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Geez how many trips did it take for that guy to get everything to his truck? Do they ever run out of space and have to come back?
That's dieworkwear's name coinage, right? Not Kapital's name for the jacket...
Which piece are we talking about here? The review or the opinion (granted a review is an opinion...) ;-)
Do we even need to mention that there aren't enough black people? It's Hollywood after all. Liberal pieties only seem to go as far as the fundraisers. The movies on the other hand give America what it wants.
Looked this up myself and there's another opinion (sort of a review of the review) and the woman who wrote it is having none of the movie. Sounds pretty awful the way she describes it.
Cougars are supposed to be on the Northwest last by definition I think.
Yup.Funny enough I did just buy a pair of Farmer Ranchers in black dress from whites river and they are blacked out (on Vibram mini-lug) except for the white stitchdown thread. I got them to try out size 10.5EE compared to 11E. They seem to fit well and are keepers.I like the all black and I doubt I ever would have gone that route on a custom build. Have zero black shoes or boots otherwise, so it's an interesting departure for me.
In re. @WBaker's jumpsuit fits: I feel as if there's some kinship between coveralls/jumpsuits (they're the same thing right?) and overalls at least formally. Cultural context is too different though? I keep feeling like overalls but can't quite figure it out.
Interesting. I'd like to read more about this. Can you point me to a reference?
Like those FRs. Crepe sole is interesting for sure and I like the brown midsole.
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