photo? Think it will work for me as an Epaulet XL? Or be too big?All the shirts look great.
I hear you. Wrong fit is no fun.Not that you really want to get into this, but I believe Rancourt can last the shoe down to a smaller size during a resole.
Also, slightly too big you can work with. Slightly too small you can't. I think you'll be fine.
Speaking of horsehide, Standard & Strange is going to have two stock models coming soon (I think): reverse Kudu and horse hide with a rough out toe cap and heel counter.
Got the email about these shirts. Looking forward to the drop. Some interesting pockets.
Solid choice. Will look forward to photos.
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