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Calgary bluchers and some America Trench for you Photo has sort of a #wickedwitchoftheeast thing going. Took my Alden Barrie size in the Hoyt last, as suggests. Fit is better than Barrie, IMO. Good grip from the leather sole and rubber heel. Nice shoes Mike!
#styfoJapanSquadhomage I did take the easy way out. Used pre-reduced indigo and two of the items were indigo/blue already. Not sure how much dye will actually take. Only gave them one dip each.
My original pair of Willies are now indigo overdyed: Not sure how much dye will actually stick. Just gave them one dip, for the time being. Could dip them again I suppose.
In first with Funke
@variancelog Coat looks terrific. Should be very fine in Ventile. Can you give us the order number for the hat? Or maybe we can add a section to the collar spreadsheet for things like this? It looks fantastic.
@no frills we salute your commitment!
We need an E-F-V Mensware thread... Seriously considering the hidden placket chimney neck overcoat for next winter.
@Benjaminba Those shoes look very cool. Excellent use of a custom service to get something unusual.
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