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See. I've been paying attention. Much of the time anyway.
I believe the Rydenfans have a while new house they been building, right? On the other hand this bathroom has been familiar for a while...And don't bother looking: 1060 W Addison St,
My efforts to remain willfully ignorant of these things having failed, I think this could be a Kanye West lyric, couldn't it? Maybe send him a nice note with the suggestion.
Dark olive looks great! I think you'll be happy with that RLH sole.I have at times (I have really good intentions about show care and then tend to get distracted...), and haven't noticed it to be detrimental. Not sure about CXL stretch there is always a wild card. But maybe get a shoe tree that's a size smaller than the shoe, if possible and then you'll get some of the benefits of the cedar and the shape without stretching...
You would have to wear a rabbit fur lined parka the whole time I think. I recall seeing some of those somewhere...
@rydenfan boots look great. Continue to love that bomber.
Appreciate that. I can see what you mean. Different bottom half might help, viz. infra.Hmmm... yes. I'm going to give this some thought while I sip my amaro.Is that quick fit pic Camoshita?
Also, Fox Bros. newsboy and Formosa jacket:
This Port Flannel is nice:
@eglbc considering posting that fit to the current challenge thread, please.
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