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Oh, I don't doubt it's much more than a difference of degree. But my chances of visiting a place like you describe are slim to none, while it's mainly a matter of actually getting out of the house to visit one of our local imitations, pale though they may be.
I can do that.Easy.All done by email (even sent in measurements by email, which some shoemakers don't like, but they were fine with). I think they got the sizing down pretty well for my taste. Haven't worn them around much yet, of course.Payment by PayPal. Shoes were ready in about a month and shipped by TNT, arriving within 5 working days.They seem to be quite flexible. I was able to ask for some antiquing on the leather which turned out well enough (and I got photos...
I need to get out and find one of these places. There seem to be quite a few I drive by in various secondary commercial strips around Chicago. I mean we even have a big shopping center with a Korean spa and an H-Mart right next to the Home Depot. Pretty much everything you need.
Boots are in. Fit is pretty good. Maybe a touch short for me give the toe shape. Not really sure how to expect side zips to fit, so will wear them around and see how they feel.They did a nice job picking out the leather. I just said, brown and soft, and I like what I got. I asked them to put some green antiquing on top of the brown leather mainly because I could. I am also pleased with how that worked out. Very pleased overall with the experience. The company is very easy...
Quasi-Artisanal Streetwear Boots, in so much as they are side zips and I attribute my interest in side zips to the boots I see here.These are from Rosznyai. [[SPOILER]]
So what size did you end up going with out of interest?And the Big John talk has led me to dig my pair out... Not that much to look at really... No sick fadz. Though I think I do see something happening on one of the knees.
Carrier Co./Big John/Rosznyai
No kidding! I do like chamois shirts.
Those new boots do look good. @linafelt Agree. Those SDs are nice looking. Not sure I'm really a CXL guy though in the end, and the Farmer Ranchers fill a gap better, so if I do end up finding the fit works they are more practical in that respect. I'll probably think on the FRs for the next day while the auction winds down and see what I'm feeling tomorrow afternoon.
Well, there I was thinking I shouldn't have bought 50 copies, but now that I see they are super rare and collectible, I may be willing to let a few go for just three easy payments of $33 each.... Looking forward to reading my copy...
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