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By the way, should have noted that he olive bison looks really fantastic. Great choice for a makeup.
@Portland Dry Goods what about the 1967 style ranger moc? http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/1967-collection/1967-4-eye-blucher.html Ranger or crepe wedge would look good IMO.
Me too. It's pretty perfect.
I have a real problem making decisions.Will do in some natural light. Not sure if my photo skills are up to capturing what's essentially black velvet, but let's see.
Memory coats from NMWA preorder: Dark one is charcoal moleskin.
Hand is very soft. I'd describe it as velvety. Seems like a good weight, especially with the quilted liner in the body. I think the sleeves are lined too. Greg can confirm.
That's a good suggestion!
That would be very nice.
Dark one is the moleskin. Sleeves are a touch long on both I think. I'd rather that than too short. I'm probably going to take the hoods out. Never been a big hood guy for reasons I can't explain. It's going to take a while before that one looks as awesome as the one in ghostface's photo...
Thank you!Not new. These are the BP39s I MTO'd from Panta last year.
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