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Are you able to use their Made to Fit program? That could still prove tricky since it won't really tell you how the shoes will fit after they stretch, but you could order 10.5 and 11 and see if the 10.5 is clearly too small.
Yup. That full strap loafer is nice too. Both that and the pinch penny offer a pleasantly low profile compared to the beefroll. Just different animals is all.
Either one sounds good. They have sine nice MTO suede rangers on RLH.I'd like a suede pinch penny on RLH or boat sole. Fortunately that's not in the Custom selection...
Fairly broad shoulders here too and a 40 is feeling pretty good after two days of wear. Hope it works out for you@rydenfan. Doyle does look good on @leftofthedial, though. Matt: What's your impression of the Doyle, compared to the jacket of yours (right?) that was the inspiration? I assume everything came out as expected? I'd be interested to see a photo of the inspiration jacket to compare to the one of you in the Doyle, if that's possible. One thing I find interesting...
Well, feel better first and foremost, Greg. I'm sure we can all be patient for some nice shirts and trousers and such. It''s pretty clear that any wait will be worth it.
I'm looking forward to swapping out the leather soles on my Beefrolls too. Maybe at the end of the summer. I might go with RLH. We'll see.
Well, I suppose it isn't killing us any faster than many other things then...Unless my wife smells the cigar, in which case it could in fact prove to be very dangerous. This is where @PatrickR's 1200g Fox Flannel stab-proof Valstar MTO comes in. Will that be part of the Trunk Show BTW?
That's it! But don't smoke. It's no good.
And is it me or has the whole editing window icon menu changed? I'm now the guy who says "I was going to post a Like A Boss gif, but I can't figure out how." I can't... And it was going to be Pinocchio smoking a cigar too. You'll just have to find it yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: