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@duff406 Great choice for stepping up the denim game. Willies are a great combination of not your average jeans and low maintenance. All excellent advice above. Wear them and enjoy them.
@gambit402 Toe does turn up a little, yes. Photo angle may be exaggerating it a little. After wearing these a few times over that last few day I've noticed that there's pressure on my instep where there tongue connects to the vamp. It's not terrible, but it leaves a noticeable red mark on my foot. Hoping they give a little bit as they break in since there's really plenty of room in the fit everywhere except this. Again makes me think a wide might be nice in these for...
Those look great. Hope they break in comfortably.
Looks good.And sure. I'd like to hear what you think. Was there an up charge for the request?
Wow, a full size and a half up from Trubalance? I could probably use a wide in Truman if Vince made it admittedly, but I don't think I could go another half size up without the boots being too long.Anyway... Also worth noting that Vince will do minor customizations on orders: e.g. leave the pull tabs off, put on a toe cap. Maybe a few other things. I saw him post on Instagram about a pair with an unstructured toe. That might be an upcharge. Don't know. But right now, he's...
Got them and I've been wearing them around for the past few days. Waxed flesh looks great and the work boot style definitely works nicely with it. Should look really great beat up a bit.And for sizing, 11.5 is right for me. So I'd say, yes, go TTS (or half a size up from your Barrie sizing, if that's at all helpful).Vince was great to deal with. Very responsive. I hope he has real success with these boots.
Darn. This is so cool.
Vince says true to size and in the end I think that will be right for me. 11D Alden, 11 Viberg 1035. Getting Truman 11.5, though I obviously have yet to try them on to know for sure if this is correct.
I've got a pair in the waxed flesh coming. Vince had been very accommodating to work with. If they boots work well for me, I could see getting the natural Dublin as well.
It doesn't seem as if this suit is meant to be orthodox CM.
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