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Boom indeed.FC highs look nice too though I think the last pair of basketball shoes I owned was in 6th grade. Basketball is not exactly my forte.I am however honored to have them named after me... 😄Mike: any sneakers coming in horsehide (not shell but the other stuff from Compiel etc.)
Seems like there's some finish involved in Rancourt's Essex leather, but it looks pretty neutral in their photos. The photos Rancourt posted of the boots aged were helpful too. I wouldn't necessarily guess that this is where you'd end up from the new version. Hopefully I can give some first impressions in a month or so.
Yup, I'm an 11/11.5 so that does make for a smaller market. And not scary at all. It just means you've been paying attention to the listings in my signature. That being said, I think it helps to be selling something really rare like those espresso boots. They were also in great shape, so there's that too.Hmmm... the Essex is a wildcard, isn't it? Seems as if it ought to be well suited for a boat shoe to beat up. Of course, we know CXL is made for abuse.I'll be interested...
Well I just ordered a pair of the natural Essex Blake boots. Was thinking about going with the cap toe, but then decided I like the plain toe better. Cap toe might make for some interesting patina variation I suppose. Will be interested to see what the double leather storm welt sole is like. Hopefully better than the leather sole on the handsewns. This falls very cleanly into the category of totally unneeded, but what the hey.
Newc I wear a 40 in the Doyle and its a clean fit for me. Try one of each 40/42 and send one back. It is a great piece.
That's great Bakes. Wish I had that much success selling shoes on eBay. David Midicem: sorry to hear about the oil. I just got huge oil spots on some calf shoes and was able to apply some conditioner and even then out while darkening the color a bit. I know that's not suede, but I hope you get yours cleaned up. That Essex leather does look nice. I bet you get that patina with very little care. Wipe, condition with something neutral and brush maybe.
All hail the king! 😄Or should we call you #8?
I would say that you are King Rancourt, @halfnhalfnhalf. When is Kyle coming down to take you out to dinner as a little thank you? Oh, and edit, are people's shell Blake boots/chukkas lined or unlined?
Glad to hear it's getting sorted out. I understand that these aren't what you were expecting and that the point of custom trousers is to get exactly what you are expecting, but I have to say that I really like the color and I'd wear those plenty. Dark brown looks very nice too.What's the hand like for the fabric? Soft or a little bit of that tweed roughness to it? How heavy?
This is funny, BTW. My OS sizing adventures aren't likely to be too helpful, but here goes:I am generally a size US 40. 50L in the one Formosa jacket I have and I bought the 52 in the Eidos field jacket.Then for OS, I have the Alpha jersey in L, which I'd guess is my size. That's pretty fully cut and I'd even call the sleeves long for me. However, the multitweed blazer and quilted wool blazer I have are in 42 (which I'd consider one size up for me). These are both pretty...
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