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You can stop in at Bow Truss coffee if you make it to Meyvn. They have cold brew on nitro draught there.
Same here.
Saw this on the H Stockton Instagram: Would love to see this in a heavyweight corduroy. Would have a very old school hunting coat feel to it.
I picked blind eyelets. May have been influenced by seeing that in the photos, but it also looks a little more rustic to me in keeping with the the overall look of the shoe. I suppose blind eyelets are technically meant to give a cleaner, more formal look to a shoe. But in this case, it feels like it's the opposite to me.
IDK. I think that would be pretty well received on the SW&D side. It's definitely in the range of fits there in my opinion. Looks good anyway. I like the minimalism.
I'd say St Louis and certainly Austin are more convect than summer.
Drats! Foiled!I do like that kimono tee.
Geez @mossrockss that's looking good.
Thanks. Good suggestion. I think I just need to be brave and really crop them. They have a zipper fly.
Essex would make a cool venetian too. I wonder why Rancourt doesn't do more of those.
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