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Corduroy Walts and EPNY grey OCBD
There are many very good choices here.
Thanks B. I think we may be similar shapes and we have Schneider in common for sure. You have a bit more if it than I do...
Are those quilted trousers as well? Clover
Schneider, Epaulet, Rancourt
That's a classic EP SC for sure.
And... Cue the Streisand!
Norfolk slop looks nice. Not sure I live hard enough and have the patience for it to end up looking as good as it does in the worn-in photos.
Hmmm... OK. Appreciate both your thoughts. I may give the Hawke in the fawn color a try. Also very tempted to Give Old Town a try. Unity jacket and stove pipe trousers both look good to me.
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