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That's interesting. I looked at the Kapital web shop and pretty much everything I clicked on was out of stock. Prices are much more reasonable.
@Van504 that Thorpe is a winner.
No tongue travel on my non-gusseted pair. And I do have that problem with other boots. Believe the gusset is standard. Most people were ordering it that way so Vince decided to go with it as the default.
Nice Don.
@GusW that looks very cool.
Thanks. They are Dinkelacker derbies that I got from Manufactum. Description said they are a waxed suede, which I wouldn't guess from looking at them. So I'm waiting to see if the nap comes up with wear or if, maybe, there was some issue in the translation from the German.
Loden's going to be pretty nice I think. Also, my guess is that the fabric weight should indeed make for excellent SoCal outerwear.
And I'm not just saying this, but when I got a look at the photo I realized I was taking some definite cues from many of your fits. I need to get some higher rise trousers in the next one. Edit, also think I've got a bit of the @Gerry Nelson causal vibe too. If I may be so bold.@Isolation I like the simple blue and white colors in that fit just above. Also the balance between the long sweater and the trousers/shirt.
Thanks both.And moleskin it is! Both the Schneider and the field jacket.
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