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I would say XL.Your stats are very similar to mine over all. My chest is a little smaller and I weigh a little less, though. EPNY L fits me, but the darting makes it a close fit around the waist. EPNY XL is my comfort size. Plenty of room all around without being sloppy IMO.
Is there some kind of tie-in to this thread? http://www.styleforum.net/t/436054/gennaro-paone-former-head-tailor-of-rubinacci edit: oh, and subbed.
Love that sweater.
@HelloIDistance Same here. 6'1" ish and ordered XL. I think you'll be OK with the length. Also: EPLA Western (trying to get mine distressed like NYI's )/washed madras band collar popover/natural veg tanned belt
Depending on what the need for MTO was, Epaulet has a navy CXL belt: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/accessories/products/casual-belt-navy-horween-chromexcelAlso, PDG x FC Clymers
Wait, those EPLAs are going to be $110?!?!Well, I'll just have that to look forward to then.
Snap. Look at that. But as an official Guatemalan shirt buyer, I'm going to let the rest of the team go for this beauty. May have to also have the white chambray. That's going to be comfy. @Epaulet We aren't going to see those new chambray Western and engineer shirts today, are we?
@AlexanderTG Nice fit. I'm sure the show rocked. @A Fellow Linguist Can't quite read the article in the photo... shameless plug for your band, please? I'd like to know. @zxcvbn I like the boots in that fit. @psydle Nice colors and flow in that fit.
Oof, the Rancourt steam roller!
I got these in my standard handsewn size of 11E, compared to Brannock 11D and Alden Barrie/Trubalance 11D (other Alden lasts seem to be 11.5D for me).Important to note that the size down .5 rule that others follow does not apply in my case.Can you try made to fit?
New Posts  All Forums: