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Is the flannel for the Inglese popovers a knit or a woven? So stretch or no stretch? Is this a silly question? They look great.
I ordered kangaroo and yearling boots at the same time from Nungar and the only adjustment for size Steve recommended was based on the last, not the leather. I have the yearling pair now, and the fit is very good based on Steve's advice. Have yet to receive the kangaroo boots, so I can't say if Steve's right or not on them. My guess is that he will be assuming the more chiseled toe RM Williams last works for me.But I do have other kangaroo shoes and I honestly can't see...
501s? Levis? I've heard of those... Ha ha. I guess people can probably recognize them by sight. They're standards for a reason, I think.Boots are from Rozsnyai, which I can't spell without looking up.It's the side zip model from their site with the shaft slightly longer than standard. Haven't tried Rozsnyai's shoes yet and wanted side zips, so I figured what the heck.
Hope they fit. Turns out I was measuring the ball of my foot incorrectly and the results read as suuuuper wide rather than just a little wide. These don't look too crazy, so hopefully they'll work for me. Would always rather have a little more room than a little less, particularly in boots.
Side zips are on their way to me. Photos from the shop: Edit: Posted two of the same photo...
I'm on something of an oxford cloth kick. What are the jeans @Parker? I have these on their way to me from Budapest:
@Rais I like that tee a lot. The loose cropped sleeves are good. Fabric looks nice too. Is it anything in particular?
So it's sort of an updated Gomer Pyle? And nahneun is Jim Nabors?
Well, I'm just going to repeat "wear the jacket you have" to myself in a soothing manner and that will do then.
Oh boy that waxy lamb and that green scotch grain.
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