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@psychodealer I have that green loop wheel tee. The loop wheel is a tubular knitting process, as I understand it. I have only handled a lady white tee never tried one on. They are pretty heavy knits right? No experience with Velva Sheen. EP tee is a nice year round weight and really soft. Holds its shape well. I feel like it represents a good value. I bought mine as an add on to a larger order so I am not factoring in shipping.
I've only barely seen CPs in person. Once or twice on a shelf in a store and I've never tried them on. And while I know that's what Mike's reference point is for these boots, the EP Chelseas actually give me a little bit more of a Kapital vibe. Maybe more so in smooth leather than the suede. I'm happy with the pair I have. And I think @Cotton Dockers is wearing them well. But let's talk about @ThaiToast's fit for a second. I'm not sure what I like better: the fit, his...
@Thin White Duke very nice. Like the trousers.
Ebbets Field/Snowman/Niuhans/Shoes Like Pottery
Sea grapes!
This is pretty cool...
Oops! Will look forward to seeing your picks!
...Which looks really good and about 100x better than I do in the same circumstances. Lovely colors, and I like the shoes. White bucks, yes? Where do you get yours?Thank you! Very kind!
Some stuff on sale now, including many of the casual shirts, those Vetra jackst, and a bunch of really nice looking sport coats. I've got some shirts in my basket and an rationalizing how many I can actually buy...
@leftofthedial I see that the fit on the Stenstroms shirts is listed as "contemporary fit," so I'd choose the same sizing as the H Stockton contemporary fit?
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