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That's what she said?
Last thing you want is bad luck at the gun club. Not sure if I can commit to a second blue Formosa giacca, but I am monitoring this thread and the fabric does look impressive.
I do find that my suitcase tends to be full of Epaulet. Reflects my closet and the various pile so clothing I choose from each day.You are definitely ahead on the overdyes. Just picked the navy up myself in the last couple of weeks.
Oh right. I remember this now. Agree that they are super comfortable. I just got one of the overdyes and they may be only slightly less comfortable than the salt washed. Wash them a few times and it's probably even.
Is yours from the first round. IMO, slightly more substantial second round collar makes them even better. Salt washed are really nice.
Portugese Flannel report: Excellent for raking leaves.
@Spandexter those do look nice. How do you like the Dugdale flannel? Is it a nice weight?
Yes. Overdye separates. Big idea.
@BootSpell I have the black overdye Doyle. Haven't worn it enough to see wear. I'm interested to see what happens with it. Have to beat it up a little. Jeans should wear in faster. Dye on mine started out petty even. @bradp thanks. Jacket is Sartoria Formosa.
You hardly notice the herringbone pattern on this flannel. If is incredibly soft. And the Formosa cut and construction allows for impressive ease of movement. But then you know that...You mean you have rumpled baggy corduroys too? Ha ha@Cotton Dockers that's a good looking shirt. I think the closed version will settle in after some wash and wear. In that photo it still has the vertical folds from packing.
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