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This is what I assumed myself. Frankly denim trousers are a pretty choice in themselves. But I can't see AAS doing dad jeans and he does seem to lean a bit towards the bold.
Too many colors in the jacket or in the fit? Shirt could be a solid maybe, but I'm Ok with it as is. Definitely a nice jacket. Edit: misread collars for colors. I'm ok with the collars too.
The sail cloth fabric is really great.
Ummm wow.
No, the color is good. Very casual and relaxed and, yes, S/S. Suits the fit you've got it in here.
@luv2breformed That's a great looking jacket.
I wonder how his derby shoe is coming along. I'm going to be very interested to see that in some of these leathers he's rolling out.
Individualized popover, EPLA tee, and white Willies
Here's one. A little hard to see the shoes... I think I've posted others. Highly recommend for wear just as you are proposing. I've had people comment on how they like the visual of the texture.
New Posts  All Forums: