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Love that look Stitchy.
Nice comparison shot of the different quarters in those two jackets.
Don't think I'd lend out my Schneider even to blood relatives...And hat, coat, scarf, check, check, check. You get some serious wind tunnel effects down among all those tall buildings. And if (big if) there's any sun, then the buildings create shade anyway.Whatever. Have a great time.
No spoiler. Very cool. Milano calling, I think.Yes, what he said.
Well, happy birthday. Patience will be rewarded I think. Rancourt should get this right, based on my experience, and hopefully the boots live up to expectations then.
Slim tapereds look great there. And you're going toe to toe with Murl in that Eidos for sure.Chicago's chilly right now. Glad you've got your cold weather gear ready to go. You know I think the last time I had my foot measured on one of those Brannock things, they guy said something about my foot being 11.5 in the arch or something. Anyway, I think shoe sizing is a bit of a wild card across the board. The foot is some pretty complex geometry and things need to be pretty...
^I really like those trainers. Also, meant to note that I like the idea of the white sneaker with the red sole. I'm sort of into red soles.
Yes, it is.
Oops then I misread your post. Sorry about that. Sounds as if you should be OK. A little extra room in a boot is easily managed and even desirable IMO.
@David Midecem: Oh I meant to throw in my 2 cents about the fit. From what you described I think it's possible you will want to go up .5 size. For reference I take 11d or E in the handsewns. I went with 11.5 in the Blake boot I have. Now that was in part because my feet need the extra volume of the .5 size up. They are by no means too big though. Were you wearing the socks you plan on whe you tried your boots on? I know that for me a snug boot fit isn't comfortable and...
New Posts  All Forums: