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That is a nice photo of Chicago! But I thought I told you to have a stinger at Gibsons, darn it I kid. 😃
Mike always handles these things the right way.
Enjoy sir! Giardiniera does indeed go with EVERYTHING.
Yes. It's leather and you can get edge dressing at a cobbler or from Allen Edmonds or Amazon. You should have a choice of colors. Easy fix.
I think the rollino is interesting and the kind of thing you just don't see otherwise. So as long as it's not too much for Clapyeron in then long run, the it's great.
Oops. Meant to type "forward." I like this trousers as they are. Edited original post.
Forward pleats look very elegant.
Nice. Is that a Weiss watch? I think you mentioned them here once and I looked them up. Love a manual wind.
This would certainly be nice.
Yes, nice work and nice jackets.
New Posts  All Forums: