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@sacafotosThe 14oz Wilshires are very nice. Substantial but soft from the one wash they get and I really like the cut personally. I think it is a very good value for quality jeans. Can also recommend the desert digital camo Rivets I think you mentioned looking at. Wore my pair today in some pretty warm weather. They are sturdy and the lightweight fabric wears very cool.
^^I'm going to be a condescending a** and wonder aloud what the Red Lobster patron thinks of #epauletstyle.
Ok sure. That's for the real official #mainewoodsman look right.
Wrong thread I know, but I am going to try to come see you guys this August, @Portland Dry Goods, and order a customer Clymer boot in black shell. You'll know its me...
Yes. Buy that please... Seriously, I have been looking at that jacket in the 5, but am seriously over committed in the cotton jacket category with at least one more thing coming on order this season.So don't worry I have no plans to buy it.I took a 5 in the Roman sweater, which is a slim but good fit on me. I'm taller and a bit heavier, but I think similar shoulder/chest dimensions. So 5 could well work for you.We'll let Kyle give you the official green light on closing...
Those look great. They have three eyelets. Is this a detail you added?
That is disappointing. By all accounts they seem to have trouble delivering consistent customer service to their individual buyers and that two week delivery window seems to be very much a thing of the past.Considering that they are not communicating well with you the following suggestion may be pointless, but I'd try very hard to get Kyle or maybe Katie on the phone or via email and let them know that this has not been an experience that encourages you to order from them...
It has two "v"s in the name.
@cathpah those beef rolls are all kinds of good looking.
FF shirt and navy overdye Wilshires
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