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I like the idea of the Kapital pants but that particular tee doesn't do them justice from what I can see. Would love to see the pants in a variation of this fit that shows them better.
Two recent photos in the full-length mirror selfie genre: EFF sportcoat from a few years ago in this great super lightweight wool in a grey-tint blue color, plus Khyber cloth Walts Twill Taylors
Ok. Order in for: Button-down Collar Summer Tartan Linen Popover Shirt Will report on sizing.
@kindofyoung I agree that is really really good all around.
Thanks! jacket is linen canvas Formosa from NMWA.
Delancy would be my pick too
Horses. Which I guess you can't actually see. They are there though.
@eazye I like the colors. Especially the trousers' shade of green.
The pair I wore is the vanilla bean! Great color.
"Savoir flare" Aw shucks... And thanks! There was plenty of more EP for the trip too: Khyber cloth Rudys, stormcloud Taylors, white chambray ocbd and Individualized popover. This photo most lent itself to posting.And I love the shoes.You are correct sir! I stayed in the Albergo Sole years ago on a college foreign study program and was revisiting the old neighborhood. Remarkable to see several of the shops I remember are still there. Heard there's a guy doing custom with...
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