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[[SPOILER]] The M65 will come in both canvas and moleskin, and it's an excellent Fall through Spring piece.  [[SPOILER]] Did photo of the M65 ever get posted here, or the link to the Instagram photo? I think this is going to cause quite a stir.
A grained leather's a good idea. I'll have to check in with Ed to see what the range is. Don't know if they have peccary, but that could be excellent.
Thanks!And you are probably going to want to sit down for this, but I'm kind of thinking... not... shell... Whiskey or cognac would be pretty epic however, and I have visions of a plain toe BP39 in the cognac maybe. Or Buday's great black and cognac shell combos...Got to go with the Norweger first. It's a complete absence from my collection, and the Hungarian version is the way to go in my opinion.
In going to have to get a Frakno Norweger I think. Goyser. Not sure which leather though.
Buffalo Bal boots from Panta
My understanding is that they take your measurements in shop once and make your first pair from that. These aren't custom lasts I don't think. They are likely modify their lasts to suit the customer.
The bottom half of the indigo hopsack Walts
It's a nice one. Not very traditional as far as Oxford cloths go. It's lighter weight and has maybe just the hint of a sheen to it. You just pair it with a nice tie...
Ha ha! Yes, I'd actually just come back from the museum where I'd turned a piece of modern art right side up and it finally made sense to everyone... That's my favorite moment I think among the many fine moments in those Most Interesting Man in the World commercials.And the color is pretty much exactly what you're thinking of when you hear "tan linen suit" and the words make you happy.Thanks! That's nice coming from a Formosa Boss. This is a 50L with the standard trouser...
Speaking of Formosa, Carnet linen... And @jcnst12, I am not an expert in things Formosa or in suits by any means, but my impression of the quality is that Formosa is in the class of clothing that fits so naturally that you hardly even realize you are wearing it. The jacket construction in particular feels very natural, which is not to say that what I have is perfectly tailored for me. All I have had changed is the sleeve length and trouser hem. This may be the standard...
New Posts  All Forums: