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I've done an MTO with Ed and it went very very smoothly.
The suede oxfords don't look silly to me either. I'm of the same mind as you @Chulillo Terrific shirt @black_umbrella. Details?
I like the pants. Yes, maybe hem but still so you can roll I think.Trying that out myself.(From the other day.)
^because we'll buy anything that's indigo and who buys purple shoes?!? Enjoy and post a photo as part of a fit if you can. It would be good to see how these look worn.
Oh dang. That's pretty.
While I can't recommend the Frakno last enough and think Ed is doing us all a favor featuring it, I'd also say that Buday is likely just fine without any Ugolini lasts.
@Puffsan those look great. Hope they do come to fit comfortably with a little wear. The blue has a very marked purple cast to it in my phone screen. It's kind of cool. Is it more true blue in real life?
Shoot @King Calder I'd have said you're looking pretty coooool in that photo. Fabric edges on that jacket take it to next level.
This is nice. Looks like I managed to join team beige bomber too.A few years back I visited with some friends and they had recently purchased a cream or gray or something light colored like that suede sofa. My first thought was "no way I'm sitting on that." And that was before I began wearing things that dye other things blue/black and that my wife follows me around pointing out what I've dyed most recently.
I like the shirt @colabear
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