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Thanks! Bart is excellent indeed. Hopefully more Gray for next F/W.
Not the most artfully composed snap, but vintage raw silk
So I might have confused things by misunderstanding what the basis for SVB's collar was, @easy_golfing. I thought he and I had both used PC's soft Roma (formerly Milano) cutaway as the model. Mine is exactly the same dimensions as PC. I thought SVB had scaled this same collar differently for his purposes.Anyway, I think the Van Buren Cutaway will give you a very similar look to the one on my popover, but with what should be better proportions for you. Stanley's is a great...
Wow, David, those look great. I think shell does tend to shine in photographs, literally. I'm not welting expert, so I'll be interested to see what folks have to say.
@Abraxis I like that fit. It's an unusual direction in how everything is proportioned and that interests me. @ManofKent nice fit and I like the looks of that Jean Shop denim.
Ecru looks great. Shawl and crew interest me. Will look forward to seeing all the colors.
@Lorcan7 beautiful jacket.
^Nice photo!
That sounds very interesting SVB.
@gdl203 and @LA Guy thank you. I will give stretching a try.
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