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Thanks DeS. I am wearing a M in the Inis MeainI believe I did order a 50L in Formosa. Could probably go with the 50R as well, but figured I'd get the long since if is MTO.
Can someone please point me to the listing of collars, a Google doc I believe?
Mike: what fabrics will the Garand debut in?
Well ok. That certainly explains why there wasn't anything in my porch when I looked just now.I'll be patient.
OMG seriously?!?!?!! This is no joking matter.
That certainly offers us the most entertainment value!
It's the birdseye linen stitch in what I'd call magenta with grey. Don't recall the official color name.
It's back there somewhere, but the answer is Epaulet chinos and Buday shoes.Yes, well, worth noting that you'd likely not want to advise anyone not otherwise forewarned to let me pick out colors, counselor.
EPLA OCBD and Bedford cord Rivets
Inis Meain MTO and Vass u-caps
New Posts  All Forums: