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Waiting for the Niche frenzy.
Oh wow those HS tweeds look good.
This is from last year. Breaking these out shortly as it is now certainly glove weather.The leather on these is really nice. It's extremely supple and it has a nice finish to it. I personally like the green lining on this color (not sure if it's the same for all).
Speaking of sweaters is this the lovat color? I really like that one.
We need an EddieMcZee sport coat stamp of approval emoji. Then we could all just slap one in our quotes of home runs like macjedi's jacket. Who develops these things?
^What he said. That's a really interesting fabric.
Well Patrick can't go with that one now. He'll never look that good in it.Also, skillfully taken photos all three.
Well at some point someone said I reminded him of Doogie Howser, and that was long before Neil Patrick Harris developed into what seems to be a figure of cool for many.
Purple Shetland tweed Walts
This. It looks very very nice. Interested to see what it's made out of.And @Newcomer that Valstar jacket cut and size fits you perfectly.
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