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Just tried them on quickly, but fortunately fit feels really good for me. Tobacco shell version must be something to look at. Post a photo over in the Buday thread for me to look at ...
Nope. No discount codes. What are you looking at?
Thread derail. But there may be interested parties here: [[SPOILER]]
Well, I did not have to pass on a fine pair of Buday from Ed at Panta. Quick post now and some more thoughts later: @edmorel was absolutely stellar to work with. He took special care to get me in the right size and to make sure that I received shoes to my specs. Extremely pleased with these right out of the box.
Quick shot of new MTO shirt in pink pinpoint. This is the Keystone fit with the cutaway collar. Shirt's messy from packing and shipping of course. Also shown, Wilshires. Edit: Also I like @mothball's plum RC photo gallery. I think it shows how nice the color is.
Plums are great and an unlikely color to find elsewhere I think.
Nice.I'd love to see a photo specifically of those kudu boots!
Didn't they show a pair along that line in last fall's lookbook? Shows off the CXL well.I'm not sure what I'd like in the olive. Played around with it on the custom section. But really it's the photos here that let me imagine the color.Fall makeup for me may be a black shell Clymer boot.
@ghdvfddzgzdzg's photo is just really great. Kamigata does look very cool in it indeed.
@newcomer wow that suit looks really great. That is going to rock the summer cocktail party circuit mercilessly.
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