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What is the coat made of?
That is a beautiful overcoat. I like those postbox pockets. But what I really want to see is that collar turned up. That's my kind of coat collar.
I like the color of that pocket square.
Thanks for the reply Paul. I'll be keeping an eye out for the new cloth for sure.
Well my paraphrase, yes. The original, I think the committee ought not to be be interested.
Under $700 for these shoes and boots shipped with shoe trees? That's pretty pretty good... New additions are beautiful.
Currently wearing Farnese tubo belt with Niche cords. Will spare you the waist level iPhone selfie, but it's all very nice!
Looks good though. Details on that scarf?
Painful when the stuff is practically coming from Canada geographically. I've paid some stiff tax and brokerage fees.
So this is interesting. Any further information available as to when we may see this made into something and what that might be?
New Posts  All Forums: