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Garand trousers coming so soon? Excellent!
Look very nice. Put the next pair in a display case maybe ;-)
Looks like a very nice line. I see from your site that the leather is tanned in Turkey. Where will the bags be made?
Thanks... chinos are Epaulet Walts from a few years ago. Shoes are from Buday.
Thanks and yes, shoes are Buday.
Inis Meain and hardly visible Mazzarelli
UK sanded canvas Walts
Navy Thorpe looks really nice. I like that shawl collar.@Don L darn nice boots. Look at the soles on those things!Nothing to worry about here. EP cuts are sharp and sizing on the slim side. So this XL is another shop's L. Heck, probably a M some places.I'm measure up just a shade smaller than you and I think you chose your sizes wisely.
I hope they are shell with a list price of $1,100. I'm tempted by these but not in a hurry.
Shhhhhh! Kyle's back. Shhhhhh. Just act like nothings going on.... whistling...
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