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Speaking of overdyed Willies, these are the navy:
Did some yard work in the waxed flesh 79s yesterday. Nice stuff. Getting more and more comfortable for sure.
@bobbers Those look really nice. That is a shame that the heel could fit better. It seems as if Attila is modifying existing lasts to suit the measurements they take, so perhaps something didn't translate well. Interesting that you chose the Hunor over the Attila last. I have this idea of getting Attila last blucher with Goyser welt double sole in kangaroo as a casual shoe.
EPLA loopwheel and Calgary bluchers And I can think of a few reasons why those overdye Wilshires sound great to me: 1. The Willie cut is really excellent 2. The navy overdyes I have are excellent 3. Mike's eye for color is excellent. I am continually impressed by the way the EPLA colors come across so subtley. For example, the loopwheel above. It's OD green, right? Yes, but it has a dusty brown cast to it that makes it distinct and gives it depth. Choosing just the...
Very nice looking chambrays. Lilac and medium blue for me.
@avsmusic1 where did those Rivets come from? EFF? And great loafers too.
@tricky I like that combo. Shirt looks really good.
That does look and sound like a very fine weave. I like the optimo shape a lot. Have to get around to picking something like this up.
@eazye I particularly like that hat. Will google but details please? Edit: I take it vtg abbreviated vintage...?
Calgary blucher is the business. Really substantial and causal in those hides.
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