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"Why Not Wear your Kamigata every day!"™That looks like a really nice fit on you and shoe pairing looks good too.
I like the brown/blue check with the moss ducks. Very nice.
Kamigata and Walts I'm just a tweed jacket and Barbour away from having sufficient #menswear layering. So close... The fabric on this Kamigata is really very nice. Aside from the cool pattern (I'm going to officially rename mine cloudscape Kamigate), it's a loose, textured, open weave with a really unique hand. Not really very denim-like at all.
Lebron has reconsidered and is now joining NMWA. Coincidentally, Greg has announced he will be carrying TS(s) and Niche to XXXXXL and Formosa in 64L.
I assumed he was kidding. Boots look very nice to me.
Summer polar vortex FTW...
Indigo French terry sweatshirt, EP madras, and chambray Rivet chinos:
I'm working under the assumption that my first impressions of the quality of construction and materials will hold true over the long run, but If that's the case then not bad at all, I'd say.Direct price from Vass comes in cheaper, but I assume Vass is a much bigger shop than Attila (even if both are comparatively small), and so has some economies of scale that Attila doesn't.Attila certainly has a wide array of lasts and leathers to choose from.Edit: Also, note that...
My total was 570 Euros, shipped.
Shouldn't stretch as much as CXL. What color did you get?
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