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Hmmm... Cassat, Pacific Blue, or Purple Heather waffle knit?
But will the Greater Las Vegas Visitors Bureau put this on a billboard? I hope so.Or maybe they just edit it down to "Vegas Never Happened." Has a kind of Jedi mind trick ring to it and it's certainly much more apothegmatic than the tag line they've been using.You, sir, are in much trouble with Stanley.
Cool. Will look forward to seeing the sweats and learning more about this.
Question about The Real McCoy's. Saw the restock post on Instagram and wondered what a sinker-weave sweatshirt is.
I love the trousers in particular.
@Epaulet The LA Office. Perfect! Best for the move.
Both really nice! Thanks for the photos.
I have a hard time picking shoes that aren't multiple colors... Seems like the Austro-Hungarian makers are here to help me. Been wearing these a bit recently. Need to post a photo. Though I'd say they still look about as good as new.
Beautiful boots @Markboots. Thanks for posting the photo!
Interesting. Subbed. @dalembert do you have photos of how these look after some use?
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