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@TweedyProf: Slubby wool FTW! @in stitches That's a fantastic combination. The knitting patterns on that Inis... mamma mia!
I am so old.Off to watch Matlock...
FTFYAlso, toggle shawl collar strikes me as precisely your wheelhouse.And great pic(k)s @justblaze1. I admire that ts(s) shirt and it looks really nice IRL.
@rydenfan is that the NMWA special edition?
Woodhouse tweed
Thanks. They are a little more subdued in real life. I'm a big fan of green!
Some very nice things. Casentino coat, Safari jacket and tunics all look great. I like the way IJ does collars. BTW Had the Ballotelli on in southern weather recently.
A cash-mink tie? That would be a heavyweight beast!
Green shell ranger mocs
R last scotch grain oxfords
New Posts  All Forums: