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@halfnhalfnhalf Both those selections are perfect. I really like the captoe on the boots. And the light shell chukka... I'd like to see how the chukka wears for you. How the vamp creases etc. The boots make me think about getting something like that in black shell. I keep meaning to get something in black, but it's always there, you know?
As outerwear I don't think you'd wear this instead of a sportcoat. I wear the Alva over a sportcoat on ocassion. It's long enough to covet the sportcoat so it works in my book. Don't know if this one is the same length.
Dogs and purple + Barena
Of course, it would probably look more worn if I didn't keep it in a 100% oxygen environment at precisely one atmosphere of pressure when not using it and rub each individual scratch with a 100% pure vicuña cloth that I dispose of after correcting each mark.
I'm not sure if this counts as aged really, but I've used my La Portegna pretty sparingly and it already has some patina:
I know we're talking welted shoes here, but kudu sneaker maybe? Unless that overlaps with the horsehide surprise I think we've heard about.
I generally wear EP L and the XL Shetland crew neck is a trim fit on me. I don't think I'd fit into a L. So my advice is size up 1.
For refund, rather than for exchange.And Mike and team Epaulet take care of the SF crew here pretty well, I think.
Yes. All pics are good pics.
I think there's shell out there. The shortage is for any maker who needs to run 12 or 24 or some large number of units to have production make sense (I'm looking at you Alden... ).It's not hard to get shell shoes MTO in various colors from Rancourt and from various Hungarian makers. I'm sure there are others as well. The point, and this is to Luxire's advantage, is that being willing to make a one-off shell shoe MTO is where that market works well now, I think.So it's...
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