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Yup, people clearly seem to prefer Vass' Italian lasts, at least here on SF. But there's clearly one of those network effect things (if that's the right term) going on. I'd say the excitement about Vass is self propagating and self perpetuating to a certain degree. Absolutely not a knock against the shoes themselves, and ultimately I think Ozzy makes a good point that Buday is nice to have as our little secret. And there isn't any substitute to trying on shoes for size,...
The EP lambswool I have is soft enough to wear over a tee, for me. I do that occasionally. But you can't go wrong with an OCBD underneath.
Edit: oh right... Um... These are not the droids you are looking for. 😉
I think you are right that they likely finish ther light colored shell as well. They call it caramel, right? Don't have any myself. @halfnhalfnhalf sure does!
Nice photos! I wonder why Vass is so much more popular around here than Buday. Not arguing for one or the other. But it is interesting that Vass has become so popular. @guyfromhungary Are these yours? Very nice. I'm tempted to get ostrich one of these days. And not so exotic but I like the deer skin Buday shows in some of the photos on its site.
It's their trooper sole: http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/blog/2013/02/04/new-blake-boot-not-for-the-faint-of-heart/I like it.Reddish (maybe more red than Ravello) was in Leffot's Venetian lineup a season or two ago. Not sure if it is something Rancourt would do on request or not. Seems if they are hand dying then they could. On the other hand they seem to go with darker colors (brown, blue, green) which may be a safer bet for getting a good result.
@imys @OwlJohn is lovely. I really missed the boat on that one.
Maybe SF could add a soothing looped musical track to threads: "discount codes do not stack la la... discounted merchandise is final sale tra la..."
Done and done. Thank you.
Been getting the same the last few days also on the mobile...
New Posts  All Forums: