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Yup. That's right Driggs has a significantly lower rise. Top block and thigh is otherwise similar cut to Walts. Taper below knees is then much more pronounced. Leg opening narrower. I wear same size in both.
Yes. It is the M. I've been a M in Inis across the board. I like the trim fit.
That would be an interesting exercise. I've occasionally wondered about those guys who have a uniform. I don't think I could stick to it...
Not sure I see puffing in the shoulder at least on mine after a brief try on. I think it's a heavy knit and the wool is a little rougher than typical, so the construction may settle in with a bit of wear maybe?
@Katt I think those trousers look very nice too. Too long is pretty easily fixed, of course. Is there anything else in particular that you are wondering about. Assume they are comfortable sitting/standing/walking. They certainly look comfortable.
Newc How's the body length in the L vs the M? I think I prefer the M on you, but it looks as if maybe it comes up a little short.
Man. Of all the things to lose. I know this isn't an organ for transplant or anything, but I would be very unhappy with UPS about this personally. I hope it all works out for you.
Slightly larger and a careful hot wash and dry seems like a good course. I know you don't want sloppy, but fortunately it's a flannel, so we don't have to be too fussy. You can rip holes in it eventually...
Nope not tight anywhere. It's a generally trim cut, as advertised. I might make the sleeves a hair longer, if I could choose, and I think the shoulder yoke wouldn't be bad for me in an XL, but I don't think it's worth sizing up.
That doesn't sound promising. That's pretty much overnight delivery territory, even UPS Ground. I hope your wedding suit is safe. Too important. Maybe give UPS a call if at all possible and light a fire under their rears. Tell them it's your wedding suit. Tell them to figure it out. Nicely... It's their job to get stuff where it's supposed to go quickly and safely.
New Posts  All Forums: