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@eglbc is our winner!
I can't say that I haven't considered it...
Now that's the SF spirit!
There was some talk about those Ring Jacket blousons in the MC casual thread the other day. Bees knees is the consensus.Will have to give the moleskin trousers a try. You do remember my trouser size correctly. I'll consider this a testament to your memory rather than the number of trousers I've ordered that you may have packed for shipping... Tempted to try the 35s in these since I'm angling for wider leg openings these days. Can the waist be taken in if needed?
You are probably safe. I have a measured waist around 35.5" and I wear 34 across EP trousers. There's always a room to let them out. On the other hand you could play safe and get 36 and have them taken in if needed. I know it's extra work (and I for one am lazy about going to the tailor), but you'd have them hemmed anyway and this fabric is pretty much the last word and all...
That's the blurry hands crew up there. @King Calder Looks good. I really like the top button done up there.
@leftofthedial Two questions about these moleskin trousers: 1. From where are they imported? 2. What's the leg opening measurement?
Cross post from the Recent Purchases thread:
New fatigues.
Yes. Poor guy.
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