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At their price these chambrays are a great value. Wearing blue chambray engineer today.Hmmm. My is pretty soft leather. No squeaking for me, though I know what you mean based on other belts.
I have the caramel shell belt. It is very nicely made and while a little on the casual side I often wear it with trousers and an odd jacket and tie for work.
The LB shirts are really nice. I have the red and aqua one. Perfect fit for the style and the fabric is very light and wears cool. Buttons are nice too. Classic.
Well thank you! iPhone special complete with little flecks of stuff that seem to be permanently embedded on the lens.And Jasper seems to live pretty well. We could talk. 😉You don't ask you don't get. Part of the charm of a small outfit like this.I like it a lot. It's the most aggressive sole of any I have. It suits the boot style and it's really been quite comfortable from the start. Nice to see Dainite and leather now too.I'm pretty much certain to order another pair and...
Fabric selections look primo once again. These will be some beautiful beautiful ties.
There some great choices for leather. Edit:this is the structured toe. Here you go:
Really well. They are built solidly and comfortably. Waxed flesh is awesome.Sure. Stay tuned.
Brown waxed flesh
Also... Aloha, shirt!
That belt is really excellent. Good choice.Also, Mike, please continue bringing in the loop wheel tees in various colors for ever. Those things are so soft and substantial and, like all the other tees from EP, keep their shape really no matter what.
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