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That's a really great fabric. Nice coat design too.
Personally I don't think Rancourt has the lasts for that kind of shoe. Shape just doesn't work... Shell options do make it tempting but not tempting enough.
¬°Que Viva Rancourt!Haha.Yep. I don't see myself buying anything other than the handsewns unless I really really need a shell Blake boot. Haven't found the other Blake stitched offerings really work for my feet, quality and price aside.
I have quite a few shoes from Rancourt and have had I think 2 QC issues. Both of which were handled without issue. Sure the shoes aren't cheap, but I'd say they are about what other handsewn makers are charging. And I doubt any maker has 0 QC issues.
Darn. That was a quick turnaround.And not enough feet. I hear you. Ha ha.
@ecwy I'm not familiar with the EG reference model. I'll have to google that. But commenting on them simply for what I see, I say that's a really handsome pair of shoes! I'd be interested in seeing a post with the shoes worn. I know that's a bit harder to organize perhaps, but it's always interesting to see how they look while in use. Enjoy them!
Great pick up. Are you anywhere near a competent cobbler who you could show this to? I'd worry about making a mess with superglue for sure, and you clearly don't want that getting worse either for looks or for what may happen if the strap comes loose. I'm sure Rancourt could fix them, but with shipping and the cost of the repair and stuff, I'm sure it would be fairly costly.The shell pinch penny is definitely on my short list too!Enjoy and congratulations for not being too...
@novaeagle looks good!
Without a doubt funky. I figured shortsleeved would put it in the Aloha shirt neighborhood and that seems about right.
So to balance out my boring recent Individualized order of blue and white shirts I went indigo hand dyed and madras batik in the EFF. Both shortsleeved. Should be some fun for the warmer weather.
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