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Essex denim jacket, EP oxford cloth popover, natural veg tan belt, plum duck Rivets: [[SPOILER]]
@eljlakers do I see that your tassels match your trousers? Sanded canvas is a great fabric. Mine has gotten smoother and softer with age.
Not if someone wants to buy them.My interest in them waned over time. I'm sort of in a fit of pique with Alden too. I have all I could ever wear and I honestly don't see the value in worrying about shoes that can be such a hassle to get. You get equal or better styling, better construction, more choices, and exponentially faster delivery at any number of other makers. Vass for instance... . You see? I'm positively apoplectic. Ha ha.
My first instinct would be the blue. But then I have a lot of blue coats and clothes. Not much black which leads me to them consider the black. The brown shearling does look nice with it.Blue is a great choice certainly.
Which color did you choose?
Oh ha ha. Well you can see I know what I'm talking about with the pants (or not... ). Taper looks good I think.Thanks for the deets on the shirt. I'm I intrigued by the natural dying. I bet a guy who can taper his own trousers can replace a set of buttons too...
Quoted to make the images bigger. I would like to see more of the shirt.You added the little pocket to the trouser? They don't look at all bad.
Dang @ReedCA. Solid. Love that Doyle fit. Windowpanes are always a +1 too.
No, I wouldn't try the shearling donuts. Just a fad.
Yes, natural also.
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