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Courage! That's the spirit.
They are the bluchers. I did post a photo of just the shoes when I got them..
I did!Details:1. This stuff2. Two 5 gallon plastic buckets (one with lid for the indigo bath and one to soak the clothes before and rinse after) and a pair of long rubber gloves from the Ace hardware3. A long spoon to stir with (or a (clean) fly swatter if you can't find a long spoon when you suddenly realize you need one...)4. Coffee/iced tea/beer/liquor a bene placito for relaxing.5. A nice day and somewhere to hang the dyed cloths while the indigo oxidizes and for...
Thanks Don! I'm very pleased with them. It was pretty easy too. I mean to post a photo that shows a little more detail of the new color.
Chambray/horsehide/DIY overdye denim/bullhide @il_colonnello I love that jacket.
Chambray/DIY OD denim/bull hide
That all looks fantastic. That jacket really suits you well.
@luxire Great. Thank you. That denim color as now shown on the site looks very good.
@luxire or anyone else here: Do you have any other photos of this denim fabric? http://luxire.com/products/light-blue-selvage-jeans The one review says that it is lighter than shown (which may actually be quite fine as far as I'm concerned).
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