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Some closet cleaning brings the following tailored clothing to Marketplace All are used, but in good condition. Free shipping CONUS with added charge calculated for Hawaii or Alaska. No returns. All measurements are approximate Suits J Press Prince of Wales Suit Wool Three-roll-two, single vent, working button holes on sleeves Flat front trousers 40R $250 Jacket Shoulder: 17.75" Chest: 20.5" Length: 30.5" Sleeve: 24.25" Trousers Waist (half) 17.25" Hemmed to 32" with...
Well my point is that I think when you send an item to NJ, Luxire sends it on to India.@luxire can confirm of course.Anyway completely agree this the right way to go. I am very pleased with the result from sending in an item to replicate. The trouser measurements looked far too complicated for me to be sure of.
Wanted to post that myself. Thanks for bringing the sass Mr. Six.
You mean this?http://custom.luxire.com/pages/replicate-existingI sent in a pair of trousers for measurement reference on my first order and they came back in the same box as the new Luxire trousers, so my reference pair must have visited India.
Darn. Make these a 45 magically, please? Kthxby
Really nice. You are taking good care of those @RogerP
That collar!
Well I didn't say that I don't have a few pairs of shoes.
I've been exercising mild restraint. Which kind of goes out the door with two sweaters, of course (Gray Bart and SS Figaria). But it was just a tad cold this morning.At least I don't have 8 pairs of Butteros yet, gents. Ha ha.
But I just bought two sweaters and gloves this morning... Wait... It was 60 and raining here. So that's why. 😄
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