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He is the confirmed EP odd jacket boss.Oh man, Mike just dropped that in there casually didn't he... Someone needs to get a mill working on a copy of that fabric.
@Soupytwist's quality/post is a large number.
Oh you guys. I do like green.There are some really great choices here.This kind of MTO event is such a good idea. It would be ill advised, I think, for a retailer to make up a run in say That 70s Tweed if Lime Skitlets... But as a one off... That's a a different kettle of fish.
Those brown cowhide Calgarys.... 😍
Yes, I do. @Don L does too I know. [[SPOILER]]
Really nice @Fuuma. Colors are wonderful. @penanceroyaltea how did it turn out?
@spacepope Like the big pants. Like all the pants actually.
@Newcomer Yes!
I've googled how to hem trousers and been terrified by what I saw.
That's pretty much the color as they came. Could be the lighting a little, but the smooth leather is pretty bright on this pair.
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