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So these are what I'd consider way outside my normal, but Barrett J Jeans? Pretty sure the 50 would work for me.
Pretty sure it's sanforized. Couple of pairs I have I've washed and air dried several times already and I haven't gotten the shrinkage I'd expect from unsanforized denim.I will say that it does take a little bit longer than other denim to stretch to size after a wash, which I attribute to all the stitching (erroneously or not)...I wouldn't size up if you tried on 32 and it fits right.
I found Schneider overcoats at least to be fairly fully cut. Film coat does seem to be a bit different, much as OV describes. But I think things in the Conversation coat vein are pretty suitable for wider shoulders.@ChetB Really like the lines and proportions in your recent fits.
Off thread, but geez what's the point of an Ivy League basketball tournament really? I get why the big leagues do it: More games = more TV $. But seems like Ivy League would be small potatoes as far as TV revenue goes. Seems more like a me-too kind of thing to placate a fanbase that wishes they had a big-time program to root for...
@slugworth epic. Those look great!
I understand gdl203's advice. But at the same time at 6x the cost I think you may well do fine with the Junkers. My point about reselling may still be useful too. Get the junkers and see how you like it. If you are still longing for the Max Bill then start saving and eventually sell the Junkers for what you can get for it. Greg is a verified watch Big Timer though, so take my advice for what it's worth.
@JDelage I've got a deck jacket from another brand and with the alpaca fleece lining and collar its really quite warm. I think that could be a good choice. Norwegian Rain makes a deck jacket style as well, which they call the Bum Freezer (for better or worse), and their jackets are maybe a little more technical, but super warm with the arctic liner and shearling collar. Might be worth a look. @MickeyPunch I like the domed crystal on those watches and the Bauhaus styling....
I love those pinch pennies. When I got my shell loafers it was way back when they didn't have the all these choices, certainly not all these shell colors as options. I'm really a big fan of the pinch penny shape. It's a little cleaner than the beefroll, but still has that hand stitch on the heel.
TWSSNo need to sift through order history. Looks good in that fit!
@lawyerdad is that the black linen scalloped hem Leder shirt?
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