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I see what you mean, but looks good as is IMO.
Contrasting tassels? Nice!
Team green! Looking great @Newcomer!
I can see the seam now! I can see it! I looked really hard and I found it. Seriously, I think NMWA's photography is really excellent. But @RogerP takes a pretty nice photo too, and the man has taste. Seriously.
Thanks. It's the green Stephan Schneider Merino coat that Greg got reissued. I picked it up as a preorder this past spring (?) and it just came in this morning.
Thanks gents. I'll look forward to wearing it in actual outerwear weather. And yes, @DeSense, this is a V (at least that's what the packing slip says and that's what I ordered... I didn't look at the tag). Fit feels as though it ought to work out really nicely for winter wear.
Ticking stripe Walts and Madras
So here you go. The cloudy weather's not actually that off, it's the ticking strip trousers and Madras shirt that probably don't fit the look. Fabric, no surprise is pretty fantastic. I'm glad I am on team green. I think it will help me cultivate my Tyrolean look.
That sounds about right. It's one of those things that's a little different from what I'd normally choose, so I probably just need to take the plunge. Can't really go that far wrong. I know I will like the shirt itself, and the color will work itself out one way or another...
Well, my pic is going to be AWWWWSOME. But I'll look at yours too...Patience. It will be.
New Posts  All Forums: