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@DonCologne Nicely done with the green trousers and green socks. What are the details on those wingtips? Maker? Leather?
@1969 oh dear. That's scary. Hope the retail therapy picks you up a bit. Beige bomber is awesome. NMWA made a great pick with it as usual. I'm sure Greg would have much preferred to sell them all at a better and more reasonable price for the business. We made out like bandits on this one....
Mike has made the call: Henceforth I will refer to Wilshires as "Willies."
Sorry, I was trying to be funny! @Caveat Thank you. I appreciate that. I would say the same about a number of other posters here.@basil rathbone Enjoying the SF Instagram feed (in fact, I've been enjoying all the feeds so far. I'll admit to using Instagram primarily to follow brands of interest and the SF feed has been a refreshing current flowing through my tepid shopping waters...). That's a wonderful sweater.
It's a trick of the trouser's cut and matching the color to the shrubbery. Also, several mirrors.
Thank you! Green trousers are nice aren't they? Edit: I have some red trousers that I will pick up from the tailor tomorrow. I think it's time for some loud pants! @An Acute Style should let us have some fun before stepping in and bringing the hammer down. I really like the ma-1 jacket shape but it took me a long time to pick one up!
More likely to cost a bundle once you are around all that great NMWA swag all the time.
What pants?
I'm wearing 52, compared with a L/40 for Epaulet outerwear. 50 was out of stock, but I think this was the right call for me.
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