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I thumbed to post but I also have announce that I thumbed the post because I really liked the post.
Got the floral denim coming in tomorrow I think and my individualized shirts. Oxfords and can't wait based on @Nik Telford's post. Love those windowpane Gables too Nik!
Thanks! Shoes turned out a little more red in the photo than I think they are IRL. But I certainly see white sneakers here, yes. And do even have some!Shoes are medium brown London model (PTB).
Well those are pretty...
Steady on there Senator Rubio. lol
Placed my order 7/12, so I should have another month or so to wait I'd guess.
Off the band collar shirt topic, but they have a pretty nice looking bathrobe sort of outerwear thing too. Or did we just see one of those in this thread?
Self quote!Any eta on this? Seems to fit into your Genuine Goods, right?Some nice new fall shirts on the site too. Flannel and that denim BD looks nice.
New Posts  All Forums: