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I can understand what @sugarbutch is saying in re. @Cotton Dockers's jacket. It is an interesting problem, this hippiness perceived or real. I do tend to agree that it's likely much less noticeable in motion and from the more typical viewpoint IRL. And I actually kind of like @Roycru's trousers. They are perhaps the distinctive element of that fit. It looks right to me, even if it might not be to standard current spec. And I like that location!
Great colors.
You mean the one in Dorset?
Goodness gracious that is a lot of Rancourt. Looks like a great trunk show and good on ToBox.
Those Alt Wiens are lovely. Good choice.I say go for for the Budapest last. It's really quite elegant even while it is substantial.
That toe stitching really changes how the Blakes look. Amazing and very cool. Thanks for posting. Pretty unusual color of shell too.
That's a negative flight captain. Neck wear not nearly rakish enough.
Ok. You seem like a smart guy and that a reasonable guess. But I'm going to with shoes inside boots actually.
An ever smaller series of boxes? I too want to know what's in the Vass box.
Some wider leg trousers rolled up would also work for that fit @Oldsrocket27. I understand you are looking to work with what you have though.
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