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@Trapp ha ha. Glad I didn't lose 4 weeks somewhere. Those are a very nice pickup. I'll look forward to seeing how you wear them in. @novaeagle It all depends on the dress code at work. Beefrolls would likely be fine in many cases. Weltline loafers are probably the dressiest loafer Rancourt makes. But the less useful for jeans etc.
Those should handle a lot of walking pretty well. Where did you get them? Seems like we were just talking abut this here last week or so right? So not MTO, but someone's stock? I like that crepe sole with the heel. Classic look.
I would like that hat please. Thank you. Also guy wearing hat's collar sprezz is off the chart.
Thank you. That's good to know that your policy is zero variance. That leads me to think I'll try adding a little to my sleeve length on my next order.Your other points about the inherent differences of different fabrics are well made and certainly make good sense.
That is some nice rise on those.
@epaulet What's the weight of that cotton linen Kamigata compared to the to crosshatch denim? Lighter? It's going to be full Kamigata season soon enough.
Thanks. I read that discussion with interest. I wonder if it might be a complex enough adjustment that it would have a high probability of leading to an unanticipated result.I'll probably try a shirt with a fractionally longer sleeve. Which gets back to my question about .25". I wonder if that will be enough to really make a difference.
Are these the Sal trousers?
And along these lines, if I'm experiencing sleeves that hang well with my arms at my side but pull a little too far back when I raise my arms to perpendicular, what should I try? Add .25" to the sleeve length? Give myself a little more room in the chest? Something else?
So this raises an interesting question for me. I know that Luxire will let us specify certain measurements on shirts in .25" increments (sleeve length is one I think).It seems to me as if that's a margin of measurement that could easily be overwhelmed by variance in cutting and sewing (which is not to say that Luxire's cutters and tailors do anything other than their best, but that we have to allow for some variance) or by one fabric that may shrink a little more than...
New Posts  All Forums: