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Well, great minds, I'd like to think.I was wondering about the IRL as well, but figured for less than $40 shipped, I wasn't risking too much. I think I'm going to be pretty pleased. Might go with a Gus crease model at some point to try hard to look like the cowboy I am not. Get an oak colored one and then you can tell us what you think... @NO MERCY I would like the jeans better if they didn't pool on your shoes the way they do. Either stacked better or cuffed again, or...
@Cotton Dockers @Dirty Denim Thanks for the thoughts on the bottom half. Good points. Higher rise and/or more flowy both sound good to me. I've got a couple of options there I think and it's a direction I'm interested in. @Baron This is the hat.
Luxire/Big John/Novesta [[SPOILER]]
@kindofyoung That is a good one. Clean and minimalist overall, with the stacks on trousers running counter to that in a good way for me. Nice cut on the trousers too.
New shoes look great. Derby is a definite improvement over the last round and the Chelsea is looking nice in it's newest incarnation too. Those horsehides look really cool. Can see where they might not work in certain business settings, but as something cool to wear, yes please! Good stuff Mike.
ollaberghen I'd say not to follow that advice to size down. A shoe that's too short is not going to stretch to fit. Your main stretch will come in the width in my experience. Are you looking at Chromexcel? That will stretch the most. Other leathers some, but not as much. You don't need a lot of room in the toes for a handsewn, but I can't see following advice to start with shoes that are too short and expecting them to fit eventually.
That's what I did.
Well, I'll accept this, even without video.Not everyone's cup of tea is perfect for MTO. And I think it looks fantastic. I like that swatch you posted below as well.Where do you look for fabrics?
@Chaconne nice fit in the Henley. For the jacket, looks good to me. Fit and cut look good for you and the fabric looks interesting.
No no. Perfectly regular. Go ahead and try on his pants.
New Posts  All Forums: