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Oh boy, StyFoRobo looking to stir up some more trouble... And the king? Now wait a minute. I just got to the CM Casual thread. @BlakeRVA I think you are right that these fits wouldn't qualify as casual in many cases, but I think as you mention it's somewhat relative. I never wear a suit and only occasionally a jacket and tie, but I mostly own and wear things that are more on the less formal CM side of things.
So you've noticed the Seawall showing up in a few fit photos? Geez higher rise trousers cause a lot of trouble... I really like that green you've got on your site already, though not in my size. Maybe some other bold colors like that? I suppose paler colors could be useful too... Heck I don't know... you guys are the professionals.
Uno all'a volta, per carita!
Now you are making me google things and... I'm not really sure what I've found.I like this particularly how there's a woman running a lint roller over Actions shirt at every opportunity.Stitches you know better than to use a lint roller on that Formosa though, right? Only ever a clothes brush for the love of Mike.
Great choice.
Oops did I say that out loud? Don't worry though I have one of his albums. And while I do also have some El-P (nod to Mr. Six there) and several by Kool Keith, I think that pretty much exhausts my range. Pretty happy with that, though open to suggestions. This is likely a different thread.
Despite his tendency to wax blue, I will concur that Action Bronson is very good.
Darn, @europrep, nice trousers. And I like those Panax a lot, @baltimoron. I think the SdC blazer looks really good open, and I would definitely like to see it with grey trousers.
I really like this sole too. I think it looks good on the Blake chukka or on a Blake boot. Not quite sure I see it as a handsewn sole.Doesn't seem that heavy to me. I don't have another leather soled Rancourt to compare it too, but substantially lighter than any Alden. Assume this is because there's no steel shank. I'll pick up the other pairs of Rancourt boots I have and weigh them in comparison, but I really don't think it will be all that noticeable on what you are...
And geez, then there's this... PDG: Are there more jersey knit Seawall shirts in the offing?
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