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Got my cotton EFF trousers in. Heavy canvas and merlot cords, both Gabels. Both have a great hand. Cords are seriously lux for those looking af them in the second round. Have to go get them hemmed.
Looking forward to seeing your spring offerings and welcome as well!
You guys picked a great color/lining combination. That blanket lining is really beautiful.
So speaking of the sale, what explains why this Monitaly jacket hasn't moved? https://standardandstrange.com/collections/sale/products/short-field-jacket-black-wax-cotton Which is to say someone please buy the 44 'cause I keep looking at it.
Would like to know the same thing. Quick search turns up a few images but hard to know exactly what I'm looking at. Oxfords sound good to me! Will have to send in a fit sheet to White's.
Interesting. Anyone have a good example of what constitutes a long-term competitive advantage in the clothing business?
I see what you mean and I agree. A really nice pattern for something that's not really all that different is really fairly pointless, without some point of view or design element that gives you a good reason for actually making it.Although I also feel as if it's something of a puzzle. For example, I got a follow request from a brand on IM (the kind that reasonably enough is more an effort to get me to follow the brand than an expression of any interest in my IM feed). So I...
@troika Also what other information would you think is helpful? I'm really just trying to think this through out loud.
It's the first: acquiring existing patterns as the basis for producing the pants/jackets for retail or wholesale. And your follow-up questions are good one. To answer the first, the seller of the patterns has gotten out of the business, so these patterns are for the moment retired.I'll grant that. What kinds of details are missing for you?The patterns themselves are available at what seems like a reasonable cost (best guess is less than it would cost to develop and grade...
Also known as waxed flesh! Would a nice option to have from White's I think.
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