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@luv2breformed That's a great looking jacket.
I wonder how his derby shoe is coming along. I'm going to be very interested to see that in some of these leathers he's rolling out.
Individualized popover, EPLA tee, and white Willies
Here's one. A little hard to see the shoes... I think I've posted others. Highly recommend for wear just as you are proposing. I've had people comment on how they like the visual of the texture.
@JR Magat Dominican hot was what I was wondering about! Thanks!
Any opinions here on how cool the Stormcloud Wool-Silk-Linen wears? Is it a summer weight fabric or is it more spring/fall?
I for one will pitch my tabernacle amid the smiling meadows with the hermit's disgust and earn my repose there.
Those are beauties!
@ZheNewYork @mc2k Thanks gents!
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