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David Byrne is smiling, isn't he? At least about those jackets. Last photo is interesting, though I'm a little concerned about that model's weight.
This is great! For every 10 I sell, Mike comps me one Glen Danzig meme.
Well, it's not the size you needed...
Cross posting from the casual thread: Was not successful taking a close up photo of the collar (that's harder than it seems it ought to be), so I cropped a larger photo... Shirt is from Epaulet, trousers Old Town, belt is Farnese, and shoes are Buday.
Epaulet/Farnese belt/Old Town/Buday
Somelos OCBD
Good choices. I think you'll be very happy with those boots.
Agree. I would say its similar to the Vass F last.
Steve Gottschling: We are brothers. Also, I need to print out that photo of Walt Whitman and place it in the center of my style inspiration wall.
Will post pics.Edit: Emailed Truman to confirm and these derbies are on the same last as the boots. I went with my boot size.
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