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TWSSNo need to sift through order history. Looks good in that fit!
@lawyerdad is that the black linen scalloped hem Leder shirt?
@DeadBoy or do you mean GOING OUTSIDE™?
Individualized shirts:Got the linen-cotton denim in there in raspberry with a club collar, the Sudbury with BD collar, and the Piumino with the curved cutaway.All are really lightweight, the Piumino probably lightest. The linen-cotton denim has a silky hand to it.Photos are indoor, so colors are probably off compared to what Mike shot. [[SPOILER]]
Cotton Gables are great IMO. You'll kill it in those.
Nice! How did you size relative to your SDs and BHs?
Individualized shirts are in! Will post a photo if what I got a little later.
@applky nik@Nik Telford Yup, I have a pair in the Khyber cloth in the vanilla bean (I think it was called). Not sure if I ever posted a fit pic in them... I don't recall exactly, but I agree with Don that they pocket bags aren't too visible. Cloth is really nice, and the color that I have is a great off white.
Blue Blue Japan/Monitaly/Old Town/Whites
I like those story jeans there. And love madras but I've come to the general opinion that shirts are worn too small as a rule these days. I think tailored often gets taken to mean trim and cropped and I'd rather see some flow.
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