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I was expecting later this month but it's on its way. I was very creative and got the tan suede Manila with red quilted cotton lining. So basically what NMWA offered OTR this year. Why do any thinking when Greg and Kyle will do it for you?
Speaking of preorders got a James Grose jacket inbound! Looking forward to it.
Last set of swatches in this category: Yes! In first with the reply! Mikes going to owe me another Danzig meme or comped plastic collar stays with my next order.French placket is a nice option.
Also jumped right on the IS SS shirts. Picked up that Piumo (so?) and get ready to see the Sudbury in all its technicolor.
I'm sorry, but when has THAT ever been the way to do things?;-)
Looks nice @g transistor like how those sleeves bell at the cuffs. Great color too.
Well now I need to know what a "paw-paw" looks like.Edit: or does paw-paw simply = grandpa.And then what's wrong with grandpa steez?
I am as impressed with spacepope's photography skills as I am with his fits. Those are some really good shots in what I would think are tough conditions.
@TH3515 thanks for that explanation.
There you go. So I was missing something. There's:UnstructuredStructuredComposite/Steel toe.
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