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Meant to ask, these have RLH, right? Site shows them with Vibram wedge. So you swapped soles?I like the stock wedge well enough, but RLH is the right choice in the end.
I have several items that my wife has suggested look more like ladies wear. Don't get that myself. Think she's just jealous. Good thing we're not the same size.
How similar is this washed flannel to boiled wool? Is there a particular weight flannel fabric that works well?
I like the concept of those pleats, but I see what you are saying.
We're all already sold here (and making this the most active thread on the forum... That's outdoing the gentlemen complimenting each other's long wings...). Schneider more likely to introduce new people to NMWA?Also will note that Geller likes purple. Good man.
That site is loading slowly.
Also, a lot of blue here. EPLA Wilshires and western shirt:
That's excellent for the Garand. Those fabrics make good staples.
Wonder if anyone can help me understand what's going on with the pockets on this Filson Guide Work Jacket Specifically the curved stitching that goes from just below the top button to just above the bottom button. It's on both sides of the jacket placket. Are these pocket openings, purely decorative, or do they serve some other purpose? Filson description lists: 1 utility pocket, 2 bellows pockets, 2 handwarmer pockets, 1 dual-access rear map pocket, 2 front-loading...
Excellent. Thanks.
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