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Luxuire shirt and trousers, Epaulet boots, and some other stuff. Lots of great fits recently. @gnatty8 I've got some engineer boots coming and your fits are the standard of cool for them. I'm making a close study.
If you look carefully you'll see the Chelsea boots. Super super comfortable and even had a one or two people notice them, which says somethings when you are talking about brown shoes. If those sand suede ones stick around long enough in my size...
I like this one. Simple but sharp.
Oats, peas, beans, and barely!Yes, that's it. I got them hemmed since the last time I posted. I'd prefer a better fit in the waist, but I'll live with what I have.No pop intended. Shirt has a soft collar so it has a bit of a mind of its own. I wasn't trying to be too precise overall.@Jabonator what material are the pants? Black, right? I like that shirt.
^love that photo @leftofthedial. Quite a wall! So that jacket is an unstructured Southwick MTO? Wow. Can you give me some sizing advice on the popovers and the Vetra? If I like a 18.5" shirt shoulder, 22" chest, and a 35" sleeve, which size do you suggest? And then which Vetra size would go with that shirt size?
I guess I should have voted for myself...
So pronunciation guide for Ooe Yofukuten? I case anyone asks. Edit: I am now following photos of sewing machines on IM. Odds of ever learning to use one no greater, though.
I admired the firm's commitment to popovers. Will consider giving one a try.Any details on the jacket the Trad Lord is wearing. Overall shape and level of rumpledness is inspiring.And glad to see a photo of the Vetra jacket worn. I've had a few misfires with casual cotton coats in the general shape of a sport coat. Turns out that I like something that reads very clearly as a chore coat when I get into this area.
Am I boring because I want the white one (and the jewel tone blue and the red too, OK.)
New Posts  All Forums: