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Expecting a first round of shirts to arrive later this week. Nothing complicated. Two popovers, which are my current mania. One with the standard spread collar and one with the button down collar. Interested to see if I got a couple of measurements right. At worst they should be a little on the big side. Time from order to scheduled delivery: Two weeks.
@Peter1 Yes, cold wash air dry should be fine for cotton Epaulet trousers. That's how I wash all of mine. You may well get a little fading depending on the fabric, but that's the nature of the beast.
I'm thinking about sending them a moleskin hunting coat project, and it's good to know that they can bring a piece together this well.
Same situation with the bison Clymers. I've been waiting for the weather to turn to really get them into my rotation.
Thanks. So in this coat it is a more or less vestigial feature of authentic hunting/shooting coats. That makes a lot of sense.They don't have my size in this available until the end of the month, it seems, and Discover has one of their 5% promotions for internet purchases starting in October, so I've put this on my calendar as a possible purchase in a few weeks. If I do get it I'll post some photos here.
Those are some seriously good photos of a seriously good coat.
@CruzAzul Agree. That is an outstanding looking jacket. I see lining in the shoulders, right? So the sleeves are lined too? Cut looks sharp as does the fit from what we can see in your photos. You've clearly got Luxire dialed in.
I have to say that being able to send a sample to the local address in NJ, US was a big help for my first order, as it will be for a custom jacket order that I am considering. I imagine a local (at least on respect to customs) address would be similarly important for European customers.
You've got those shearling lined chukkas and those sashiko cloth chukkas. Both unique.In re. bison. I think Rancourt's take is distinctive. Don't know if it's where they source the hides or what.I have really ended up liking those green suede chukkas. They were one of those shoes that were on super discount sale at BB a couple years ago.
Thanks. I think these are going to be a good fall boot.I'm a big fan. Love grained leathers and I actually like that this has a very distinct natural texture to it.No special requests here. Stock MTO makeup from the site. Worth asking about smaller grain.Vamp is dusty and it's probably also the filter in the iPhone shot.Not a lot of stretch yet. The leather on these boots is thick (unlined) with a nice nap inside and a pretty tough low gloss on the outside. Assuming they...
New Posts  All Forums: