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All interesting stuff. We don't see that kind of look a lot in the fit pics here (maybe except for you Kyle).And I hadn't even noticed that Geller knit before. If I got that I could wear it with the OS multitweed from last year and have a battle of the color blocks.
Charred forest FTW, by the way DonL.
Well, it may not be in the cards, but we don't know until we ask.Maybe we can get SF to put it on the front page...
Yes, tell us. I need to go with a cargo too. And moleskin is a favorite of mine for sure.
Moleskin Walts, loopwheel tee, and Carmina Jumpers
Portuguese Flannel
Seems like I'm seeing this Italian horsehide around places. Maybe not this exact one of course.Agree, handsewn boot would be excellent. I also think it would make a great venetian.Would you be willing to give your friends at Rancourt a call and float the idea of at least looking into sourcing the hide?If that's possible then we can work out details from there.
I think that's a cool photo of the Juncus.
@Epaulet Mike: What's the weight of the solid English lambswool flannels like? Same as the Italian flannels? Heavier?
Waiting for the Niche frenzy.
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