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@unbelragazzo did you get like an empty chocolate tin too? Well, not for a sale purchase I guess...
I'd say yes on both shirts. But particularly that floral one.
Here's to the loopwheels making a comeback now the Epaulet is back on LA.
The dogs are smaller than I though, once I see them with context for scale.
Well scatter camo field jacket for $55 dollars and... SOLD!
Some folks at Rancourt tie a lot of bows...
Exactly. That one is super simple!
Yes, new! They are stock in the cognac color with the honey RLH sole. The cognac color turns out to be a little darker and richer than the image on their site. Which is a good thing I think.http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/men-s/camp-mocs/sherman-camp-moc.htmlThe leather is interestingly much thinner than what they used on my Clymer boots. Assume this is on purpose. Makes for what should be a comfortable camp-moc. The grain is finer too, and I think that's just variation...
It is, and I think At-Swim-Two-Birds is even better still.
I share your excitement! I had thought long and hard about the patchwork Blue Blue Japan chore coat, but ending up passing on it. A good thing in the end since I think this will work quite nicely along those same lines. Kind of been wanting a quilted coat too.Can't wait to see the fabrics in person.Oh, indeed. There will be photos. Even if it's not really cool enough to wear it. I'm so cutting edge I'm like the point of MacCruiskeen's little spear, which is to say that...
New Posts  All Forums: