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No kidding! I do like chamois shirts.
Those new boots do look good. @linafelt Agree. Those SDs are nice looking. Not sure I'm really a CXL guy though in the end, and the Farmer Ranchers fill a gap better, so if I do end up finding the fit works they are more practical in that respect. I'll probably think on the FRs for the next day while the auction winds down and see what I'm feeling tomorrow afternoon.
Well, there I was thinking I shouldn't have bought 50 copies, but now that I see they are super rare and collectible, I may be willing to let a few go for just three easy payments of $33 each.... Looking forward to reading my copy...
@rockascout Tell me more about the shirt too. Buttons are interestingly large.
Twinsies! That was my cotton Gable order: Cozy canvas and merlot cords. Great choices.
So looking for enabling/disenabling here. White's River has these black dress Farmer Ranchers on the 55 last in 10.5EE (don't all bid on them at once please ) Should I take a flier on them to test 10.5EE sizing? I guess worst case is I'm out $45 for shipping here and back. There are also these Semi Dress, the auction for which just ended, but maybe I could still get them. I'm kind of more inclined to the black dress. I don't have any black boots, though on the other...
They do, don't they? Will admit that I prepared myself for a fabric that had something a little odd about it: e.g., too stiff, a weave too easily snagged, or something. But no. They are just really soft, nicely heavy, canvas in a great color FTW.Are you wearing Gables or Taylors there?I have to say I think I like Gables > Taylors, especially for cotton.
@aftime I like that fit. Maybe better without a logo on the shirt.
PI shirt is nice.
@nicelynice Thanks for that double rider rundown and the information on Addict Clothes. I am for some reason very taken with this idea of brown leather over-dyed black. I'm not sure I'd ever get the kind of wear on it that gets to that faded look though.
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