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Thanks gents. And I hear you about tbe color variaton. I like what I got.
Alva Mac over Schneider Figaria
Carmina and Wilshire
Look for him on the street. He must cut quite the figure about town.
9495 is mine (we'll really Proper Cloth's that we're copying). We can call it the Cowperwood Cutaway perhaps... Nice set of shirts. Sorry to hear that the white cloth didn't meet expectations, but it's good feedback for everyone here to hear this. I think I've got the flame red coming from the Thanksgiving sale. Can't recall at the moment.
In Stitches, I've been meaning to tell you that I really did try to find your most recent awesome fit in WAYWRN and thumb it... I really did look. Incidentally, I ran across these amazing shots of what I take to be the Chairman of Baltimore Consolidated Biscuit in his secret loft lair. He appears to be contemplating his next audacious corporate raid, one that will tighten further his already vice-like grip on the Monument City's bread and snacks suppliers. Anyway, that...
Those look great. Will look forward to seeing some more photos.
I like it! That's another lovely tie.
Maybe it's antique cognac? Something along those lines anyway. We can call it dark brown.
Oh whistle, really? I better start getting through the 3,189 unread posts I have waiting for me in WAYWRN...
New Posts  All Forums: