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This thread is on fire. So many great ties.
That's really incredible.I have not been into a fast fashion retailer recently, but this must largely be a prefab approach to design; rearranging existing elements in different combinations. IDK. Uniqlo counts as fast fashion, right? There's one Chicago now. I'll have to go have a look.That sounds right. They advertise it as "open crown" and that you will crease it to suit. My other thought is to get a Gus creased hat with a decent sized brim and go old-timey...
Seems like everyone remembers that jacket except for me. I'm going to have to pay better attention. @ManofKent You have an apparently endless supply of excellent fit walls.
I've made the switch from L to XL. L fits but it's snug. XL may be a touch loose, but I find that easier to work with personally. Worth giving M a try. The EP cut has much more shape to it than your average shirt to start with, not too big a deal going on the larger side if you are between two.
I found the Calgary blucher sizing advice in the product description very accurate. I just sized relative to Alden Barrie and it has worked out nicely for me.
Looks at least 1/2 a size bigger. I know this is silly but you did check the size stamp on then inside of both shoes, right? I'd keep them pristine and send Rancourt a nice email about the situation.
@conceptual 4est so tell us about the shoes... OK and the jacket.
@Burzan Espresso shell? Yes!
I'm really fond of Tellason. Have a few pairs of their jeans in Ankara and Sheffield cuts, as well as the indigo canvas in the slim tapered (Ladbroke)? I mean to try their Elgin at some point, assuming that's the slim tapered mid-rise. Great no-nonsense products, simple and well constructed. And I like their Cone denims. Also seems like Pete and Tony are really hands on in the business (assuming they aren't having people sign their names to notes in the packages or send...
Good point. And also worth noting that I don't think you need a lot of room in front of your toes with handsewns. A pencil's width is about all.
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