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New fatigues.
Yes. Poor guy.
Yes. That arctic liner and the fleece collar are serious business. Definitely designed to carry the load in keeping you warm. And the NR outer fabric and construction is entirely weather proof in my limited experience. Don't want it to get too cold too fast but I am looking forward to wearing my Moscow.
The coats are back!
@gdl203/@conceptual 4est Can you offer sizing guidance on the TS(s) moleskin coat? How does it compare to, say, Stephen Scheider coat sizing? I usually base my size on shoulder and chest for something like this, but only have the chest to go on since it's raglan sleeve. My guess is that I'd want the size 4.
@CanadaCal that's a great combo. Boots are tan suede? Speaking of suede. I wonder how those jodhpurs are coming along...
I'd say so. I tried a pair once and something about the instep didn't work for me personally. But otherwise I think true to size should work.
Darn. Things are looking good around here.
Yes! Jacket length caught my eye too!
@heldentenor terrific fit all around there!
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