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I think the rise is pretty moderate for jeans. Not too low slung at all but not workwear high, if that makes sense.
Oh my.
Those are Inglese shirt boxes? Popovers () on the packing list?Edit: I don't condone anyone stabbing anyone, of course.
Bordeaux Banana!
That's the one that drew my eye immediately. Looks very nice in the photos even...And the Schneider Roman sweater is terrific. Wearing it now. The knit is quite interesting, Very lightweight and open. Sizing in a 5 fits me well I think as a M Inis MeƔin and 15.75/40 in Mazzarelli/Inglese for reference.Also interesting, and I suppose this is visible in the photos, is what kimono seams apparently means... There are four quarters of the sweater that are joined by seams...
Thanks gents.And there's not much to compare to that collection of yours @rikod. Wonderful.
Rancourt could well be dispatching one of its drones right now.
Waiting for my Schneider Roman sweater... Scotchgrain Alt Wiens:
Brown duck Walts, grey EPLA sweatshirt, and grey EPLA tee (not visible). Sweatshirt is timeless and classic...
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