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+1 for @sambam's involvement in this thread. I know I've just dropped in recently, but I can say I really appreciate a strong presence by a brand/store representative. I think it's really helpful for the conversation, and I'm pretty sure that it helps move units!
@happyriverz I didn't know that about Barneys and Yohji. I would be interested in seeing some of those pieces in person. @WBaker how do the sleeves work for you on that sweater? Do you find you have to push them up to have your hands free to use? The knit is lovley.
I don't think we're disagreeing. Maybe I missed the point the OP was making. It's not an oversized fit. Period. So I guess it's not really worth discussing in this context.O'Connell's trousers or a traditional, full cut shirt from a store like that don't fit here either. Not because there's something wrong with them, they just aren't bought or sold as oversized/next level.
Dumb question: so Barrie last isn't proprietary to Alden?
Chris Brown fit is bad. Agree. Lacks any clear intentionality and I wouldn't call it oversized, just ill fitting. That's where I would struggle with next level. Much more likely to end up reading as sloppy rather than advanced. It's not that easy I don't think.
Like those colors @RegisDB9. I assume MMM fedora is no viz for full Indiana Regis effect. Probably a dumb question but does camel refer to the color of the jacket or the animal leather? Seems a little dark to be be the color camel.
Got my cotton EFF trousers in. Heavy canvas and merlot cords, both Gabels. Both have a great hand. Cords are seriously lux for those looking af them in the second round. Have to go get them hemmed.
Looking forward to seeing your spring offerings and welcome as well!
You guys picked a great color/lining combination. That blanket lining is really beautiful.
So speaking of the sale, what explains why this Monitaly jacket hasn't moved? Which is to say someone please buy the 44 'cause I keep looking at it.
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