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Houndstooth bros
So just one cuff button you mean?
There's this http://www.styleforum.net/t/358758/no-man-walks-alone-official-affiliate-thread/33120#post_8456815Both fits are really good.I really like that green P-I shirt.
@wigglr is that jacket Formosa from this s/s?
@Isolation really nice fit. Whole combination works. Did you take those photos at 6am to avoid the heat?
Oddly enough Buday has a Tumblr: http://budayshoes.tumblr.com/ Not sure how recently it's been updated or really how much of an improvement it is over their Website.
I'm of the rumpled school. In extremis I find steaming works as well for me as ironing.
@Cotton Dockers Nice colors in that fit.
@MaiLam Those are very nice.
Do you mean models as in full brogue, NST, plain toe, etc? As opposed to lasts that is. Not sure there's much to do other than shift through their site to get an idea of the different models. Or google image search.If you have somethings particularly in mind and want to know if they can make it, email the specs to Ed and he'll let you know. That's assuming you are planning on buying from him.
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