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Thanks, and yup, I've found their new offerings pretty enticing.
Thanks, I'll have another look.Got it and it looks good. I think I saw the Gray sweater too.Seriously though, many of the cuts are so quick that I have a hard time clicking on what I'm interested in even when I know what I'm looking for. I guess I could pause the video...Anyway, not NWMA's issue, more Details'. If it is indeed an issue at all.
Which Schneider coat is it and about where in the video? Edit: Also, anyone have sizing advice for the Castaner espadrilles? 45 in Vass, 11D US.
Well, I found two, [[SPOILER]] but mostly I felt disoriented and confused. I'm old.
In for chambray engineer shirt. (And maybe a western too...)
I don't understand what we're talking about here. (Sorry ). Can you illustrate?
Very cool TS(s)
Sure. I can do that.
It was the perfect storm of chukka/trooper/kudu. Interested to see how I like each. Inspired by a number of halfnhalfnhalf's choices. Like that great #8 chukka he just posted.
Total lack of willpower = BAM! kudu chukkas
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