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Been getting the same the last few days also on the mobile...
My personal opinion is that the shell shortage pertains primarily to shoemakers that only want to put out a full run of a model (you know, xyz number of pairs in a range of sizes). Rancourt primarily does shell as single MTOs, so they don't need to have a big pile of them to make it work. They also dye their colors (except for the burgundy and black I imagine) in house, so they aren't waiting on a supply of espresso or green or whatever to become available from Horween....
No spoiler since it seems as if Heldentenor was clearly the fit model Mike use to create this shape. That thing fits you perfectly.
This makes it clear that Stitchy is having one pair of shoes made to fit inside the other pair of shoes and he will wear both at the same time.Speedy recovery to you Greg.
Yup, that ought to work in the waist for you. Same sizing for me. You might even end up having the waist taken in a little. My natural waist seems to be about a 35 or so and the 34 Walts fit well.That hopsack should be really nice.
Rob. Don't make just one of those Lamas. Please.
Red Blue flannel twill is nice and heavy. Doesn't really have that brushed surface, but seriously solid fabric. I like it.http://custom.luxire.com/products/red-blue-tartan-flannelAnd I have to say I am inordinately excited about this white shirt I ordered. I don't usually buy white shirts but this fabric is just too intriguing to pass up.
And I knew that without Balkan and Peking at an atlas.
No. Hollondaise.
A street tough who is quite reasonably concerned about getting a pull in the knit liner of his Belgian coat.I think that automatically elevates him to street boss.
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