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Frustrating that you won't have them for your trip. But you won't find a lot of other situations where you'd get a pair of exotic color shell remade for you. So that's the positive side.
I've been tempted by that sky blue cool linen cotton. Thoughts on the color and texture? Does it shade turquoise at all? What is the "cool" c/l like?
That gray slub is on my willpower list. Will it sell out before I give in? Only time will tell.Looks great RoR. It is most definitely Doyle season!
I sent in some shoes for a repair and it took at least three weeks as I recall.
So... if we go with our standard IM size, we'll get something that fits a bit larger/longer, yes? Seems to sound about right for a tunic.
Oh, well ok then. I was hoping to be a rebel and be like WELL I'M GOING TO ORDER IT ANYWAY I DON"T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS.I'll look forward to seeing the tunic measurements. I like the idea of a linen IM that falls straight at the hem and sleeve cuffs...
I assume it's asteroid dust he never gets the chance to wash out.
Nope, noticing this too across three different browsers. Site usually loads as quick as a wink.On another note, this is nice:
If I order orange, am I going to get a sharply worded note from you?
We have a lot of questions.
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