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Yes! Jacket length caught my eye too!
@heldentenor terrific fit all around there!
If you don't take the route of getting a refund, @q1445, you might want to list these by approximate outsole/insole measurements rather than a size since it's hidden away pretty well on these boots. Was reading something in the Buying and Selling on Ebay Thread here, and it's pretty easy for a buyer to send the shoes back to you based on a wrong size claim when the size is not clearly marked on the shoes. If that makes any sense. I'm sure there are some Ebay power sellers...
There's a delay with the RLH soles?
Voting is now open for the SW&D challenge
Thanks for playing everyone. The voting is set to expire Oct. 14 at midnight GMT.
I wonder what my 11.5s are then... Whatever they are they fit me.Regardless, these aren't 10.5s.
@Mghart fit on that heirloom looks great. Nice colors in that fit too!
Last day for the challenge: http://www.styleforum.net/t/529762/sw-d-challenge-myself-when-my-wall-is-real-september-26-to-october-10/0_20
I wear 11.5 in Truman. Insole measures roughly 11.5 inches and outsold is 13. Sounds like you may have a pair of 11.5s. Mine aren't marked for size either.
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