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Oh, and as you get older your shoe size can change. Or so I hear.
@budapest12 I'd wonder if the sleeves wouldn't be too long if you go up to the L. Looks like there might be a little bit of button pull at the bottom button, but that may just be the photo. And I'll say that the Moscow doesn't really need layering. It is seriously warm as constructed. So that sweater is about as much as you'll want to wear under it I think.
Oh man Rob. Saw the ankle news on instagram. Take good care of yourself and heal quickly! And I am in for be Leonardo Barber Shirt. Without hesitation!
... Double post.
OK. Finally in for some YH OCBDs. Picked up the pink and the blue stripe. Should be classics I'm guessing. And Rob: How are those barber shirts (OK, I think you call them utility shirts maybe, but they look like something by old barber Frank would have worn and the best possible way) with the Houston Textile chambray coming along. Pretty sure those are an instakop for me.
But it is getting to be "Oh man, I posted right after @wigglr... "Speaking of sunglasses, have I said how nicely the Lesca Picas I bought have worked out? Lovely lovely glasses. Lightweight, fit so comfortably that I don't know i have them on.And so nice that I've decided I need a pair of the Bronsons from the new collection:Very excited about these. I mean beyond getting my Charles Bronson on finally.
No dog. Though maybe I could get a rabbit in the photo, but I think they are all inside.
DDUGOFF Phillip jacket
Will have to post a current fit photo of the DDUGOFF quilt jacket. I have had several people comment on it. Primarily what I would categorize as ladies who likely quilt. I.e., they recognize good work when they see it. It's also quite warm and easy to layer underneath.
That is epic.
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