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Vibergs getting called out...
I'd also say to wear the Doyle a bit before considering tailoring. I think the body shape is part of the look, but I think it will also settle in a little after the fabric breaks in and settles to your body shape.
@Don L white and black great combination there.
Exactly my kind of Vass. Outstanding.
That will NOT be linen weather.Never been to Alinea, but it's clearly a can't miss if you are in townLook into EL Ideas too. Not bad.
You live somewhere warm, don't you? Bu you are joining us (including @PatrickR and @archibaldleach) on the third coast? Or is there some other meaning to this Mistical message?It's prime linen sweater weather right about now, so if you are planning on wearing that you better get a move on. Should be frozen waves, literally, in short order.
18oz Wilshires seem like a full go to me. I wonder if they will get the single wash. That ought to make them very wearable right away. Have to say I'm looking forward to seeing the snuff belts too when they arrive.
OS stuff is really nice. Polo looks good.
I note that the question has been edited out, but I feel as if it is a standard Doyle length. Haven't measured it though.
I've only ever lurked in the SWD WAWYT but I'd agree that it's not intimidating. Seems like a good collection of people with different styles and fits. It is a thread where the assumption is that you are willing to have the fit critiqued, which can be hard I suppose. But that's true in the equivalent thread on the MC side.Anyway, I also agree that NMWA has broadened the scope of my collection nicely. There are a lot of things that I honestly wouldn't have considered...
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