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The century denim.
Schneider roll neck:
Still waiting on W.H. Ranch? Ouch. That's been a bit now, hasn't it? It doesn't take very long to make a pair of jeans...Great. Another thing for Tracy Jordan to blame Obama for.
What's amazing about that is the average salary (taking your number) is quite high, but maybe, what, 2x the national average? But the housing prices are maybe 5x or more the average. Just spit balling those numbers, but point being that there are a lot of places where housing prices seem to be substantially decoupled from incomes. And that's just the purchase price. You can bet it's not cheap to make repairs either. I suppose Calif. has the whole Prop 13 thing going so...
And on topic... One of these pairs of unlined gloves? Chamois deerskin or carpincho
Well my order for the Classic Turnout came in from Nungar waaaay ahead of schedule. Was quoted Feb. and now they are here. They must have had a pair in my size at the warehouse. Will report on fit later today. Got the 10.5H on Steve's recommendation so we'll see how that works out for me. Question of whether the width is right.
Yup, we typically do 30 year fixed rate loans. Then there's a secondary market for the banks to move those along (we may recall that market being in the news a few years past... ) So is it a good system? It's certainly the one we have! You can do other varieties that are closer to what you describe though.And don't worry too much. If you live in the equivalent of London here, then you'll have no trouble paying $1 million plus for your shoe box.
At the price point under discussion here I'd fall into the willing to try knit denim jeans in a Wilshire-ish cut cause Mike says so camp.
\You are the guy looking at his phone? Or are you saying you are actually a train car?
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