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I've got a samsung chromebook 11.6 inch in it. Might fit MacBook Air too.
I assume the camera was not fast enough to capture the crossover dribble.
No. That's the indoor lighting. It's a rich brown, on the lighter side.
Well here's a shot of my La Portegna bag with a mirror for something a little different.
Henleys selling out = long sleeve for fall though right? So there's a plus.
My grandmother always though Tom Selleck very handsome.
Here we go with the whole "needing to wear trousers" thing again. What, have you been talking to Westfield mall security or something? In seriousness I can see your point. Would work with denim. On the other hand I do tend toward brown and green trousers, so maybe this would be a tough one in those cases. Anyway, not quite sure if I will do another MTO before taking delivery of the Fox flannel. I don't doubt it will be awesomeness, but maybe it's prudent to see how it...
Maybe ripstop will remain as an MTO option?
74 looks nice.
Is it still on the site? Sounds good.I think it is a Caine. 3/8 lined.
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