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Fit looks good @King Calder And geez @beatlegeuse that Merino fits you to a T. Looks great in that fit overall too.
Heavyweight tweed Walts and MkII x Expaulet
Nice. Quoting full image to make it bigger.
Really like that mix of brown, blue, stripes and checks. Looks sharp.
The coat is an LBM casentino. I bought it from No Man Walks Alone fall 2013. They had these coats again this season too. Not sure if they are sold out or not.Trousers are from Epaulet's MTO program. Mike offers them in several different fits. This is the Rudy fit. Driggs fit has a lower rise and a narrower leg opening. That might be more to your taste. Winter fabrics aren't up any more, but Epaulet runs an MTO selection every season and, of course, a stock program.
Epaulet is notorious!
Thanks @John Grady Cole. I think there ought to be a run on the Carex.
Those look really nice. Snuff is a great suede color for them. My 2 cents is to wear them and enjoy them. Doesn't seem as if either issue is one that will cause a structural or functional issue.
Thank you @GabrielOB. The main reason I go with 11UK in the Carmina lasts is for the width. I probably have extra length in them. It works, but it's not the best fit. Glad to hear the Bonafe should work. Will mull this as it is a sudden whim of mine...
New Posts  All Forums: