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That is epic.
That jacket is wonderful. I like the whole fit. I had not noticed the shoulder, but I'm glad that you pointed it out.
@DSauerwald that's fantastic. Looks like a great fit for you.
Yup. Entering week 19 for my derbies. Will likely order a pair of the waxy mowhawk but not before I take delivery on the current pair.On the other hand if I order those soon and they take 20 weeks I'd get them late spring just about when we're moving out of boot weather... so we'll see I guess.
^I feel ok about ecru and black. But that's not to demand that you do too. @StanleyVanBuren I particularly like those jeans.
@Newcomer looks great! Those are the Eidos cords? Love the length and cut of the quarters in that jacket too.
@KamoteJoe what are your thoughts on that Westerlind hat? Looks nice. Have thought about one myself.
Well I think the comfort model will be more practical and you'll still get lots of wear out of them with a Feb. delivery.And you'll save some money too!Edit: if you aren't dedicated to RM Williams, Rider Boot has some nice Chelseas: https://riderboot.com/shop/fritz-rks/
Have you looked at Mr. Porter? Also Ben Silver carries the brand. Don't know if either has the color suede you are looking for.Mr. Porter has this: https://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/rmwilliams/suede-chelsea-boots/667792?ppv=2I do fhink that mid brown suede is really good looking.
@El Argentino That is a real trial you went through. Glad you are in a good place now.
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