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I ordered a M. Same as IM. I think the SNS stark I have from last year is a L.
Oops meant to say that I will try rolling them up at first.
MTO Clymer boots via PDG
Just put in an MTO for the khaki military twill in A Rudy with button coin pocket, no extension button through closure, and side tabs. Ordered two inches too long in the inseam. Thinking it will make up as something of and old school fatigue trouser? Belt loops might have been more appropriate. Fabric sounds really good.
First Schneider shirt (Botanical) and Gray Gordon ordered. I'm figuring the Gordon will be an ideal spring piece. Should spring arrive.
It's all camera angles and soft lighting :-)
Got s shipping notice for Essex Blake boots. Should have the in hand first thing next week.
Just some pants...that look fantastic!Which ones are these?
Well it's about time.
I posted a not too great photo here of this shirt with a tie and jacket last summer maybe end of Juy I think. On mobile so I can't search for it now... It works fine imo. The collar is not really unstructured.Tubo belts are great.
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