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Hmmm... 50% off at Older Brother... One color or the other (dark indigo or washed, both are enzyme washed and then patched) or none?
That leather looks really nice.
This sounds like a good idea to me if NMWA thinks a good use of Kyle's time. And JGC I'm assuming you're taking about the Budapest last above and I don't think it's too big for that size leg opening. It's actually a rather narrow last as Vass makes it. I think people typically have seen it in internet photos more than they've worn it.
Was wondering how those turned out. Love how they look with the Vibergs!
Working on the Wescos
I'll be honest and I know people like it around here on SF, but EG is not a brand I'm looking to buy personally. And maybe it's just that one coat I like about Needles.
A couple of brands I've noticed at a local shop are Niuhans, Kuon, and Needles. There's an awesome needles rebuild tweed coat that I'm admiring. Shop is nice and the guy who runs it is too. Will admit that local tax plus no NMWA discount makes it much less enticing to buy from them. Also, I hope we see a couple more seasons of DDUGOFF as well.
Also, I think they will only resole camp/boat shoe soles with the same type of sole since they don't have midsole (I think). So you can't go from a camp/boat sole to a leather sole or RLH etc as far as I know.
Nothing yet going into week 23.
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