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Green-blue-gray cotton flannel. Shipping included CONUS, excess shipping outside that at cost. Worn once. Not the right fit for me. Approximate measurements: Pit-to-pit: 22" Shoulder: 18" Sleeve: 26.5" Length (from base of collar): 29.5" No returns.
Here's to a great school year for everyone!
Also, I don't think it's been mentioned here, so I'll throw out that Mike/Epaulet is hosting the Styleforum Instagram account right now.
Give the current round Tokachi chambrays a try. A little different from this because the color and the fabric, but the blue chambray western is going to look extraordinary with some wear. The color is different enough that you don't go full Canadian tux when you wear it with darker indigo jeans. And the price sure is right.
EPLA western shirt
I wore my PDG Chandler camp mocs the whole holiday weekend. Will take a photo this week to post. The leather, unlined, is the reference people would use to compare butter to leather. As in, "that butter is soft like kudu suede." You see?
Gitman Vintage/Big John/Buday
Big John jeans
And keep in mind that they do use different lasts for their different handsewn models. That would not account for a major difference in sizing, but it would make shoes in different styles but the same size fit differently.
Yup, I think if you read through any shoe thread the sizing may seem inconsistent. But I really think it's really more down to the fact that people's feet are pretty different. I haven't noticed any significant variations in Rancourt sizing in number of pairs. Don't know what accounts for those 8s being way too big after the made to fit program, @maida. I bet if you bring it up with Rancourt nicely, they'll figure out a way to get you in a pair that does fit.
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