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UK sanded canvas Walts
Navy Thorpe looks really nice. I like that shawl collar.@Don L darn nice boots. Look at the soles on those things!Nothing to worry about here. EP cuts are sharp and sizing on the slim side. So this XL is another shop's L. Heck, probably a M some places.I'm measure up just a shade smaller than you and I think you chose your sizes wisely.
I hope they are shell with a list price of $1,100. I'm tempted by these but not in a hurry.
Shhhhhh! Kyle's back. Shhhhhh. Just act like nothings going on.... whistling...
I was assuming they are off on Monday, but maybe not since it's not really a traditional retail location and therefore they probably don't have to be there on Saturday.Anyway, I'm stirring up trouble while they aren't paying strict attention here. We'll leave it at that, and that I'm expecting the preorder to go live tomorrow latest.
I understand. Those measurements do seem to be slim.I'm really just stirring up trouble while Greg and Kyle are off for the day.It may be a total fantasy to think that this particular coat would ever be remade.My guess is that the Merino coat will work out fine for you. Sizing was as expected for me (and seems like it has been for others too). It's a relatively roomy cut too, it seems. Of course, all of my Schneider banter is based on N of two.
I don't know about those measurements. I was looking at the photos. And you know it just occurred to me that I probably don't have the final say on these things. I imagine that Mr. Schneider himself probably has to agree to them as well. 😄
Well, Greg's going to have them made up for all of us. Kyle will post the preorder links shortly... And that would be for delivery for F/W 2015, right?Though I suppose you could wear this in the spring too.Anyway, we can dream, can't we?
Nice set of photos in this closed Marketplace listing. Looks pretty much like the best thing ever.
I'd never heard of SS before this past spring. So no chance to hoard much yet, thought hoarding is my general inclination. Just have to move some stacks of newspapers around and I'll find some room here somewhere. Anyway, a photo of said long coat went up in the SS thread during discussion of other reissues that NMWA might initiate. I don't know what year it's from. Googling it turns up photos of it here on SF (posted by @sipang it seems). From my limited experience of...
New Posts  All Forums: