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I took it for granted that you were standing on the side of some velvet rope barrier that is the side of entrée. And a fellow with a clipboard was eyeing people and thinking "[thinking] No rabbit fur fishtail... [outloud] Not on the list."You don't get an espresso or a croque monsieur or something when visiting in person?
Oliver Spencer/Scott & Charters/Burgus Plus/Epaulet
@cyc wid it that's very very good.
@endorphinz I particularly like the cream jacket and cropped trousers with the white shoes in the first set of photos.
Very nice. I have some natural indigo, but I think perhaps it's the skein dyeing that's the key as you say.
Reading the AMA I see Epaulet snow globes should be out in time for the holidays. You will be able to MTO with a tiny pair of your favorite Donegals, Individualized or New England fabric shirt, or cordovan footwear inside. Tee hee.
I imagine those could be very nice. My understanding (admittedly mainly from reading product copy, so...) is that natural indigo gives denim a different feel and that the skein dyeing means that the indigo penetrates the yarn completely. This apparently means that the fades are more gentle since you aren't getting through to a white yarn core after the dye comes away from the surface.
I am wearing Schneider right now too. But I do not look anywhere near this boss. They are really that good. Of course, the funny thing is that in the weather where they will shine the most, it will be pretty hard to take a good fit pic without some sort of fancy camera rig. People should just picture something awesome in their minds, and then that's the Norwegian Rain for you.
Awesome chest pocket on that quilted crew neck pullover. Seems like you could put a small animal in there, mouse, lizard, what have you and keep it nice and cozy. Or your cellphone. I guess.
[Wind chimes and flutes]
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