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That's a good one @Cotton Dockers. I like the colors and there's a nice balance between the top and bottom proportions.
Hmmm... now what to put that lambswool shearling on. I've always admired those coats with a good stand up collar that's shearling lined. I'm cogitating.
Stay rakish my friend.
Do the Japanese locations still have the 7-11 brand gummis? That's what I get when I shop there. You know what, forget that. I recall visiting a Japanese sweet shop in San Francisco on Market Street and finding out that the country is highly advanced when it comes to gummi-like candy, far in excess of whatever they can come up with at corporate in Dallas. Perhaps photos of jelly candies to go with my tea. Also, I like the clothing so far.
Oh good. Japan has 7-11. Roasted tea sounds good. Can we get a photo?
Beautiful Formosa @PCK1!
Looking forward to the new batch of jerseys myself.It's really a great casual concept you've got. All the comfort of the knit but you avoid the polo angst (for anyone who suffers from that... ) And I'm sort of a full collar guy for wovens (like the classic BDs with that roll), but the smaller collar on the jersey works for me. And it's also interesting how the cuffs and the collar rumple a bit and roll a little at the edges. Very cool overall.I don't think I've ever really...
Jersey stitch down is the business. I have the OD black. Looking forward to trying one of the wovens.
So this is an Italian bike...?
What they said, That is excellent @el Bert.
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