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@EP Dylan that's our country. USA! @SteveH35 these watches. omg. You had one on Instagram that was totally Flash Gordon. Like is that even a watch? Also nice shirt.
@halfnhalfnhalf I think those CXL sneakers are a win. Shoe overload says I don't get any right now, but I could see it happening eventually. And that green is a great looking color with the gum sole.
I have two pairs of Tender pants. One denim in the 129, one canvas in the 130. The fits are definitely relaxed. I haven't quite come to terms with the 130 fit yet. It is also carrot dyed, and therefore orange. I'm not giving up... Have not tried their jackets or shirts, which look interesting as well.
Yes. And I wonder if I'd love that robe coat even more with a raglan sleeve.
Yes! I'm a proponent of the gentle fade! I think washing to start is the right step. Then regular washing thereafter. How long they stay dark indigo will depend on how much washing I think. I think they will eventually end up a more even medium to light blue. Of course, the state of having far too many jeans/trousers means that I can't say I've seen this in practice yet.And speaking of too many trousers, I just ordered the Taylors.And that linen madras EFF jacket looks...
I think dry cleaning is over thinking denim. Or rather, that must be why those all those miners and railroad workers and such never washed theirs. No good dry cleaners around...
This is a great idea.
Thanks.The Melton is not very heavy, but the opportunity for layering and the collar/hood likely mean it will serve well in colder weather.
@bry2000 I'm probably more typically a size 40 suite jacket. Maybe 41/42 in something with a slim cut.
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