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This! Was going to type this exactly.Really good one @Gerry Nelson
So with blatant disregard for S&S's motto, I decided to own more better things and did pick up the Ooe Yofukuten collab jeans. I ordered the 35s as a typical 34 trouser/33 denim (depending on the denim), with a measured waist a little over 35. Fit is great. Just snug to button to begin with and already stretching out comfortably. I'd say these are retro jeans in every possible good way: 13.5 oz denim is a comfortable weight. Just a little hairy to begin with and a classic...
I like that. It's like a promo code for awesome jackets [NB it is NOT a promo code...]Cuoro cromo Chelsea boot shipping noticed received! Getting the auburn color if I recall.
@psychodealer I don't know Jomers, but Gustin's model the last time I looked was essentially crowd sourcing. They post a fabric and you choose a stock cut and size in it, etc. You don't specify details. You are essentially just letting them establish their production run for the item in a specific material that they choose. It's a nice model for everyone I think if you like the products and fabrics they offer and their sizing and cuts work for you. With Luxire it's really...
@Prince of Paisley I do love that jacket. @pravda I like the shoes. Who makes them?
@mc2k Are those trousers pink?
Just got a few items from the linen sale in. Thanks to Luxire for prompt and careful attention on this order, as well as a on two previous orders. This seersucker (not a sale item) is as really nice shade of red/pink and cream: Also got these: They were all in-house when I ordered, so turnaround was quick. Very pleased.
Yes. The other measurements look reasonable and I am working under the assumption that both Lesca and NMWA know what they are doing. Not to say that every sunglasses suits every size and shape face, but I'm optimistic. Wouldn't waste their time otherwise.And @conceptual 4est you guys were Johnny on the spot with fit pics of the Lescas. That was much appreciated.I will also notet that when you google for images of Lesca Picas you find Spike Lee.
New Posts  All Forums: