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What leather are you considering for the lace-ups?And when you talk about wiggle room for the toes, you are talking about lateral room/width?
I am a man of mystery.
How do the Heschung derbies fit? Size 11D US, 45 Vass P2/F?Edit: Also there doesn't seem to be a size drop down menu for the fox suede derbies.
@europrep Nomos Ahoi, yes? Love that watch.
There's a kind of sharp dressed Euro thing that's related to preppy, but not preppy. And yes, only time cargoes appear for a true prep is in service time photos accompanied by an airplane or some sort of impressive naval boat and a rakishly tilted cap. Chulillo is looking great, indeed.
Right. If the shirt and trousers fit correctly, i.e., the rise is right for the trousers and the length is right for the shirt, everything will be fine without elastic. In re. the fit (so we don't all just pile on about elastic... ), for the shirt, yes I think you could make the cuffs smaller. Not sure if the bicep needs to be smaller. I'd go with what's comfortable. Chest looks good to me. There might be a little bit of extra fabric on the waist, but not much. Hard to...
This is commendable for how well it works as a jeans and sport coat fit, with a real sport coat and not something shrunk to within an inch of its life...
I like that building. What I would think of as Richardsonian Romanesque and then that puts me in mind of Frank Furness...And I thought we'd already established that conceptual 4est's glasses are excellent.
Casentino looks very nice. Inverted pleat and belt are very sharp. Nicely done. And on the topic of the shoes: I think it's missing the point to assume that Luxire's value is in being the low-priced option. This applies to everything they offer, of course. Not just shoes.
Just took a better look at this on my laptop and I like that white shirt. Nice roll on the BD and it look like a nice looking fabric. Is it oxford cloth or something lighter weight?
New Posts  All Forums: