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@kindofyoung Shoot. I would iike to thrift one shearling, much less "another." Nice.
Now there's a good idea. I see RM Williams as right in your wheelhouse. I tired on a pair of the Craftsmen in 11 and width was good, but length was more than I need. Seems like I'd need a 10.5 wide in that shape, so I think I'm out of luck as far as PDG goes since they are stocking standard widths.
Nice. I keep eyeing the fuscia/magenta/red? one. There's jut the one in my size and I keep assuming someone else will by it and relieve me of the need to keep looking...
Seems really good right away. Have to put a little mileage on them to see for sure.
Darn. Looking good there!
Well, that's probably true. I wonder what the soles look like. Uppers look like they are probably in good shape, as does the foot bed. Take them to a cobbler and they'll likely look close to new.
@BananaCake I just had a fine experience with Nungar. Steve called me to discuss sizing. Not an issue in your case I assume. But he was helpful. Shipping was 15 $AUS more than what bootsonline quoted, but I'm not sure if their quote is firm or not. Certainly is cheaper buying from these retailers. Including shipping I paid the equivalent of £261, pre tax.
It's "near" Boston. Isn't it?
@tkliebert That looks great. I love green...
I heard you like those too.
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