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Someone's gettin' some giardiniera. Spicy.Did I just blow my cover?Nice looking set of shirts.On behalf of the thread, I demand at least one Hans and Frans walking the dog fit pic. You owe us.
The perpetual sunniness of the Philadelphian presents more as a state of mind than a meteorological phenomenon. This is despite the fact that bird law in this country is not governed by reason.That length looks pretty good to me.
Looks like you caught a break in the weather there. Shirt does look good. I don't mind the lack of a placket at all. I'd say you are definitely a perfect example of why EP shirts are darted. Personally I like shirts without darts, but this one would fit your midsection much better with them. Clearly easy enough to have a tailor put those in for you, though a little frustrating to have to take the extra step.Shirt would be a keeper for me.Still contemplating the speckled...
It's heavyweight chambray. Man up.
@chuckb That is a beautiful photo and it makes me wistful.
^Definitely chat with Ed. Budays are really lovely shoes, and Ozzy and I need some more codependents here in the thread.I MTO'd the pair of Budapesters I've posted photos of just above, and Ed was very careful to make sure that I got what I wanted.In fact, I'd say he went a least a little bit out of his way considering that it was the first transaction I'd ever made with Panta.His terms were very accommodating and he delivered exactly what I ordered in a timely fashion.It...
To quote Harold Ross: Done and done.
Yes. That's right. I'm very important and my problems are unique. Speaking of problems, I solved my tobacco derby problem.
Bonza mate! Those will look great.
The three eyelet dark brown ones we were just taking about? You can't have the 11s ;-)I know Ed posted a photo of someone wearing them in the wild but I don't know who.In re restocks: Ordering an MTO pair from Ed is beyond easy.
New Posts  All Forums: