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Hmmm... seems like this sole is very much in the Alden Commando vein, so it should work in a casual environment with chinos.Black waxed flesh question for everyone: So the brown wears in as a lighter brown at stress points. How does the black wear in? Just fuzzier black?
Those are my feet!!! The grain is definitely a bit Jurassic. I like it. And, yes, follow Mike's sizing advice. I took my Barrie size. I'd say fit is better than Barrie for me. Quality/price is excellent indeed.
Very cool linen jeans there. And pink too! @luxire would you be able to source cloth from these folks: http://www.herbalfab.com/index.html They have some nice looking naturally dyed fabrics. I'm particularly intrigued by their natural indigo dyed denim. Or perhaps something similar.
Oh man, I'm an expert. We're all in some trouble then... Here's what I think: I'd actually try the made-to-fit program and order 9 and 8.5 in that. That will let you both judge the length (my opinion is that you want your toes to be quite close to the end of the shoe, so that you can just rest a pencil in the space between the end of the shoe and the big toe) and also see what a D width feels like in both of those.You shouldn't have any trouble with unlined CXL stretching...
I think I like everything that YHNT has that's called "grigio." Maybe Rob should make a pinot grigio too... And that brown fresco looks so nice. Good choice.
They seemed pretty oxford-y to me at first sight too. After washing though, the blue definitely gives a chambray vibe, though it is very lightweight (good as far as I'm concerned). I wore that one today. Washed the lavender but haven't given it a close look yet. Assume it will be the same subtle chambray effect.Amusing shirt anecdote: So I washed a lightweight blue oxford cloth from Luxire (without looking through orders, I think it was the G&R that was on special a little...
I've got the bull hide bluchers. Really solidly put together. Very comfortable right off the bat. Nice shoe.
@razl well thanks for that!
Those are some good choices.
One gets the feeling that Alden is thiswhile we'd prefer them to be more like thisAnd while I'm sure one of us could go out and find a maker who would do an MTO of snuff suede, #8, and brass eyelets and likely deliver it in a fraction of the time Alden will, I do understand Alden's reluctance to begin making a run of shoes that's likely to go off the rails and that it wouldn't be in anybody's interest for them to waste time and effort on something like that given how heavy...
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