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I really like the shape of the backstay where it meets the vamp and the quarters. I have not seen that before.These are beautiful. Will they me yours NAMOR (and those u-caps too?)@concordia Black shell oxfords sound very good. I keep meaning to get a pair in black shell.Your F lost fit vs. P2 fit sounds pretty much identical to mine, though that's standard width F last for me.I'm not quite sue from your post if you are wondering if your shoes are in fact G width, but I...
Tan linen could be very useful. Does Rota cotton trouser size 50 = Formosa 50?
Barena, Rudy tweeds, and F last Vass u-caps (sort of hard to see the details there...) Clothing care question for the thread. My dry cleaner put the Barena on a hanger (it's a jacket... it's a knit... what to do? Fold it is the answer... ) and so there are two bumps in the shoulders now where the hanger stretched the fabric. Partially my fault, I didn't think about it and took a while to have a look and take it off the hanger. Anyway, there are more serious issues in...
I reiterate the need for an official Eddie McZee seal of approval for EP sportcoats. We'd only need to wait to see what he picks, and then we'd all look good.Of course, he wears them with a little savoir faire too...
Not that I know of. You can usually find some big discounts direct from retailers. People usually are good about letting everyone know about this deals here in the thread.
OK. What is GNAT? Is it a secret?
I saw Neil Young for the first and only time a few years ago and I recall one of the conceptual points of his tour was that he was only using incandescent lighting (and old theaters). We were also told that Mr. Young required us to stay in our seats and turn off our phones.
The whole collection is really very nice. And it looks as if you wear and enjoy all your Vass. Great!
Well, I can't tell you the last time I owned sweatpants. However I did pick up a pair of the EPLA track pants and I'm wearing them to exercise. I do not foresee myself wearing them out of the house however. They are, it goes without saying, really nice.
Very sharp Murl, I like the mix of colors and patterns and solids. I know it's a jacket and tie and wool trousers, but it's really nice and easy. Very casual and very put together at the same time. LOVE those shoes. Great choice there. @Rydenfan I keep looking at those sweaters. I like that purple a lot. They are really reasonably priced. Seems like the could/should become a thing around here...
New Posts  All Forums: