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I've got a pair in the waxed flesh coming. Vince had been very accommodating to work with. If they boots work well for me, I could see getting the natural Dublin as well.
It doesn't seem as if this suit is meant to be orthodox CM.
Now that is style!
Well then do I go with the blue/brown FC highs or the horsehide? Could always go tennis low for the horsehide... Decisions.
That's really good @baltimoron
I'm a little over 6 feet and about 180 lbs. I bought a large in this shirt and it's comfortable fit. Not tight at all. So I bet you might well want to try a medium of you are looking for a slim fit.
Well I hope he makes with the Bildungsroman quick then, so you'll send him out again to learn and suffer and post videos of candy aisles for us.
What about those Kudu suede Heschungs? Those are really pretty casual for being hard soled laced shoes.
Texture on that cool linen cotton looks nice.
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