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Mist linen Inis Meáin came in today. First impression on lifting the box was "What's in here? It's heavy. This is linen?" It's certainly a substantial knit and very nice. And now ta ta. Going to pop down to the marina for some Cape Codders. (jk... very much jk...)
More ticking strip if you are interested. [[SPOILER]]
Excellent @Steel28! Hope it works out well for you.
+1 for Carmina Forest last and ticking stripe (have mine on again today in fact).
@DeSense: No bragging perceived by me. If we can't talk about our purchases here, where can we? Can't wait to get into my Formosa odd jacket myself this fall and get it worn in like these other gents.
Nice piece on Philly.com about the brand and the people behind it. I'm particularly intrigued by the Miller jacket: Anyone own one or another of the jackets from the line and want to offer his thoughts on it? I'd also be interested to hear more about F/W 14 if there are details that you can share.
You'll catch up to stitchy and Murlsquirl one of these days...
Rob, that's a really really nice collection. So much nice in blue and brown. I don't even know where to start... I'm experiencing immediate lust for 90% of them and I'd wear any of them. Just need to start wearing a tie around the house I guess. The wife will love that. Gonna have to try to pick one.
Yup. Plane ticket and hotel would be the cheapest part of that trip.Cheers.
It seems that we have an eye for some of the same shoe makers. Yes. I traced my feet and took some measurements that they asked for. Priced out as a custom makeup. I'm going to assume that I'm some fairly standard size for them, maybe a wide. So if Ed brings them in that would be a great way to get them. Wasn't hard at all working directly with the shop though.You should just fly down to see them, right? That Budapest visit could turn into quite an extravaganza.Edit: No...
New Posts  All Forums: