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First NMWA swim suit fit pic? Hiyoooooo!
Well that's good and bad to know about the contest code. I'll be happy to report on on Lightening Bolt fit on Monday when they arrive. I'm hoping it is fairly relaxed.
I think only the oxford grey flannel is left and that is $400. There were others starting at $100 but all gone. Admittedly it is a bit confusing as it stands.
LA winter coat shopping. Done and done.
Green twill Walts and milkshake suede Indys
ha ha. I like to throw that out every so often. Last in reference to the grey EP sweatshirt, I think. Grey sweat shirts are timeless and classic.oops there I go again.
Can't go wrong with that. It's a long-term basic. Timeless and classic, right?
I think the Sammy jackets are a high-end item for EP and they may even suffer from people figuring, well I'll just wait for something like that in a FF round. Now the Southwick jackets are nice, but the Sammys are definitely a step up. That windowpane is now at FF price and the seersucker is $395 for someone on the smaller side.I wear the same size in Samuelsohn and EP Southwick jackets, just as an FYI. Samuelsohn probably fits even better than Southwick.And why am I not...
Well, used my contest discount. Went with Niche floral popover, Lightning Bolt floral camo, and a pair of the Lightning Bolt board shorts since I somehow have no decent swim wear. Shirts while completely unnecessary the last time I looked at the extreme stack of shirts in my closet feed my current mania for popovers and things overdyed (something I didn't even know about six months ago...). Stay tuned for wildly clashing fit pics. More so than usual that is. No swim suit...
Wow... Samuelsohn and Croots bag are absolutely screaming deals. Not to mention CPOs for $95 and that loden suede jacket...
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