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Schneider/Burgus Plus/Dinkelacker [[SPOILER]]
And here it is: Grey moleskin field jacket and cinnamon heirloom crewneck:
Schneider Memory
@bkotskoThis is some next level photography stuff. We're getting studio pics now... Standing up straight is a funny thing, isn't it? I think a lot of times we overcompensate and end up leaning backwards. It's probably all about the core or something like that. And #TeamGreyFieldJacket is in effect. Photos to follow. But it's perfect. The moleskin is the right weight and the right hand. Cut is perfect of course.
That is really good @bkotsko. Linen has a lot of character.
Can't remember if it includes brown, but I think Mike is bringing in some Heirloom Cardigans as stock.
Love the Rudy fit. A really classic cut. Maybe even timeless.
@Don L: You have a pair of trousers in the navy selvage chino fabric, right? http://luxire.com/products/navy-selvage-chino-jeans How does the fabric fit? Does it stretch like denim or is it does it act more like a standard canvas cloth with less stretch. Considering a pair of trousers and wondering whether to go with a TTS waist or a sized down denim waist. Any recent photos and/or thoughts on how the fabric wears?
THAT's why I didn't get it.
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