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He's not wrong.
Question: Will the Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat cosplay photo be available for general avatar use, or do I need to seek written permission from StyleForum first?
These boots were a special order from Moulded Shoe, which it took Alden... oh... almost two years to deliver. They are size 11D on the Modified last and have the neoprene/nitrile cork soles. These are BNIB. Price includes CONUS shipping (other shipping quoted at cost), original box, and bags. Alden shoe trees ARE included as well.
Agree. This would have been true differentiator for them. As it stands, I'm intrigued because these are from Rancourt and I like Rancourt, but I'm not buying them as black or white right now.It will take someone like PDG doing something interesting with the concept to make me a buyer.
Oops. I like that tie. And I really like how those trousers are cut. I agree that it would be interesting to see this suit in action.
I too would like to say that this has been incredibly entertaining. It was a good idea really made to shine by the talents and interests of the StyFoJapanSquad. Wonderful and thoughtful writing by @Synthese, really terrific photos (to be credited to @nicelynice?), and obvious general bonhomie by @spacepope and the rest of the squad. It seems clear that everyone there was having a really nice time, and I did too following along.
@agvs Wonderful shirt!
Calgary bluchers and some America Trench for you Photo has sort of a #wickedwitchoftheeast thing going. Took my Alden Barrie size in the Hoyt last, as suggests. Fit is better than Barrie, IMO. Good grip from the leather sole and rubber heel. Nice shoes Mike!
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