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Also cross posted from challenge thread:
Sunbody/Reyn Spooner/Epaulet/What Price Glory/Novesta Total comes out to about $260 as I recall.
@applky fits are looking great recently.
Ordered a pair of the derbies in horsehide. Went with the RLH sole, blind eyelets, structured toe. @limbas Both horsehide and CXL should be plenty sturdy. Yes, CXL tends to have a good amount of stretch and that could lead to a looser fit over time. How much so depends on the fit to begin with (super helpful answer right? ). Chromepak might be the toughest of the three choices though. It's definitely the least refined choice of the three, in my experience. Important...
They require lining for Repello suede, right? That would be the choice. Or if they'd ever stock Kudu suede in brown. That would be awesome, but doesn't seem likely. Otherwise I don't think they offer a dark color like this.Would like to hear about it when/if they do. I'd just copy whatever Venetian you decide to have made.
Needless to say I approve. Pro tip: Book your shuffle board times early to avoid the midday heat and afternoon thunderstorms. You'll also then have plenty of time for a nap before the early bird special.
OK. I clearly haven't been paying attention. What shirt is that???
Great post by @dieworkwear.
@el argentino How does it feel while you are moving around?
@duff406 what size did you go with?
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