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Probably more like this in the end
I'm usually just sleeping on the porch.
Funny, I like long shirts in theory, but I don't find myself wearing them that often when I get one. This one seems to be about 33 inches long, which is actually just slightly longer than I like shirts anyway, so maybe it would work OK for me. Less like old pajamas is a consideration however.
This doesn't go in the should I or shouldn't I buy thread?
As shorts go, I like those. Any thoughts on these Tender shirts? Option 1 Option 2
Optic white ankles... Had a pair of those myself for years.
I just went with the Albiini white oxford and pink baseball stripe oxford. Very excited to see this fabric. Sounds great.
Picked up a nice woad dyed short sleeve Tender shirt from Independence in Chicago. I can understand why you are a buyer.
It's this one I believe;http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/tops/products/blue-salt-washed-oxford-shirt
Nice pants full stop. Great fits coming at us left and right here.
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