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@Mr. Six that's extraordinary good.
I do like those boots.
But I spend enough time looking at this stuff on my phone already...
That's nice @Darkside. I like the colors. What's the jacket?
^I agree. @fokken the shirt is really nice. Wonderful pattern. Trousers too. I like the cut and the weave. @cyc wid it what Schneider piece is that?
Sure. Vincent Gigante had some noted success with this, and in the same color I believe.
Thanks guys!
Well gall-lee and shaz-am!
Going to check those tees out I think. Speaking of white clothing, I'm just going to leave this photo taken from your IM here... Ho hum... And that jacket's not bad either.
@unbelragazzo did you get like an empty chocolate tin too? Well, not for a sale purchase I guess...
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