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Doyle/washed chambray pindot/military twill Rudys
Hmmm... that's too bad. Seems like a nice design overall, but particularly with a leather like Essex that you are going to get a personalized patina on it would be nice to be able to hang on to them longer than one sole lasts.
It's pretty soft, but doesn't stretch much. I wouldn't worry about accounting for stretch.Another great RLH sole addition from that new TS makeup. Looks pretty cool.
I just ordered a hat! Replica of a bucket hat that somehow has become too small for me... (my head is getting bigger? the hat got wet and shrank?)(I'll let Luxire give pricing)Just supplied some photos and a few measurements.Was kind of fun deciding which fabric to use.Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.I have a very nice Luxire package that's going to make it's way to me once everything is finished.
I am enjoying thatoneguy's whole vibe.
Or at least stop quoting him.
Bottle green yes.
Yes those are nice.
I am partial to octopuses.
Which is to say, tacitly, that you don't hate Def Leppard.
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