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Optic white ankles... Had a pair of those myself for years.
I just went with the Albiini white oxford and pink baseball stripe oxford. Very excited to see this fabric. Sounds great.
Picked up a nice woad dyed short sleeve Tender shirt from Independence in Chicago. I can understand why you are a buyer.
It's this one I believe;http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/tops/products/blue-salt-washed-oxford-shirt
Nice pants full stop. Great fits coming at us left and right here.
Schneider savant.
Schneider trousers look really good there too.
This is a good point.Colors work really nicely.
^That's exactly right. I think @SprezzaTrash's fit is really top notch. Interesting that you mention @bienluienapris too. I have been meaning to ask him where he gets his great linen jackets.
@MickeyPunch I think go with the SLP if that's what inspires you. The SeF may be perfectly nice but I wouldn't buy an approximation if I could help it.
New Posts  All Forums: