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Yes but WHICH Vass????
Both those jackets, sport and leather, are looking pretty darn good.
I have the Bart in M. IM M too.
Assuming the fit works, you picked an absolute winner.The heavy gauge knitting on the Bart is superb. I can imagine it's the same for the others. I'm willing to take Greg's word about the boiled cashmere too. Very interesting stuff over all. Some on my wishlist. I'm trying to exercise patience here. Let the sale run it's course. See what shakes out.
I'd go with rust personally.Gray prices are amazing BTW. Some of the steepest discounts there, FC members.Oh, and Vass prices look pretty nice too...
YHNT secret Santa!
I agree with unbelragazzo that unlined gloves don't cut it when it is truly cold, that being said, coastal California seems like prime unlined glove terrain to me if that's where you intend to wear them primarily. Head up into the mountains or back east in the winter and you'll need something more.I can recommend the shearling and peccary (not gray of course). They are sort of a combinations.But you should really get those Merola roe deer ones in gray and call it a day.
And yeah right you are a real lurker. Post a fit or something OK?
What members with the initials FC??? I'm here I'm here what what? What did I miss? A special offer just for me? That's to kind, no really...
Scarves in time for holiday wear and giving, Rob?
New Posts  All Forums: