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@Isolation terrific overcoat. Are the shoulders standard construction or raglan?
This is the Zara coat?Seriously, thanks for the detail. Lined sleeves are helpful.And would Herr Schneider shrug in the Gallic manner in response to our friend here? Roll his eyes? Or simply maintain his good manners?He's a nice guy right?
Well, blue/grey Film: done and done.
I remember that episode. That's vintage Donaghy. Or is it Dona-hee? ...Dona-fee?
Darn that's good. I think my need to wear a tux anytime in the foreseeable future is nil, but I kind of wish I did need to so I could wear one of those.
Those do look good. Will be keeping an eye out for them.
I'm conceding the win to FLW on this one. I'm going to have to get some braces.
^That's perfect right there. Love the brown jacket and blue trousers! And I see braces too right? @metranger8694 Thank you sir! And that is indeed some serious tweed @fairlynerdy
@MTLinStyle He's not kidding. I have not stood still for five hours in the Moscow, but it is impervious to wind and precipitation to wind chills of -20 in my experience. In not quite so cold temperatures, you risk is ending up sweating in the thing. How cold does it get where you live and how long do you find yourself outside in that cold?
I've always assumed that the title refers to the trousers the band seemed to favor.
New Posts  All Forums: