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This. And you are much better off taking trousers in than trying to let them out. Get pair tailored and see what you think.
@nicelynice I like the first or the third choices, the third in particular.
What size are you? We can make boot sizing a new entry in the "sharing" economy. On a serious note, I see that they have the wide listed as EE. I assume this means two widths up from D? So really wide... Not sure I need that much width.
Official sources should weigh in on this, but I think in this case hopsack describes the texture. I believe Rydenfan is right that these are still technical fabrics that are waterproof and extremely functional.
Interesting, will see if I can give this a try. I'm usually neither here nor there, neither disheveled nor entirely sheveled. But I guess that's the challenge!
Anyone have a line on other photos of this graphite horse rump? Would be interested to see what the pull up looks like. New widths pose an interesting dilemma: I'd say I could use a shade more room but I hate to order an unusual leather and wait a long time on a sizing gamble.
Love those chore shirts. What's your best guess for a release?
I should have been more patient!And no worries of course. These things happen.
@LA GuySo blue-grey wool blend Film coat didn't pan out?
Green is very good in my book.
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