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Did you go with the Tucson bison? Unlined right? One thing I'd point out which maybe you already know is that the Clymer boots have grommets (?) on the inside lower, by the arch essentially. Very nice for promoting airflow but probably not ideal for snow and slush. You could presumably have them omitted if you ask. That being said chocolate Bison will be good for some rugged summer wear too I think. In the great Canadian out of doors,eh? And if not that then you'll have...
Very nice. I'm otherwise unfamiliar with either brand. Oh and I am partial to those tan wool trousers too.
^Very interested to see that blazer in the wild. This conversation has me looking at shirts. I see two OS and a SS that I really like. That Carex blazer too... And that Gray Gordon in white... Oh and S/S15 drops coming... Sigh.
I like the grey and the blue jackets. Where are they from?
The king!
About two weeks from today I'll be able to give you my opinion! 😀
I have no excuse. I should own an OS shirt. I am sorry.
I've already purchased a Buday belt from Panta... In my mind. Edit: oh hi Ed!
Three eyelet derbies from Buday.
The Buday shell derbies. I'm wondering how these might look in a light colored deerskin. Pretty neat, I think...
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