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Slate tennis shoes look nice:
I assume these new shirts have the standard EPNY darts. I thought Mike mentioned something about an upcoming EPNY fit without darts. Anyway all these look great. Nice photos @rydenfan.
Rob, This must be a hard time for your seamstress. Condolences on her loss. Some wonderful looking ties of course.
Clearly they will be bringing American made style and class back to BB. ;-) @budapest12 I think there will be a noticeable difference between the ring ring and the 16oz.
Yup. Description says they only made 25 pieces.
I would also like this made up as a scarf please:
Oh, I understand. Just thinking out loud. Not expecting that one to make a group order. As I understand it, I would potentially be able to order it as a one-off MTO.I may like the texture as much as the colors.
@Thanks SF (a new me) that's a great shot! I do like raking leaves... Kind of HATE leaf blowers. Sorry. That's one of my issues. And if everyone here were me, would you choose the orange or royal Mughal print Drake's scarf? Wish the eschatological unicorn came as a scarf... Wait, GMTO!
@budapest12 joined you in kopping 16oz Wilshires. Denim looks like it should be a nice variation. And I just like the Wilshire cut so much.
I like that HS crayon box a lot.
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