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Yes. I am under the impression that you have a few. [said slowly and deliberately]
Same experience for me as Mr. Six describes, though I believe I am working with a smaller sample size. Still several jackets over several seasons and I'd say they aren't perfectly consistent, but neither has there been a specific change in sizing. They are perfectly awesome of course!
What leather? They do make nice belts.And @styc that's a nice makeup.
@wigglr I am an official don't cuff your trousers enabler. So I'm good with that! Also love that tie. Also, we need to get some sort of "fire" or "home run" emoji, it will make it so much easier to comment of some of these fits.
Well, the tops have character!So when they rebuild the vamp and heel counter leathers are new? I guess that explains how they can last up a width.
@BootSpell Those look great (new and old!). Got the grey stripe salt washed oxford in today. Nice. Fabric is a great weight and the stripe is grey/blue. Classic OCBD color.
RegisRebuild tm
I really like that packer shape. Nice looking boots. Put in an order with Bakers today: SD on the 461 with brown dress vamp and sienna water buffalo shaft. Single midsole with Vibram 269 outsole. Standard heel lowered 1/4.
I picked up the Bunaccia, and I'm really looking foreward to it! Expecting great things from YH as usual!
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