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Interesting. I see what you mean.
Quoted to second all this.
Wearing my OOE 02s right now. Old school paper tab for me. And expecting a little something OOE in the mail later today
Like the shape of both of those. Love the bone colored leather on the boots. Not sure about the snakeskin... but hey, go for it.
@Biggskip It is my suspicion that they are organizing.
I stole the idea from Instagram. This sort of counts as a throwback I think, although these shirts are still on the site... just saying.Lightening Bolt
Lightening Bolt/WH Ranch/Wesco
@BackInTheJox Those look great. @wdahab That's some nice looking natty shell. Bit of a departure from the shell shoe photos we see where it's hard to tell that they've ever been worn.
I would believe a 2 rather than a one as the leading digit. No one tell Greg though.I agree but I have had to admit to myself that I just won't ever wear a pocket square. Sad face. So unless I start buying them to frame them. Which is not that bad of an idea...
Scarves look very nice.
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