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These ones actually do go up to 11.And can we get Rancourt to stock other colors of this kudu suede?What do you think we need, a change.org petition? This is what that's for, right?There's nothing they make that wouldn't be awesome in some color of this suede.
Those are some really great looks. These two are particularly cool to my eye:
Epaulet LA Kamigata/Luxire/Farnese/Epaulet Rivets/Rancourt And this sun... it's rays are so bright? Have we angered it?
EFF gray cotton-linen Rivets and crosshatch Kamigata
A photo of the Chandler kudu camp mocs in the wild:
PDG kudu Chandler camp mocs [[SPOILER]]
I seem to recall that they were specifically marketed as made by Rancourt though, so maybe that's a difference. That Leffot venetian is a nice makeup.
That's right I told them I was @halfnhalfnhalf.Man, they drove an iced coffee out to me while I was waiting for the shoes to come back. No telling how many times they had to stop to put more ice in. It's good when they think you are the King of Rancourt.
Gotcha. Must be a new rule. I think the stuff about only resoling boat/camp moc soles with like is also something relatively new. Well, it was nice to have a new plug, though I suppose that derails the patina.
You mean ones with the camp moc sole? They did replace the plug on my shell beefrolls when I sent them in for the premium refurbish.
New Posts  All Forums: