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Darn. Make these a 45 magically, please? Kthxby
Really nice. You are taking good care of those @RogerP
That collar!
Well I didn't say that I don't have a few pairs of shoes.
I've been exercising mild restraint. Which kind of goes out the door with two sweaters, of course (Gray Bart and SS Figaria). But it was just a tad cold this morning.At least I don't have 8 pairs of Butteros yet, gents. Ha ha.
But I just bought two sweaters and gloves this morning... Wait... It was 60 and raining here. So that's why. 😄
@newcomer that looks fantastic and like it would also raise nary an eyebrow in Louisiana or pretty much anywhere.
Darn. That looks good.
Attila seems to offer a nice range to choose from. Something for most people.
That's great. Thanks for the update.And I note you have put a link to the collar document in your signature! That's a good idea.
New Posts  All Forums: