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Very nice.
Cuffs work here for me. The look is a little bit of a throwback and maybe I'm wrong but stacking seems more current. +1for Drakes scarf. Believe I have the very one in orange. OSHA approved for increased visibility.
@RegisDB9 I was being a funny guy with the easy joke. Jacket no shirt certainly does work in that photo and elsewhere.
(I have already done this with the sashiko...)Yes. Yes I do like. But I think the stylist may have forgotten to lay out a shirt for the guy in photo 6.
@El Argentino The best to the whole family. @macjedi atta boy. @Don L nice pants by Madre Mio those shows must cause conniptions over in the Alden thread.
Peeking around looks like OS drop has sold pretty well in the official NMWA sizes. That's great. Think that linen sweater is still around though. Stay tuned for a look at tomorrow or Thursday...
I love that second photo though I can't quite tell what's hanging out of the jacket breast pocket looking at it on my phone...
Texture looks fantastic on those. Did not look at them at first. Will like to see what else you got in your big box. 👌
It's a very nice drop and helpfully presented here in the forum too.Speaking of oxfords I've been wearing this one around a bit and it's a really nice fabric. Good weight, soft, no shrinking with a cold wash and drip dry.These oxfords present quite a value.http://luxire.com/products/light-blue-university-stripes-on-white
Sure I'm interested too...
New Posts  All Forums: