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Yes. Those will be nice....
Oh, good. Neither do I. But I think I understand the spirit of the comment.
I can't decide which one I like better: the @eazye or the @penanceroyaltea fit. Fortunately they are right there next to each other so it's easy to look at both.
Beautiful indeed. @GusW I see your pair has a 35W. How did you size? Cut sounds really good on these. And against those beauties, I have my hands on the beast in a pair of those 19oz OldBlues. Arrived today. Started out a little large in the waist, so I've already given them a soak (I'm a devil may care kind of denim guy...) and will try them on and post a photo once they've dried. Really nice stuff at first glance. Edit: I also love the paper patch on those Ooes. My...
@ptr1988 I'm going to say that shirt actually looks pretty good on you. I might suggest wearing it for a bit to see if creasing shows up in certain spots or if it's really clear there's too much or too little room in another spot. Then go in and make those .25" or .50" tweaks as needed.
I don't see a Mexican blanket fabric offered. I'm out.
Hmmm there's something interesting about the shoes though. Can't quite put my finger on it... Geez Don. You probably haven't even had your coffee yet and you completely redefine what FTW means!
Vintage is a good guess. I'm assuming that trying to buy trousers and a jacket at M&S would be like trying the same at Macy's here in the US. Not wishing to cast any undue aspersion on either necessarily, but I think it would be hard to find anything that would pass muster here. At least not without some real panache to pull it off.
I'm assuming it's Marks & Spencer. Not sure if that's any more of a fashion destination than it ever was, but Oucho clearly knows what he's doing one way or the other.
That's all looking really good. I think the GMTOs and these distinctive leathers are really going to be where it's at. Yes, the semi-exotics, but even more so things like Saffiano and that calf with different colors available, and a choice of colors of suede. There's a lot of value in being able to pick a leather and color that fits what we need, rather than looking at a perpetual stock selection and wondering if we need another brown/black/snuff suede/etc. shoe/boot. I...
New Posts  All Forums: