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Yup, I think Attila has very good potential. One oddity is that they apparently don't do a double sole without Goyser stitching. I thought this was an option from the website (at least in English) and I asked for it. But got a no. Only single soles can have the standard hand welt. Maybe it is all clear in Hungarian. I ran across their website just from Googling Hungarian shoes. You know, when nothing was going on here at SF and I needed something to do... Emailed them...
Do you have any opinions on the box calf Attila uses?It seems different to me from Vass and Carmina. I like it quite well so far.Welcome!Attila does offer quite a range of classic and modern styles and lasts, as well as that great hand painting you point out. The regular box calf finish is certainly very nice too.Have a look at the leather options as well. Some serious exotics (at least as far as shoe leathers go... salmon?). I'm tempted by kangaroo and always have been by...
Thanks. Shoes are from Attila Shoes Budapest. I started a thread that has some more photos of them. It was featured for a day on the front page! Trying the wear them a lot to see if the size is right.
Alt Wiens in @mothball's fit looked so good.
I have Sozzi socks on my wish list... Birdseye will be mine!
After wearing through the only leather sole I've had from Rancourt in steady but not hard seasonal wear in about two years or so, I'd agree. They are also somehow the least comfortable leather soles I've ever worn. Not sure why. Swapping them out for Aspen RLH has made the shoes completely different.
Inglese popover:
Wine oxford Rivet chinos:
But with "Ray Borque" substituted for "Cam Neely," of course.
That is the business for certain, Murlsquirl. Fit looks sharp from top to bottom. I think the Rotas look even better with a trim shirt up top. Nothing against the Cam Neely commemorative tee, but it's not really an Italian cut, is it?
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