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Agree, I don't think the structured toe is that bulbous. And I doubt Trumans would end up being too pointy, but I haven't seen the narrow fit of course.
Agree great coat @e0d9n0b5
I could see being interested in this.It is really good.
It is nice looking. It's a bit of a funny thing though to take a leather with a distinctive treatment like the waxy Mohawk and reverse it. I like how that waxy Mohawk looks and it certainly ages appealing from the photos I've seen. I wonder if they have the leather on hand it's not moving and they thought what if we reverse it so its basically brown suede?
I'd say a little longer and felt a shade narrower than I recall the crepes feeling at first. But then there seemed to be a little more overall volume and the width is fine after a few wears. I had them on tonight with heavy wool socks and fit was good.All that being said, I took the same size as the crepe sole Chelseas and I'm glad I did.The horsehide is really lightweight, but I assume it will be tough since it's horse. Boots are really lightweight overall.
Smoke horsehide Carvers with some wool Rudys. Individualized heavyweight oxford and black overdye Doyle not seen.
@Epaulet Mike is this a good window to order Individualized shirts or will the holidays really delay delivery?
@pekingman suit jacket fit is fantastic. Nice long line to it.@kickstand Great layers!@Don L Do we wear the same size shoes I can't remember, and are you putting those Chelseas in the mail to me now? They look so good as they are getting a little dirty, and really work with that fit.Looks nice! One thought: Have you considered a longer sport coat? Maybe it's the angle, but I think the fit would look even better with a shade more length on the jacket!
Thanks! I'm not super worried about it. If figure my money's not really at risk assuming something gets delivered that's close to what's shown.But I figured I'd save myself some trouble by asking here, if this kind of thing was a known "classic eBay scam #267."And thank you for pointing out the lack of the box. I'd noted that. Really just like the watch: Domed crystal (plastic I assume), manual wind, vintage, and it looks quite clean in the photos. Fun!
John Waters is a pretty handsome guy and you can't say he doesn't have style, IMO.I did get the same vibe from C4est's photo.
New Posts  All Forums: