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I would like some of that hazy golden beer please.
Very nice. And both pairs of boots are something else indeed.
@King Calder I have found the DB version of the Mac quite versatile. It is lightweight on its own and works as a shell really, so you can wear it alone in cool weather and layer under it (get the right size!) for colder weather. Popped collar is toasty and pockets are deep. That overcoat looks fantastic though. Probably mighty warm.
We'll wait until you get back from the trip to see some of those lifestyle pics!I guess if you have something already with white buttons ok then... It will look awesome either way.
And, uh, the NMWA gallery is not for showing, uh, Wang.
@macjedi IDK that is one bawz jacket right there. Not sure I'd change a thing. Glad to hear you should have the indigo version in time. You are going to be busy on that trip posting dope fits here and keeping us all up to date daily... Right? 😝
I might be your man then. You looking for anything in particular?
I'd say that Luxire is highly likely to see an excellent return on that sale in the form of an awesome photo that you post in this shirt. We're staying tuned.
No kidding. I have made my first-ever leather jacket purchase. The suede Schott A-1.
Funny you should mention American Trench. Just got the bucket hat delivered. I went with the medium as someone who wears hats in 7 3/8 and it is too small (FYI). No problem. Will become a fantastic gift for someone near and dear and I have ordered the large for myself. Plus socks. This is a super high quality piece. That's clear just from handling it. Fancy DuPont fabric that's really crisp. Stingy brim that will snap up or stay down all around. Sharp grosgrain ribbon...
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