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We are going to shun you like middle schoolers if you don't post repeated fit pics of that as you wear it and it becomes more and more awesome. I speak for everyone.Just sayin'.
Ha ha. Got pretty much the same thing (Inis and Port Flannel) waiting for me at a local UPS Access Point for pickup. Did you get the plain blue flannel it looks like? Or the herringbone?I've got the herringbone coming. Greg had me on that one at "overshirt."
@TweedyProf: Slubby wool FTW! @in stitches That's a fantastic combination. The knitting patterns on that Inis... mamma mia!
I am so old.Off to watch Matlock...
FTFYAlso, toggle shawl collar strikes me as precisely your wheelhouse.And great pic(k)s @justblaze1. I admire that ts(s) shirt and it looks really nice IRL.
@rydenfan is that the NMWA special edition?
Woodhouse tweed
Thanks. They are a little more subdued in real life. I'm a big fan of green!
Some very nice things. Casentino coat, Safari jacket and tunics all look great. I like the way IJ does collars. BTW Had the Ballotelli on in southern weather recently.
A cash-mink tie? That would be a heavyweight beast!
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