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^^A pint of plain, if you please, Guv'nor.
@ruleofrescueThanks!Yes, 3-ply oxford popover in my "wrinkled relaxed" fit.
EP Chelsea boots and baseball stripe Individualized heavy oxford cloth (not ironed... )
Here's the size 3 Tony Polo: [[SPOILER]]
I got the 3 and I think that would work for you too.
As the purchaser of said sold out Tony Polo I can say great work Rob! Beautiful soft denim. Love the color and the stripe. Love the utility pocket. Fit is great. Will post a photo here shortly.
That's really the full wall paper choice. And, POPPIES!
Not to wear as a suit... From this fellow on Etsy
@Preemo nice fits. I like the shorts in the first photo in particular. Are they patchwork?
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