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Well, got a FedEx shipping notice for my Jan. 10 order from Bakers. So that's not too bad at all I think. Quite impressed actually. Fingers crossed that the sizing works!
I really like that tan wedge sole.
Thank goodness for the block feature. I don't give someone like that any of my time.
I think I can smell what The Rock is cooking.
Yes, buying here as well. There'll be a link here when the item is live?
Norwegian Rain sizing question: I want to size up from the Moscow for the double breasted or Caban, is that right? So M Moscow = L in those other styles? Leaning towards the double breasted. Dark navy with brown sashiko print looks really great.
@niktak11 I'm going to guess that sambam has a good feel for it, but I was quoted up to six weeks by Bakers when I put in an order Jan. 10.
So boots on the right here, they are Smoke Jumpers with a double midsole? How does the double leather outsole compare in thickness to the Vibram(?) outsole we see here? So overall how does a double midsole plus double leather sole compare to what we see in this photo?
Oh the one piece collar Portugal shirt! I forgot about that. Wonder how that's coming along. That ought to pair well with the Teba.
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