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Give the XL a cold wash an hang dry.I guess I should note that I pretty much wear all my EP shirts casually. The XL collar is a touch too big to wear with a tie for me, though I can get away with it.
Yes, actually, one thing that comes to mind when an EP preorder went a bit off the rails, Mike was more than fair in how he dealt with it. We had options and I was pleased in the end. I don't even count it as a bad experience. It wasn't. I got what I ordered and it's lovely.
Oh, yes the preorder thing. I've got a preorder that I've been waiting on for 6 months (and it's not even a pair of Aldens... and it's definitely not EP), and I ask about it and it's "Oh, yes, it's almost ready... shipping next week." And then it doesn't. So that's frustrating and it has honestly taken that maker off my list, especially since all they do is MTO. In general, I've had much better experiences, and I've definitely bought many many things from Mike on a...
I'm enjoying wearing the Classic Turnouts I got from Nungar. Nice boots, but yes, not sure they are $550 boots. I got an order in to Nungar for MTO kangaroo buckle boots in a wide fitting end of November, and at the time Steve said expect a February delivery. Haven't been charged for them yet, so if they come through great. If not, no big deal.
Could be the difference between MTO orders from discounting retailers and what I assume are full price or even premium price MTO through a corporate store. They may be looking good to bring the MTO in house.
Yes, Mike, do this. No pleat and no darts. But I really think you ought to sample one in a popover in say... an XL? I'll be glad to take it off your hands then... Seriously, I think this makes a lot of sense as a signature piece that could have a nice life in some different fabrics.So when can we buy them then?
The shirts are nice and the sale prices are excellent for them. There's a nice denim shirt in there. And there's a pair of cream corduroy trousers. Just sayin'.
These are good points. If these or similar fabrics could be available through IS, that would be great. I don't think they are in the $110 shirt biz, but maybe at the $165 level. Another case in point was that washed white Chambray that you offered maybe two seasons ago. It was one of the lower cost shirts.Great fabric. Would have that made up in a nice IS shirt...And that one piece collar gets more and more intriguing. Was not aware of it's baller-ness (@FLW), and perhaps...
@ghdvfddzgzdzg That's good. Are those the Lesca Bronson?
The darts issue is an interesting one. I don't mind the darts and I'd never owned a shirt with darts before buying EP shirts. But then I'm glad to get the Individualized shirts without darts. But this is a preference, not a fit need. It is an interesting point that @Michigan Planner raises about stocking a dartless/easy fit. That could well be a good idea, but it makes the mix more complex. Then you get into, we'll I've got all these size Y left in darted but size Z left...
New Posts  All Forums: