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I was wondering the same thing.
They do indeed look wild. Would like to see them against a solid background (thought the house looks lovely!).
But now how many carefully folded Drakes pocket squares in delicate weaves do we really think are ever used for anything other than decoration...?
I think he could slip out of that sport coat though and into some sort of Cloak shearling thing and we'd go, Oh, THAT @Synthese...I'd have to say that coffee has gotten kind of confusing, really. It's on draft now? Nitro coffee? Yes, yes. And now I want some.
@Roycru If we had some sort of "Madras Approved" stamp, I would apply it here. I also approve the trouser length. And the mixing of plaid jacket and pink stripe shirt. And the suede shoes. To sum: Approved. @TheoProf Nice looking linen trousers and wingtips! Are they AE?
If by "coolest" you mean the kid most enthusiastically attempting to adopt the style of Dahlov Ipcar's little fisherman, then yes. That's me.I'm planning to get the coat dirty, though not so much Mongolia sadly and more moving dirt and grass around in the yard.
@bkotsko Now imagine how good it would look if you took the photo.
Frank Leder and Document
Nice fit on that!
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