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Too tight you could fit your feet in but it was uncomfortable or too tight you couldn't get them on your feet? Assuming it was the former I'd try 1/2 size up personally.
The body length does look long, but not if you plan to tuck it in. I think that the chest and waist look good. A little hard to tell where the shoulder line is and Inglese shirts have a certain style at the shoulder that i think may be confusing the issue a little here. If I am seeing the shoulder seam where I think I am, shoulders look pretty good too. I would think that if you wear it and love it, you could always get the sleeves shortened. I'd like to see a fit pic...
@Chulillo consistently strong fits. @thefoxtooth And @Cotton Dockers I like that combination. Arpentuer is the trousers?
Mike writes great copy and all, but really what do you need to know, right?
That's pretty good Don.
To me the Rancourt Blake Rapid made shoes have more of the comfort of the hand welted shoes I have. My GY welted shoes and boots are definitely heavier and stiffer. I suppose Alden does use a steel shank. Don't think Carmina does. How they hold up over time I can't say yet and I don't know if I'm running any kind of scientific experiment anyway.
You sized right on that. Looks relaxed and comfortable. Definitely a nice upgrade from a hoodie.
All of that clothing is ugly, both in its style and message.
Yes. Perfect for bumming around. A wash and dry will bring the XL fit in a touch if needed.
Large and it is a comfortable fit for me. Not baggy not tight.
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