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@Gerry Nelson keep wearing that jacket. Everyone: I love your bikes too. We should have a little mini bike with fit theme for a page or two perhaps?
That is excellent.
The last contributes to this gapping too. Maybe more than the size. Camp-Mocs for me, no gap. Beefrolls and Venetians, gaps. All three are on different lasts. Same size and width.
Same experience. There's the shape of the foot and the shape of the shoe and the fit can be there for me while I'll still get a gap, usually more on the right foot than on the left.It may be possible to adjust for this by changing size. Made to fit might work for that. But then having to take into account stretch of different leathers, some possible variation from the different lasts Rancourt uses, and I think I'd just wear them and enjoy them.
Well, he teed this one up for you Stanley...
Yes, likewise down one size.
And what a lifestyle! Thanks for the information on the shoes. They look great.
I keep thinking about getting some black shell and never quite get around to it.This look very bad-ass.
Whistle stop tour!
@DonCologne Nicely done with the green trousers and green socks. What are the details on those wingtips? Maker? Leather?
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