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That's odd. I have rust steep twill Walts from a stock run (assume they are the same fabric) and I've never noticed dye transfer. I realize that's not terribly helpful in the circumstances. Seems as if it ought to wash out eventually.White Wilshires today. Resisting @rydenfan's almost certainly correct assertion that I need the eggshell as well.
I was really totally uncertain whether in stitches would judge the jacket right for cyc wid it... The suspense! And, incidentally, I suppose this photo turns out to be a random-drawing-victory lap for the Farnese/Inglese combination (check your NMWA newsletter...) I will also note that there are some great new photos in the gallery that I have just noticed. The gentleman in full Niche flower print shorts-suit and espadrilles has knocked it out of the park. And nice...
Score one-half for peer pressure! 😄
I'd have to say it's more like the bottom photo in the daylight as well. That's also what I'm seeing in Cotton Docker's photo too (which is a good look BTW)... but hey color is notoriously hard to judge.
Sounds like a good choice. And I too am interests in 18oz Wilshires. Should be a great pair if jeans.Wow that makes them sound very tempting.
Will look forward to Drakes f/wEdit: and thinking positive thoughts about that knee @Murlsquirl
Navy overdye is really nice IMO. It's dark solid navy but rich. I'll try to post some direct light photos in the next couple of days. It's finally a little on the warm side for jeans here. 😄Others will have to comment on the ring ring'stexture, big I assume it is subtle and that they make up as a staple pair of jeans. I'd say if anything the overdye navy reads less as denim right away and more as a five pocket twill trouser. So that could be good or bad depending in how...
Shoot. Those are the goods Ozzy!
The brown shell plain toe derbies at Panta look like something else as well. I'm also intrigued by Buday's brown and black shell color scheme. Looks good and I hadn't thought about it before. Maybe for a future pair. Why have shoes that are just one color, right?
I've handled the boots. They are just as good as they look. I have to post photos of some of the details on the pair I just got before I wear them and obscure some of the beauty. 😄
New Posts  All Forums: