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Those are great photos. But wait they had shoes for $150? I am glad that I was not there.
No regrets at all at MSRP. Been getting good wear out of it and it hasn't even really started to patina yet.
Couple of dozen times I'd say.
Java waxed flesh
EPLA Takachi chambray and veg tanned belt
SF poster: "Tricky, how does everything Epaulet sells fit you?"Tricky: "Great."And it's true...
Got it. I've done that lacing thing with handsewns. That ought to definitely work with the bison, in large part because the leather is thick enough to stand up well on its own. You'd be able to slip your feet in pretty easily without the boot shaft collapsing I think.Interesting about the Jordans. Seems as if people should start doing that with their Alden shell too if it keeps them from creasing.Should have posted this earlier, but here are the bison Clymers as part of an...
Well sure. Assume you already wear your Yeezy Boosts that way, so probably want something of a different look from your handsewns... But seriously, why do you want to wear them unlaced? Which is not to say "But why would you ever want to wear them that way!?!?!" You know me: Wear your stuff however the heck you feel. But eather just out of interest...
I think you could, yes. Sort of like people wear high tops?
Crap. We still don't have a throwing money at the affiliate vendor emoji? C'mon SF...I really am going to end up with two of these.
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