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Some stuff on sale now, including many of the casual shirts, those Vetra jackst, and a bunch of really nice looking sport coats. I've got some shirts in my basket and an rationalizing how many I can actually buy...
@leftofthedial I see that the fit on the Stenstroms shirts is listed as "contemporary fit," so I'd choose the same sizing as the H Stockton contemporary fit?
I think I am making an exercise in positive thinking.
@onitaps I love the setting for that fit. @pili what fabric is the jacket?
You make a good point Chulillo. I guess I was going for really casual and so left the belt out. This trousers give me a bit of a sailing ducks vibe. So I was maybe picturing myself on that sailboat...
H Stockton linen popover/Old Town/Res Ipsa
So here is that shirt live: @leftofthedial recommended size medium, which worked out nicely for me. Shoulders are right and sleeve length is good. Body is a moderately full cut without darts. I like the length. Quite long actually. Great for tucking and will work for me untucked in a sort of flowing way I think. I'll wear it untucked certainly. Linen fabric is terrific. Light and crisp and after a cold wash and hang dry surprisingly unwrinkled. Also, there's that...
Isle say that's pretty fair.
Nooooooo Save me some money anyway
But don't buy the XXL from NMWA.
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