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Well... Frozen Waves will be... Uh... Vegan?
So there's a joke in here somewhere... Pants... Dropping... Something.There's something to be said for this. You want to be comfortable with what you are wearing and, while I'm sure there are many who would argue otherwise and many circumstances in which a more devil may care approach is fine, being aware of context is important.
Probably more a fall/winter weight, but not very heavy really. The speckled tweed has kind of a nice fuzziness to it too. I was wearing it this time around in pleasant weather in Boston and it's definitely not too warm for 60s/70s for me. Particularly considering sportcoat time for me tends to be pretty heavily temperature controlled no matter what the season.
^Only if I can then also get Synthese to ghost write everything for me.
I wear a V.
+1Poa in green is so nice. As is the Figaria. I like the blue. The knit textures look remarkable.
Samuelsohn and Walts. Sorry there's no detail of the Sammy. It is the flecked tweed.
Well I for one am hoping that the buy is size 1 and 2 only. It will keep me from seriously considering $900 worth of sweaters.
Linen from S/S 2013
Lightweight wool (and when Rob says lightweight he means it) from spring 2014 collection.
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