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My goodness those are nice.
Cognac shell, 3636 last
Vass Alt Wiens and EP tweeds
#nextstitchylevel. Wow.
I think Rydenfan and I have the same Merola golves and if that's the case the shearling only lines the top of the glove. The palm is unlined. This is nice since it makes increases manual dexterity while wearing them. I'd say that they are pretty warm for that design. Probably not outside all afternoon ice skating warm, but then I can't ice skate.
Casentino and Inis x 2
That looks pretty darn good @jvillal
@Monkeyface Nice trousers! Paypal adds close to 3% to the transaction if you have them deduct a foreign currency transaction right from your bank balance. At least in the U.S. This is ironic since they "warn" you about the foreign transaction fee if you use a credit card (and many credit cards do levy this fee). Of course PayPal wants the default payment source to be your bank balance, domestic or foreign transaction, so that they don't have to give a cut to the credit...
I was think the same thing. As a US M sometimes L, but an XL in the Japanese brands I've tried, I'm not sure how my wide-ish size 11 feet translate to Japanese shoes. Probably not very easily.
@bradp Take a teaser photo of those distressed Wilshires and post it here for us. 😀
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