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OK, here goes: OLIVER SPENCER Solms jacket in diamond jacquard Bowes cream color TS(S) Navy dobby cotton hooded long jacket ROBINSON LES BAINS Mid-length "Oxford Long" swim trunks, Navy Jouy beach print BUTTERO Tanino Low sneaker, China blue canvas and brown leather LIGHTNING BOLT Herbal Camo Aloha shirt
Lots of great in the wild shots sneaking in here... And team Formosa's numbers are getting really impressive.
Will play too. Good game...
At 15.5 oz consider it stylish light outerwear and yes. Hard to beat at this price.
Agree. That fits @Don L very well.
Rancourt does a finer nap suede that they call Repello, though not in that color. I believe they price all suede the same on their site, so I'm not sure why CM would choose this one in particular. It's unlined right? That may have been a consideration. Rancourt only seems to offer the Repello suede lined.I think this makes a fine casual shoe. The beefroll style is fairly casual, IMO. That being said, not sure you ought to keep them and have the money in them if they're...
Solid natty CXL shoe. Very nice indeed. And @Portland Dry Goods goes full SW&D Rancourt!
Popover photo shoot showing up on Instagram and Tumblr... Looks promising.
Vintage grey silk and silk indigo look really really nice. See some grey and blue in my future. Both those cashmere stripes are really nice too...
I find my bottom 50% frequently still gets wet when using an umbrella. We're just keeping this thread at the top of the home page here, right?
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