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This is funny, BTW. My OS sizing adventures aren't likely to be too helpful, but here goes:I am generally a size US 40. 50L in the one Formosa jacket I have and I bought the 52 in the Eidos field jacket.Then for OS, I have the Alpha jersey in L, which I'd guess is my size. That's pretty fully cut and I'd even call the sleeves long for me. However, the multitweed blazer and quilted wool blazer I have are in 42 (which I'd consider one size up for me). These are both pretty...
Gray lightweight wool.
Also, someone Photoshop Andy Warhol's head onto that fit... 👍
Cut looks really nice on those!
+1 for interest in the scarves.
Anyone have an idea of the purpose of leaving a basting thread in the shoulder seam like this? I can understand basting pockets shut I think, but the reason for this eludes me.
So about what you were looking for then, right? Looks sharp there. Will enjoy seeing the detailed photos.
Y la viña es blanca.👌
Yes, mine is the brown/black herringbone. I went with a 52 compared to 40US/50L Formosa. And I believe my Casentino is a 52 as well. This seems to be cut a little fuller. Easy to wear a sweater under it. Haven't tried a SC yet.
Vass Museum Calf U-caps
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