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Oh no wool cash mink! Famer brown and purple cashmere are here. Both look great. Farmer brown is an interesting fabric for sure.
Also, I lol'd.
I'm partial to the knit jacket concept, so that means the Jack and the lambswool cardigan.I am on record as saying that the knitting on that Larry Ferri is something else, of course. Really like that.
Sweater fit looks perfect. Are those trousers blue?
Well I have yet to see it in person but I say steal that tie. Rob picks fabrics with such character.Wore the Sherwood Forest cashmere from last winter recently and it has this great vertical twill thing going on. No pic sorry. Casualty of then early dusk. By the time I was ready to snap a tie selfie it would never have turned out. :-(
I wear trousers, even dress trousers, without a belt. It's wild stuff. ;-) I think I'm going to have to pick up a pair of trousers in the midweight Minis fresco. I note it is a wool mohair blend. Any thoughts on it?
Well, the inspiration are the Viberg boots I posted here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/197413/rancourt-co-shoes-made-in-maine/5360_20#post_7500489.Portland Dry Goods has been kind enough to say they'd look into whether Rancourt can/will source the leather and we could do a collab through PDG then perhaps.I envision a pair of venetians for myself, and maybe a boot, but we aren't even close to figuring that stuff out yet.My hope would be that we could pick and choose what we...
Beautiful colors in that SC @STK_astoria
Just got shipping notice for two YHNT inbound: purple cashmere and farmer brown. First new ties in a while. Very excited.
Oh you absolutely resole those, unless someone here just wants to save you the trouble and take them off your hands... But what you need is a pair of loafers in that Italian horsehide that PDG is looking into... (fingers crossed) I had the heel stacks replaced by a local cobbler on those beefrolls, then sent them in for the resole when the forefoot leather wore out.
New Posts  All Forums: