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What does this mean "too many pants?" (jk ;-))
Hmmm... @Synthese's Echo boot looks very good. I'm keeping an eye out for the voting to begin.
Glad it was a good time. Hope you sold a few ties too! And in re. the winter sale. If you don't have the Wodehouse denim tweed, it is a lovely lovely tie. That vintage silk is nice too. Plan to give it a first wear shortly.
@Cotton Dockers I like it. Looks very cozy. NBs fit the vibe. @An Acute Style You went for the sweater double AND the plaid double (including the argyles). :-) Bold!
To my understanding it is pulverized rock and calcareous marine matter... Can't recall the last time I've seen similar.:-)They are fantastic!Also I should say that the burnished calf is beautiful. Soft, supple, and with a really fine grain that makes the creasing subtle.I don't think we see much made up in it in this thread. Probably viewed as too dressy or not durable enough. But it is super classy.
Oliver Spencer/Seawall/Epaulet/A Kind of Guise/Rancourt
Recent Oliver Spencer Alpha jersey photo
I ordered a M. Same as IM. I think the SNS stark I have from last year is a L.
Oops meant to say that I will try rolling them up at first.
MTO Clymer boots via PDG
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