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MGDogg, what are your thoughts on how you'll wear this? I'm tempted by several of the new EPLA shirts, particularly with the new collar. Trying to decide if I'd wear the paprika frequently.
SS FW is in my hands. Have to open the box a little later this morning. Will try to take a highly seasonally inappropriate photo outside.
Steep twill is fantastic. No doubt about that.
Those boots look pretty darn good. Enjoy.
Not at all. It is a terrific and distinctive shape. Just give it a try. I think if you enjoy shoes that have character, be that a chiseled or tall toe or something else, you'll like them.
@leftofthedial Best of luck Matt. You are a kind person with genuine style. All the best for you move and what comes next.
Norweger. That's some good thinking.
I'd like to see worn in kangaroo too.
I like that kangaroo. If I recall Arahat sources it himself. Will need a pair in Kangaroo.
I'm eyeing those racing greens too. Because I need more green trousers... From all the talk probably need to buy sooner rather than later. But here's what I'm thinking because I'm contrary and interested in a slightly wider leg for aesthetic reasons. I'm thinking of ordering up a size 36 vs 34 Walt or going with a Rudy for these. Rudy 34 might suit well though, so I may try that, since I think it would not require any extra tailoring, unless I wanted to have the thigh...
New Posts  All Forums: