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Buday Budapesters
Navy duck Doyle as well.
Epaulet Rivet Chinos have a low rise. Not advisable here. I agree.Epaulet Walts on the other hand have a decent rise and are slim. They may fit the bill. Not sure what's being stocked in cotton right now though.
You will like it. Fabrics and cut are just right. Which one did you get?I wear them with the top two buttons open, which may help keep the neckline under the sweatshirt (which also had a well cut and sturdy neck). Definitely try a Henley!
EPLA sweatshirt and Henley (no viz) with Driggs
I am assuming that Riva's dollar figure is at least somewhat exaggerated. I senses an element of humor in his post. I may be wrong. Nonetheless: Kyle, please send me one of everything and put it on Riva's tab. 😉
Intrigued by the Camoshita overcoats. Any previews?
I see. Thanks.
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