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Looked this up myself and there's another opinion (sort of a review of the review) and the woman who wrote it is having none of the movie. Sounds pretty awful the way she describes it.
Cougars are supposed to be on the Northwest last by definition I think.
Yup.Funny enough I did just buy a pair of Farmer Ranchers in black dress from whites river and they are blacked out (on Vibram mini-lug) except for the white stitchdown thread. I got them to try out size 10.5EE compared to 11E. They seem to fit well and are keepers.I like the all black and I doubt I ever would have gone that route on a custom build. Have zero black shoes or boots otherwise, so it's an interesting departure for me.
In re. @WBaker's jumpsuit fits: I feel as if there's some kinship between coveralls/jumpsuits (they're the same thing right?) and overalls at least formally. Cultural context is too different though? I keep feeling like overalls but can't quite figure it out.
Interesting. I'd like to read more about this. Can you point me to a reference?
Like those FRs. Crepe sole is interesting for sure and I like the brown midsole.
Any advice on how the Frank Leder Deutschleder coat fits? Seems to measure on the small side. Wondering if I'm a L or even an XL in it.
I say fleece or moleskin. The boro seems like an afterthought on that coat, and i'm not a fan of that red piping down the front. They've put a red waist band detail on some of their denim too and I don't get it. Of course the odds of "getting" much or even some of what Kapital does are slim indeed. I'd pick up a pair of their Happy Denim if anyone can point me to where. Might even do those overalls... Ring coats are nice, so whichever you pick should be good.
Twinsies!It's a really great shirt. Lots on interesting details like the fringe, and a nice relaxed fit. Just saying...
I would like to see chili included in the trip (BBQ's a little over isn't it? Not saying it isn't delicious, but if we haven't found every single best BBQ by now, I just don't know then.) Boot maker's Instagram suggests they are partial to mezcal so let's throw that in as well. And would like Synthese to take the bus to and from the airport. I think this is coming together nicely.
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