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Went racing green flannel already... so hopefully I don't want everything that goes up to day... And TO Tie Guy: That Flickr photo stream is ridiculous. Everyone will be doing themselves a favor to take a peek.
Cloudscape Kamigata
Thems big pents. Mazzarelli:
Got it. I do see that one of the photos for the link you provided shows a washed version.Appreciate the explanation
ammanati Blue denim shirt looks great. Link seems to be to a darker fabric though. Am I missing something? Might want to order in the same fabric.
See, this is what I mean. Block us all and miss this kind of fine talk and colloquy? Zissou is clearly shaking his head and thanking his lucky stars that he didn't act in haste. Now for anyone who sees this thread percolating at the top of the list on the home page and thinks, gee, that looks lively, I wonder what they are talking about... New Eidos offerings? A can't Schneider reissue? The next Formosa GMTO? Well...
But then what about all the clever banter and the general bonhomie of the thread?All you want to do is kop? Oh dear, the way we live now indeed.
Shoot. C'mon. Now I need this black.
Traction is good in my experience. Since mine are loafers, they don't get worn in maybe the same kinds of conditions you'd wear a Ranger (i.e., not doing any trail walking or light hiking in them), but around town on wet surfaces etc. they are great.
Thanks.I'm pretty fully stocked on the slim/tapered look and likely to end up with more of that too, so I thought I'd go a different direction for some variety.These end up giving me a different kind of retro vibe. Sort of a relaxed 1940s/50s thing maybe instead of 1960s (?) for the slim/tapered. Maybe they're just custom made Bill's Khakis? And good point about the frog pockets. Agree that they are better for a casual pair.
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