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I think I Iike this! Quoting it in full to increase the image size.Edit: Oh, yes, I do like this.Oh, hi Stitchy! I'll be back a little later with something for today I think.
Not sure they have had time to actually produce any yet. I put in an order for the Blake boots the day after I got the email and I should have them in about two weeks. You'll see them here, of course.
No experience with Alden's crepe. Have crepe or natural rubber on a few other non-Alden pairs and I generally couldn't be happier with it. But it looks like if I want those suede boots with the crepe sole, all I need to do is play the BB discount game. But I think I'd rather spend my money here, so I'm going to wait for some awesome green and brown FC highs, EPLA tennis trainers, and of those tan horsehide side zip plain front boots Mike promised to make. He did promise...
That does look nice and that is some collar.
That's what I would think.
Yes. That is what I meant.
What I like is that plain toe and the crepe sole. Pretty sure crepe is not too popular. Grant Barrie whatever. Actually I'm pretty sure I've decided not to buy any more Aldens...
I always liked this Jcrew makeup except that I don't need to buy anything from Jcrew.
Oh, I'm sure those crinkles would look great with a blazer. A little more on the casual side, but no reason why that can't work. I think there are plenty of photos in this thread of @tricky looking great in Rivets and EP jackets. Probably some others too.
I think most people would go with cuffs just like you say. I guess I'm just a little... different.
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