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Just tell us, at least, that cyc wid it is in fact your real name. Complete with lack of initial caps...
@Whirling has a pair: http://www.styleforum.net/t/447349/truman-boots/880_20#post_8449718I have other shoes with the Reltex sole and it's definitely fairly squishy. More a medium-soft rubber than a hard rubber. It's very comfortable. Not quite sure how it would hold up under heavy use, but that's only because my shoes don't get much chance for that kind of wear. More around town sort of stuff, and it's plenty sturdy and long-lasting for that.I order that sole on a pair of...
Very true. I usually have to give something new a try to see if it works.
Yup. No point in novelty for its own sake if it gets you a shirt that doesn't work for you.
There's something to be said for taking advantage of the individualized process and getting a collar that's not otherwise commonly available.
^That's good.
@medoc bond collar would be a nice choice to make it a little different and to take advantage of the option. Regular BD collar would also be a good choice. I'd go with a soft collar and cuffs on a flannel.
@Mr Stevens that's a good start for sure! Nice colors. Keep posting.
@Roycru terrific trousers. But IDK I think maybe your belt matches the midsole on your shoes...
I like the cut and the colors. They give it a bit of a subdued trade blanket feel.
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