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Hows the ball of the foot? Not sure I've experienced just a heel being tight before. Maybe it's worth filling out a fit sheet for Whites or Bakers and then getting on the phone with one of them to talk about sizing. I've found that between the fit sheet and sizing in other common brands, this can be a good way to figure out what size you may need.
I really like that, but I don't really wear black that much and the color has been keeping me at bay. Oatmeal one is nice too...
Glad to see the sun is out. +1 for frayed cuff on the jacket. I take it RRP stands for "Real Real Preppy."
I bought them. Get ready to roll your eyes.
Details: Tan Horsehide 1035 Last Dovetail Heel Leather Sole Brogue Toe Cap Blind Eyelets Natural Midsole Kip Lining Light wear. Free shipping CONUS. Shipping to other locations at billed rate, most likely USPS priority.
Trophy collar, huh?
Interesting. Seems like it would be asking for trouble to put all that stitching in an unsanforized fabric. But who knows. You could message the bandana almanac guy in IG and see what he says.
Wait @ghdvfddzgzdzg you have both black AND blue 3-16 jeans?!?
SOLD Vass Budapest Wingtip Oxfords originally from No Man Walks Alone. Selling because F last in regular width doesn't quite work for me. Details F Last Size Euro 45 Brown calfskin Double leather JR Rendenbach sole tapering to a single sole at the waist (aka, HAF sole) Light wear Lasted Vass shoe trees included. Free Shipping CONUS. All other shipping destinations additional and charged at rate quoted by shipping service. Most likely USPS Priority.
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