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I hope so, since that was what we were expecting from the second volume of Cossery's commentary. But of course he never finished it.
People should say if they don't like the scarf. But they should also know that they're gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola company.
Presumably the family Bibliotheque de la Pleiade omnibus with critical apparatus and the marginalia of various learned uncles and aunts.
I noticed this fit again in the small gallery photos top right on the desktop view and I think the color blocks look very good.Stanley, I like this. All the soft fabrics and lines have a lounge feel that nods towards sweats while clearly not being sweats. I wonder how it would look with just one shirt under the jacket rather than two.
Shirt is yellow and the jacket grey or maybe even lavender? I like this.
I'm going to say this and I'm not doing it to be combative with anyone. But the man does NOT look weird. It's fun to have TheFoxTooth post his fits here (and good to see that he's having a bit of fun with the) and for us all to discuss them. That's what I'm here for anyway. He said himself the photos are a little more styled than he might choose otherwise, and the poses are more fun and confident than usual. That's all I see. Honestly I wish I had the time and the skill...
Stitching on Rancourt (and all other traditional) handsewns is most definitely part of the construction and not skin stitching. I do like both looks, and agree that even skin stitching gives something of a casual vibe. What's interesting is that different leathers give a different look for the handsewn moc toe stitching. The mimosa calf I have stitches together very tightly so it gives a fine edge to it. Something like CXL or even shell stitches together a little more...
Well, there you go.
The artist surveys his latest work.The street art makes this look for me, though there is the hat yes and the DB that really does suit you Stitchy.How did you manage to avoid getting any chalk on the suit?And @solargarden I like that pink jacket a lot and how it goes with the indigo.
Yup, I nosed around and TSM has some versions of the Alden moc toe blucher that look pretty good. Really just my 2 cents about that particular shoe in that particular photo. Agree that Rancourt shell is a bit different, but I think halfnhalfnhalf is likely well versed in the variations of shell. There's no doubt that what he's proposing from Rancourt will be its own thing for several reasons. Remains an interesting idea in my mind.
New Posts  All Forums: