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I need an E width for the mocs, but I still go with 11. There's a whole do you size down .5 for the mocs things, but I've got fairly high volume feet and so there's no question of that for me.
@lawyerdad obviously the gallery was running the OMG THAT IS SO AWSOME script which slows things down and can often result in the conection timing out and a OMG THATS SO AWESOME error. Even on the new NMWA servers (which are quite peppy BTW).
@redwinglover I don't have any Red Wings, but I've found the Russell to be TTS. It has decent width (compared to Blake boots and handsewns) and runs true for length. So as an 11D Brannock, that's what I wear in Russell. They are nice boots.
Natural is probably natural CXL, as compared to Essex.
Run a pencil around the inside. The graphite will help.
Mr. Six has style and a life too? Nice! And those are some Memory coats. Well done Toronto.
I will play in the non-baller category. Funny thing is that I probably should have spent more money on watches and less on shoes. People will actually buy watches from you. Shoes not so much. C'est la vie!
No. That is a genuine loden field jacket. That I can tell from looking.
What is the watch? I can't see well enough on my phone and I don't know enough about watches to tell otherwise! Cinnamon!
I like tucked here.
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