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Too bad. I can understand his point. I guess it's easy enough to guess that marbled shell shoes wouldn't exactly match, but it is hard to guess just how different the shoes in a pair would look. Plenty of other good options out there fortunately.
Wait you don't remember everything I say? Gosh I was hoping someone would. I certainly don't... Steve Alan had them at one point before they were commonly available. Seems as if they should add these to their made to fit program, although I don't think I would have noticed my fit issue without really walking around in the pair I have.
Thanks.Jeans are Epaulet LA 14 oz grey Kurabo. They just put a few new styles of jeans up today and I think they restocked the grey too.Big fan of them myself.
Thanks. I wear Walts in fact.I took the same size (34) in Driggs as in Walts. I do seem to need a 35 in RCs and have some of those in 36 too since there's no 35 on stock items (and I'm too impatient to wait for a 35 MTO for something that I can have in 36 now...)The taper on the Driggs is definitely sharper than for Walts, as promised, though it doesn't look as severe in the photo as I thought it would. I like it.And the rise is certainly RC territory as advertised. But...
Thanks. Fit is ok. I mentioned this a little bit ago in the thread, but the shape of the heel cup doesn't suit my foot very well (the heel cup seems a shade shallow to me). I did buy an E width based on my Blake boot sizing, so maybe I would have been better off with a D. Kyle, @RancourtCo mentioned having a look at it with he design team. Personal fit issue aside I think they are a great wingtip. I like be shape.
It is a great price for a well thought out piece. I'm wearing mine in Chicago and expect to get solid use out of it.Also, wore the Doyle this afternoon while out buying a bottle of pastis from what turned out to be a very French store owner. I definitely was feeling the French work jacket heritage vibe.
Latigo Blake wingtips:
Doyle and Driggs
Nice tie @Don L. Have that one myself!
Thanks. It's one of Epaulet's Bernard models, the house fit made by Samuelsohn.
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