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MTO navy moleskin Taylors.
@nicelynice Saw your resolute purchase on IM and was coming here to ask about them... and there they are. They have been on my thinking about list for a little while. I want to get a pair and wash and dry them indiscriminately. I believe this is encouraged by the fellow who owns the brand. Any thoughts on sizing them? Did you get raw or one wash?
Darn. I should have gotten one of those poppy shirts.
I strongly considered the bullhide for the vamp leather. But decided I want to go with a smooth leather and I'm interested to check out the brown dress. Looks like it should shine up well (which may require me to develop an actual shoe care method... ). I find White's mix of leathers and the ability to make two-tone combinations.I can see doing a two-leather Cougar (I like that 2021 sole...) or SJ. Some really nice examples of those online.And will admit that at some point...
^^Der Vogelfänger bist du ja!
Yes. I am under the impression that you have a few. [said slowly and deliberately]
Same experience for me as Mr. Six describes, though I believe I am working with a smaller sample size. Still several jackets over several seasons and I'd say they aren't perfectly consistent, but neither has there been a specific change in sizing. They are perfectly awesome of course!
What leather? They do make nice belts.And @styc that's a nice makeup.
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