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Thanks! I'm not super worried about it. If figure my money's not really at risk assuming something gets delivered that's close to what's shown.But I figured I'd save myself some trouble by asking here, if this kind of thing was a known "classic eBay scam #267."And thank you for pointing out the lack of the box. I'd noted that. Really just like the watch: Domed crystal (plastic I assume), manual wind, vintage, and it looks quite clean in the photos. Fun!
John Waters is a pretty handsome guy and you can't say he doesn't have style, IMO.I did get the same vibe from C4est's photo.
So Hi eBay Thread. Quick question: How likely do you think I am to actually receive a watch shipped from Romania by a seller without any feedback and who just registered Dec. 5 2016? This: http://www.ebay.com/usr/gabriemag-0?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 Seems like eBay should afford a satisfactory barrier to being completely scammed (hey maybe the watch is fake, but I'm not so worried about that). This isn't to impugn any Romanians, etc. It's just that if I said "I'm going...
@conceptual 4est Watch for that purple laser behind your head! I assume you were waiting for George Clinton?
@Synthese are the jeans the Cisco cut?
Seems like this is another risk of the preorder-based business model (you can dress it up as MTO, but it's really just a rolling preorder) for everyone: Truman gets a sample hide to make up, but what they end up getting for the main orders is different for whatever reason.When do we think that they put their hide orders in for a boot out of interest? That is, they open orders for a boot in a new leather on their site and does that mean they've already placed an order for...
It is something to think about that you could make a decent list of shoemakers that could very easily deliver a black shell boot with antique or natural edge, and in much shorter order, but then I guess those wouldn't be Aldens would they...? Not to make light of any disappointment people in on this order may be feeling.
Boots look great! I need some black shell.
4 weeks is a really great turn around. What did you order?
@Parker +1 extra if you bedazzled that jacket yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: