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You can have Newc@wispycashmere.us.
Nice shade of green!
You should buy the bawzkopper domain.
It is two linen shirts. I asked for one of the collars to be the standard Luxire BD but made one piece. Don't know if that will end up having been a good idea or not, but we'll see.
My pair is definitely a rich, darker color. Not sure compared to the site. I'll try to take a photo of mine outside for color today and we'll see if that helps at all.Overall, I'm pretty certain it is a darker brown than brown CXL.
I'd like to say that they are more subtle IRL, but, well, they aren't.
^ And as someone who should and may buy himself a wispy cashmere scarf, let me say that "wispy cashmere" in a neutral color is perhaps the quintessence of a lady scarf. Or just go all in and get her an orange one with little elephants and whatnot on it.
Casentino Drakes Dents
Oh yes, the bison @GooseG. I have that pair myself in chocolate. I think you can't go wrong with brown CXL, but the bison is so much more interesting and you aren't likely to find a pair RTW like you would with a brown CXL boot. I really like the texture personally and the leather is thick and seems tough as heck. The Clymer is a great shape from Rancourt a little different from their standard boot. Note that it does have a vent grommet in it. So don't step in any big...
Budapest last burgundy shell and scotch grain
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