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Looks black in the photo. Those are beautiful Budapesters whatever the color.
Suede chukkas from Brooks Brothers
Don L do you use a filter on these iPhone shots? Natural Brixtons look fantastic.
That's a really fine pair on the R last.
I have the chocolate duck Walts and they are definitely a great pair. Well worth the sale price.
It is hard to photograph but really easy to wear. Looks really good here.Belted Cow yes. Got it a year or so ago.That blue one was classic. Not surprised it sold out quickly. The floral is a lot of fun. Glad I picked if up.And Valve FTW @in stitches
Mike should have done this on a Saturday so we could all have shut ourselves in.
Well the belt of course. 😄 Really second time wearing it. Previous was untucked on the beach. Not sure which direction I'll go with in the future. It is a good length and cut for untucked certainly.
Eggshell Wilshires
Niche popover
New Posts  All Forums: