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And so you spend your days at CTU downloading the building schematics to Jack Bauer's phone?Wait don't tell us.Don't want a leak.:-)
Yup. Same size for me.
Same here without the folding over for a cuff. You pick the inseam on the MTO, right? So go with the 33" sounds like.Duck Driggs confirm that I really like this new cut.
Not sure which one of these I'm more excited about. On an unrelated note, I just received a pair of the duck canvas Driggs, and by my measure the inseam on them is 36", compared to the 33" on the pair I have in twill. While the 33" fits me without alternation, seems like the longer inseam is a good thing since it covers all but the tallest folks and I suppose you could even out cuffs on these.Mention it because it's not reflected in the measurements online.
Oliver Spencer and Vass
Antique cognac F last from NMWA:
Navy label shirt and Walts:
Is there a sens from the previous GMTO order, perhaps, about what the pricing will be? I know that it will depend very much on the shoes ordered, but I'd like a better sense of the pricing, including shipping.Maybe someone can point me to the details elsewhere.Thanks.
The blue fleck Samuelsohn is pretty interesting when you see it in person. And anyone in the market for a go to blue blazer cannot go wrong with the blue one. These are really nice jackets.
I could be interested in this shoe, though with a double sole.
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