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Well, it wasn't COLD yesterday, but that combo actually didn't create any overheating. I even added a light jacket to it outside.It is an Archimede.Those Weiss watches look awful. Which means I like them very much and now want one. Was not aware of them.
Nice fit on that sweater. And triple threat from earlier today: Figaria-Pinheiro-Figueira
Well, it smells a little bit...
Nice. I was wondering about those recently @MattBernier
Greg has my shipping address. I believe it's well known I'm a medium... And you are really too kind. YES SIR(But it don't smell that bad...)
@rydenfan Cedar lavender check looks fantastic.
@Alcibiades, the Driggs is a more casual cut for me as well.
@DeSense Ha Ha I take all compliments and I'm flattered. Thanks. I have to agree with you and @sprout2 that a trim fit is certainly not always the answer or even the preference. I do like how this works for me for Inis Meain. Good job Greg! @in stitches We can most certainly assume that the tingly feeling is NOT the result of a shellfish allergy presenting. Totally NMWA associated. And @rydenfan, so that's the XL in the sweater? I agree it looks too big. You might roll...
Yup. That's right Driggs has a significantly lower rise. Top block and thigh is otherwise similar cut to Walts. Taper below knees is then much more pronounced. Leg opening narrower. I wear same size in both.
Yes. It is the M. I've been a M in Inis across the board. I like the trim fit.
New Posts  All Forums: