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That does look and sound like a very fine weave. I like the optimo shape a lot. Have to get around to picking something like this up.
@eazye I particularly like that hat. Will google but details please? Edit: I take it vtg abbreviated vintage...?
Calgary blucher is the business. Really substantial and causal in those hides.
@canadianhockey3 Cool. Will look forward to your thoughts and photos. And so you got CXL rought out and not the coyote?
Good question.@canadianhockey3 Has your pair come in yet? Would be great to hear your thoughts and anything about the unstructured toe that strikes.
@ovlov Good information and that sounds like a pleasant way to spend part of your day! Did you get measured at Attila or just have a chat? Interesting what Attila said about VAT. This may ultimately come down to what constitutes "handmade" footwear in the context of the Hungarian tax code. That's well beyond me. Attila is almost certainly significantly smaller than either Rozsnyai or Vass or Buday. Note that Vass does quote prices ex VAT. I have not bought shoes direct...
Any lambswool in the offing?
It is getting better already with wear and I am going to give stretching a try too. I have a shoe stretcher that doesn't really work for a boot, but we'll see what I can do.
Amazon also has ISO 100 Kodak film for 120. Gets great reviews. I think I've shot that too. But I'm no expert enough to tell you the difference. Will admit I got the 400 to give myself more exposure leeway.I have not begun project medium format yet. Probably no results from that for at least a couple of weeks yet. The shot above is with my go-to digital, which is an older Sony X100. It's an incredible camera. I pretty much don't zoom. Just crop after the fact and the...
A look at the Truman 79 in some context.
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