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Of the three new Kamigatas I would not have guessed I'd like the camo the best. The other two are fairly close in overall look to the crosshatch I already have and that does play a roll. Of course they look outstanding each in their own right. But it's also that I'm actually getting less of a camo vibe from the broken twill and more the feel of a cloudscape. Which I like.
Whisky Whisky Whisky Whisky Whisky.
Well that would be the way to find out... I'll give you the high sign when I'm ready!
Right. Let's just wait and see if he's watching...
He is a powerful force. He will appear here shortly with his KOP commands I'm sure, now that he's invoked.
My goodness. Those look as if they will get you ready for a serious eastern European winter. Some tough looking boots!The buffalo really is a cool variation on grained leather.And since we're talking about Buday sizing. Ed: Do you think the tobacco cordovan Buday derbies in 11UK would be too big for me considering the '39s I have? Probably shouldn't/won't pull the trigger on a second pair before I really get out and about in this first set. But that's one nice looking...
Did you order yours directly from Buday or is there a UK stockist? Ed at Panta advised me to go with the wider last in this style, which I believe you are correct is the 39. As one shoemaker has said to me "You have quite wide feet." Though I'm sure they aren't really that wide compared to some. Widish for Hungarian dress shoes I guess... Overall, I feel pretty lucky that these seem to fit so well, with credit due to Ed for his expert opinion.
That's really cool. Nice detail and great that Vass could deliver it.
Finding them really comfortable so far. Just beginning to break them in of course. Fit is snug, but really does feel as if it will work for me. They are a 10.5UK as a US 11, and I'd say the fit is similar to Vass 45 for me. so probably about right on size, depending on how all those things translate... Ha ha.Did you size down for yours?
@Epaulet Glad you like the shoes Mike! They are in fact MTO from Buday. I posted some other photos in that thread . I have yet another treat inbound from another shoemaker in Hungary, Attila. Supposed to be delivered tomorrow!
New Posts  All Forums: