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@Rais That palette works well for you. I actually really like the weird pocketless denim pants.
Most likely for the elegance with which I expressed it. I won't edit for posterity.
I thumbed to post but I also have announce that I thumbed the post because I really liked the post.
Got the floral denim coming in tomorrow I think and my individualized shirts. Oxfords and can't wait based on @Nik Telford's post. Love those windowpane Gables too Nik!
Thanks! Shoes turned out a little more red in the photo than I think they are IRL. But I certainly see white sneakers here, yes. And do even have some!Shoes are medium brown London model (PTB).
Well those are pretty...
Steady on there Senator Rubio. lol
Placed my order 7/12, so I should have another month or so to wait I'd guess.
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