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I have ordered same size in Walt, Driggs, and Garand. All 34s. Best waist for time in Rivets is a 35.
Yes, glad to celebrate NMWA's first year. Had on the Oliver Spencer multi-tweed jacket today coincidentally.
Appears as if the Molloy tweeds are 19 oz. I'm not a tweed expert, but that seems pretty substantial to me.
That does look sharp @PatrickR. Now get it there and see if those patents need watering.
That looks so good. I love those colors together.@bkotsko is always sneaking something in there alongside all the nice EP stuff.I have on a suede Farnese tubo belt in the photo I just posted. I've also worn a wide, casual CXL belt with them in the few days I've had them. Anything on the casual side I think.That's the only way I've worn it. I think it's a great weight denim for a topper shirt or intermediate layer and it lets me wear it a lot more than I would otherwise....
Well that sounds very promising. Would you be willing to post a photo of the fading you did get on the jacket? Or perhaps it wouldn't really photograph well.Anyway, I'll stay tuned.Thanks for the update.
Garands, EP Navy Label shirt, EPLA western shirt
You know what, I have the same issue with the white EPLA OCBD from this second round. Don't have the issue with the gray OCBD from the first round of EPLA oxfords.There's definitely some sort of mismatch between the size of the button and the shape/size of the button hole on the shirt I have.I'm going to do the same thing as you. Probably just try stitching the button hole closed a little myself and see what happens.I will say that I love the revised collar on these shirts.
I realize that you have been traveling, @luxire, but I thought I'd check in on the washed moleskin to see if there's any news. I'm thinking about getting something along these lines made up in moleskin (washed or not):
That's good to know.
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