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Well, those fellows look gemütlich in theirs.I got the 50 long in the Formosa jacket. I THINK it is going to fit really nicely. It feels extremely comfortable, with plenty of room to move yet without appearing to be oversized anywhere. Of course I may just be smitten with how awesome it is to look at...Ballpark actual measured chest (what I think you are asking for) is probably 39" or 40".
Thanks. That's the sweater.
Thank you, Roger!
^Thanks, gents
Maybe best that she didn't...
Wait, I'm not going to need a white sweater this winter, am I?It really really really is, Newc. Thanks. Wore it this morning as the top layer for 50 and damp. Get a cup of coffee in you and your are pretty darn warm.
Scotch grain Alt Wiens on the P2
Navy overdye Wilshires
Gray Bart and scotch grain Vass Alt Wiens Also visible, NMWA garment bag used to take Formosa Fox Flannel to the tailor (sorry Murl: photos next week)
@newcomer what did you have the tailor do? Looks fantastic and that shirt is great too.
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