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@JR Magat Dominican hot was what I was wondering about! Thanks!
Any opinions here on how cool the Stormcloud Wool-Silk-Linen wears? Is it a summer weight fabric or is it more spring/fall?
I for one will pitch my tabernacle amid the smiling meadows with the hermit's disgust and earn my repose there.
Those are beauties!
@ZheNewYork @mc2k Thanks gents!
Beautiful shirt and nice combination!
@scottcw I wear the same number size in Rancourts and Barrie (11), but I need an E in Rancourt vs. a D in Barrie. Not sure I'm entirely typical though.
Well I'm glad I didn't post my cruise wear then. Not at all certain that it would be Spacepope approved. Or even Falsepope approved.
Latest effort at larger than typical trousers. [[SPOILER]]
Crosshatch Kamigata and Individualized popover. EPLA Henley no viz.
New Posts  All Forums: