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So just ordered a pair of the Lesca Pica us sunglasses. Smaller lens than I seem to have otherwise. Hope they work out. Feel as if it's something I'm going to have to put on my face to judge.
@pravda Nice look. @SGTROCK Really nice. I'm not bothered by the trousers. Like those shoes for that mise en scène @Roycru I'm joyful at the sight of those rolled button holes, if by that we are talking about the way the jacket lapel is folding over all the way down on the right. Looks lived in to me.
@emptym. Thanks! And yes rydenfan is correct. It's the Americn Trench hat. The did a nice job with it. Just the one color though.
But I thought we were trying to start a trend over the the Casual thread...
Got the Oldblues on: And I'm feeling conflicted about wanting to buy a pair of jeans with "Own Fewer Better Things" printed on them when I just bought a pair of jeans... Perhaps someone will clear out my size before I resolve my issues on the topic.
Posted this in the SWD rain wear challenge. Unsure about how to do the cross-post embed. I'm new here. Frank Leder
Imagine the rain. It's out there somewhere. Slack off the main sheet and head into the wind... American Trench/Frank Leder/Epaulet/Luxire/Oldblue Co./Rider Boot
Wait a minute... I like these odds.Edit: I'm in. LA Guy isn't allowed to win these things right? I'd say Troika's on location stuff is going to be hard to beat though.
Yes. Those will be nice....
Oh, good. Neither do I. But I think I understand the spirit of the comment.
New Posts  All Forums: