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If you want something that you can wear with a tee, the Geelong is it. It is super soft. Definitely worth the extra price if that's how you wan to wear it.
@epaulet what's the status of that new soft shoulder Southwick cut? Will it be part of the Southwick MTOs?
That 9D ranger moc is from Rancourt? I'd say same size for the penny loafers.
I've seen this advertised in the United inflight magazine. Failing to see exactly how that's a sufficient basis for the foundation and one presumes funding of a clothing line...
I LOVE popovers. Sort of gone crazy for them. I do have a couple from EP. Haven't gotten this one yet... The fabric does look particularly nice!MTO seems like an excellent way to go for a style like this.
Wait a minute... It's not really shearling time in Canada yet is it?
^I think we've got a live one! Love those Ranger Mocs in suede like Bakes'. Natty CXL is obviously approved as well.
Thank you! Shoes are part of a long line of boss offered by Epaulet. And @TweedyProf, I do seem to get the "Well now I wouldn't have thought to wear that" comment now and again. I will take your advice and post this kind of thing to Insagram when I have occasion to wear it (which is too seldom...). And anybody who hasn't checked out TProf's Instagram, it is full of #immaculate.
What those guys said... We're going to need to see a lot more photos of those.
3Sixteen Kibatas have a textured very similar to the Gustin loomstates I have. That might be something for you.
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