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Some brown shoes: U-cap on the F last, brown museum calf Alt Wien on the 3636 last antique cognac shell Both from Epaulet MTO.
Thanks. Yes, this is the multi-tweed from last year. I haven't really ventured outside of OS jackets, but there are some nice looking shirts and the trousers do look pretty good too. Post your trouser when they are ready and maybe that will inspire me...Edit: I think you need to take that SdC rabbit parka to California. You don't want to disappoint Snoop.Shoe sizing, , eh?
Rydenfan wins the kewpie doll!Yes, they are Buday derbies.Yes, 3636 last and the shell is a very nice color of dark dark brown. Mike did a great job on the specs for these.This is my first try with the 3636 and it seems to offer a little more volume than the New Peter. So I think this will work nicely.
So, @edmorel got the tobacco derbies to me posthaste. These are on the Frakno last (Ed: correct that if it is wrong). I think the size 11 is maybe a touch on the large side for me in what I recall is the Frakno last. 10.5 might in fact work for me in these. I'm going to have to figure out how to know if this is the case. But I put a pair of insoles in and that seems to tidy things up pretty well. Here's what I like: The tobacco shell is stunning The three eyelet...
Racing green Rudy's and snuff suede EP belt: American Trench socks And an embarrassing surfeit of brown shoes (need to go donate to the food bank after posting this... )
I'm an 11D US (a little on the wide side) and I wear a 45 in the F last. Just sayin'.
This one?
Oliver Spencer jacket
I also picked the indigo canvas and the red stripe, along with these:
That all looks fantastic. Edit: To be more specific. The colors are very nice and the three different textures and patterns of the jacket, the sweater and the tie are very good.
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