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You forgot to post the link to the spreadsheet with the formula for calculating this break though.
I watched the wrong 5 minutes of that game. Sounds wild indeed.
Oh that's my selfie wig. You guys don't have one?
@luxire Would you be able make a quilted jacket by adding a layer of wadding and a backing to a cloth you already stock? That is not by using a pre-made quilted fabric, but by creating one... Just thinking out loud.
Mossi. I did not know about this. This is good. My day is a success!
It is the Fox flannel MTO. No tailoring yet outside of finishing the sleeves of course. I'm pretty happy with how it wears. Might bring in the waist... Or I might get distracted and forget about that... What are you going to have done with that jacket Newc?
I recommend the shoes over the hole in the head!
Attempting first ever lobby mirror selfie. Stand by... stand by... Formosa and La Portegna Vass
Ummm... Wasn't NO up by 16 points or something at the end of the 3rd quarter? That went south fast. Not a good feeling.
I think we'll survive! People post in CMish stuff in SW&D so why not your fit here?@Gerry Nelson I like that fit. What are the boots? Quite a shine on the toes.
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