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@Americanaaa I have that navy Filson cruiser jacket and I really like it. Nothing flashy but it suits me.
Cross post from the current MC Friday Challenge (wherein we try to be sleazy), features EFF sportcoat from a while back in a really nice lambswool and a recent Individualized popover.Maybe I'll make this my new wall...
I think it's new enough that I don't know if anyone has taken delivery on a pair.I can tell you this: I'm an 11D Alden Barrie with a slightly wide foot and the 11.5D Truman is a snug fit for me. Too snug to wear heavy socks (boot socks or winter wool socks). Truman is saying that the D width is supposed work for D/E.Not sure what their return policy is on their stock boots, and they do charge for shipping, but you might consider trying a pair in D in your size and seeing...
Just for purposes of discussion (and not as an effort to pass judgement), what are people's thoughts on the link out to a blog for details or additional photos of a fit as above (or as SVB has started doing)? This as opposed to a full post here with a link to the blog or Instagram or what have you in the signature.
Yes, partial payment would be nice. Might also be a motivation for them to get moving on boots too (thought it's clearly not for Alden... ha ha.)I guess in my mind, in clearly doesn't take 13-15 weeks to actually a make a pair of these boots, so the whole waiting period is basically a way of the customer financing Truman's business model. That's fine up to a point since otherwise they would never be able to offer even the range of leather options they have, much less all...
Cross post of my entry in Rais's current Friday challenge because it seems like fun...
Having a little fun with Rais's current challenge. Take it in that spirit:
And certes I shall join the challenge... [[SPOILER]]
I think there may well be some added work and value in burnished leather, which is what I take it they're using in these Chinchilla boots from reading the description. It certainly looks very nice. I'm not at all sure if that alone justifies the premium. I think it is likely that they are creating variations on their designs that allow them to create a premium price and, I assume, a better margin for them. That being said they are very nice looking boots.
Thumbs up.
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