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Took the words right out of my mouth.What color is that? For reference.Turns out I opted for a yellowish green color. Put up a photo here a bit ago... It's just as awesome as orange so no worries.
That price may well be too high, but they do charge a single MTO fee on something like this along with an extra cost for he leather sole. If it is $400, then no it doesn't seem like they want the order.
Moscow gives me a General Officer vibe. I feel like I ought to be reviewing the fleet orsomething.
Have the Moscow offered from NMWA this current F/W season. It is serious business. Will find a pic or two and X-post here.
A posse of suffragettes has rolled out of their graves and is now tracking you down with pitchforks and torches.I can think of two reasons. First, the Russian wheat harvest isn't going to be as bad as everyone thinks...
@mr monty that's deerskin for the shaft of the boot right? What's it like? I have thought about getting a whole pair made up in that. Great boots. Would love to see them in a fit.
That's a great pickup. Look beautiful after your TLC!
Now wait a minute. That animal is engaged in restoring our land's ecological heritage. He/she is off limits for Ted's Montana Grill.
I think Dionisio should really experience the friendly people and wide open landscapes of the Midwest first.I will take him to see the first bison born on native Illinois prairie in over 200 years.Now top that.
Have to be the nicest shoes on the plane by a wide margin!
New Posts  All Forums: