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Some very nice things. Casentino coat, Safari jacket and tunics all look great. I like the way IJ does collars. BTW Had the Ballotelli on in southern weather recently.
A cash-mink tie? That would be a heavyweight beast!
Green shell ranger mocs
R last scotch grain oxfords
Catania silk knit:
That's excellent. Thanks Newc.
So it seems as if Eidos size is up one from Formosa. @Newcomer you have both right? How did you size?
Ah ha. Very good. I do remember that now. I searched briefly, but there were 30+ hits for Field Jacket in the thread and I didn't click through to each. Thanks for pointing me to that link.
Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes up Monday morning.
What size did you get in the field jacket? Did you go TTS? Any points of comparison with other NMWA goods?Anyone else have general sizing advice on this?
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