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@MaiLam Those are very nice.
Do you mean models as in full brogue, NST, plain toe, etc? As opposed to lasts that is. Not sure there's much to do other than shift through their site to get an idea of the different models. Or google image search.If you have somethings particularly in mind and want to know if they can make it, email the specs to Ed and he'll let you know. That's assuming you are planning on buying from him.
For buckles I prefer a single monk. Not so much so that I own one, but it's what I would buy. Don't have a helpful suggestion for one off the top of my head. Those double monks look good however. Much better choice than the other shoes.
Those seem a little bit of a mish-mosh to me, though I do like split toes. A whole cut does seem like a good option.
In for chunky houndstooth linen Eidos preorder.
This is really great. Color really does look beautiful and it's a nice fit for you.
I really like them. They're pretty understated for today's denim world. Fabric and details are all super though.I went with the tagged size that most closely matched my actual measured waist. Started slightly snug and have stretch to be comfortable.
Ha, I think you've worn yours a bit more. Looking forward to seeing what you came up with for the new style!
Ooe Yofukuten collab jeans
Speaking of footwear: Rancourt Kudu mocs
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