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I could be interested in this shoe, though with a double sole.
This is true. @macjedi: Where are they from?
Those look great. Looking forward to loafer season.
Well, we'll look forward to seeing it when the weather is more agreeable.
For a second i thought that was the deerskin jacket too. You picked that up, right?
I'm with you on this one for sure @OzzyJones. I see from the original post that these are cordovan. Beyond the style itself, which is terrific, I really like how the broguing seems to shade a little darker than the rest of the shoe.I suppose I might be waiting some time to get a pair in cognac cordovan, though I suppose I wouldn't know until I ask.I might have to add something like that to my wishlist. Right now it has far too many things on it, including:R last oxford OE...
I think what I like about the Aspen sole is that it is a wedge. I realize people are looking at a heel as part of the look of a beefroll, but I'm thinking I will go a different direction this time. Figure I get a few more resoled out of this. So can go back to a heel next time!
Thanks for all the input. I'm going to mull it over. I think I'm going to skip leather and pick either tempest (I do have it on one pair and some Dainite, and both seem OK) and an RLH. You will see the photos when I get them back, of course.
Greg and Kyle: I'm mulling the OS Alpha jersey jacket. Based on wearing a 42 in the multi-tweed jacket from FW, do you suggest the L or XL in the jersey?
It is, from the Fall MTO. The mixed yarn makes for an unusual look.
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