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Chore coats look nice. I was not familiar with Vetra. Like those Novestas too.
Nice! You can always dip it again to darken it.I think the color looks good though and I agree that it should fade nicely.
Nice!It's really a minor thing as they are easy enough for me to get on.And they are super comfortable right off the bat. The cuoro cromo is just as beautiful as advertised. Really easy wearing with a great color and finish.The shape is giving me sort of a Kapital vibe, which is cool.Good stuff.
@Epaulet product development note for future Chelsea boots: the pull tabs aren't actually big enough for me to get a finger into to pull with. They be more useful a little bigger, at least perhaps the back one.
I'm looking forward to this too.
Speaking of Chelsea boots, here are some photos of the auburn couro cromo: [[SPOILER]]
The right hand, front view photo with bomber is particularly cool.
@vcrash I like the fit on that Bedford. Seems more relaxed than how EG typically fits. And the fatigues are good too. Work well together.
Noted some EP women's sneakers in perforated suede on IG...
That's sharp @Isolation. Love the white and green. Trousers are a good cut too.
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