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Jacket, jeans, boots...
Hmmm... my foot is a little on the wide side. Sort of a D/E width. Sport trainer works for me in 11.5, which I think is TTS for sneakers. Haven't tried on the Carver boots yet, but the previous round of Chelseas fit well in the same size as the sneakers. Not sure how sizing up 1/2 for width might change that.
How wide is your foot?
Waffle knit from Northern Watters is great. Wore my yesterday in the purple. Would definitely be in for another if the preorder comes up again. I stuck with my original size from the original shipment and I feel it's a good, trim fit. I need to post a photo and see what people think.
Right, that's part of what appeals to me. It would be sort of a Hungarian urban cowboy thing maybe? Maybe not. My concern is that the toe height as it comes down from the vamp will be too slim. Looks ok to me in the example photo but it looks quite tapered in several other versions of the 134 shown on their site. Hard to judge too how this will look on my fairly large and slightly wider than usual feet.Edit: oh and thanks for playing!
If anyone wants to play "Help Frank spend money on shoes," I've put some questions up in the Rozsnyai thread here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/352416/rozsnyai-shoes/80_20#post_8655169 Would be glad to hear people's thoughts.
Time to groupthink an MTO if anyone is interested. Or is that crowd source? Anyway, I've decided to give Rozsnyai a try as I need another shoe maker the name of which I don't know how to pronounce. In an effort to get something different, I'm looking at these boots: I'd remove the medallion from the toe. Overall look I'm going for is something of a retro/Carnaby Street sort of thing. My questions are about the last and the color. I need to pick a different last...
@badeggcat that is a great photo. @Nvspwndamnstr39 Thank you for your kind words! I try to have some fun and be a mensch around here. In terms of versatility, I think both are unusual enough that you aren't dealing with the regular denim pairing rules, for better or for worse. I feel like the #5 (persimmon dye) is pretty versatile, though I think you are right that the blue/gray is closer to a standard overall denim color tone. Maybe think of the #5 as more of an oddball...
@jvc44 Similar experience to bkotsko. I am 11 D/E Brannock, 11D Alden Barrie, 11.5 Alden Aberdeen and I wear 11.5 in EP sneakers. I have found EP's sizing advice relative to Alden lasts very accurate. I assume it's also accurate relative to Converse Chucks (which I think they use as their sneaker reference). So if you have either of those as a reference point, that should be helpful.
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