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IDK yet. Hasn't been consistently hot here. Also, I would never have picked this Vibram sole for anything, but I like it now that I have it.
It's sort of like a treasure hunt. To keep things interesting, you know?What fairlynerdy refers to is seen at the bottom of the photo below.They are awesome. The chromepac is crazy heavy with some very interesting pull-up to it. But not at all uncomfortable. [[SPOILER]] We'll see how long it takes to break in. The weight of the leather makes for some impressive gaps at the sides, but not a worry for me based on the style.
tUnE-yArDs. Yes, I see. This is good to know about.
+many to that part in bold.Agree that bandcamp is good. I may have bought your album from there... Bizness has a great west African feel to it. Magic hour is great. All the songs are good.Do keep us informed please.
Mostly Epaulet
Sig worthy.
Doyle/washed chambray pindot/military twill Rudys
Hmmm... that's too bad. Seems like a nice design overall, but particularly with a leather like Essex that you are going to get a personalized patina on it would be nice to be able to hang on to them longer than one sole lasts.
It's pretty soft, but doesn't stretch much. I wouldn't worry about accounting for stretch.Another great RLH sole addition from that new TS makeup. Looks pretty cool.
I just ordered a hat! Replica of a bucket hat that somehow has become too small for me... (my head is getting bigger? the hat got wet and shrank?)(I'll let Luxire give pricing)Just supplied some photos and a few measurements.Was kind of fun deciding which fabric to use.Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.I have a very nice Luxire package that's going to make it's way to me once everything is finished.
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