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Run a pencil around the inside. The graphite will help.
Mr. Six has style and a life too? Nice! And those are some Memory coats. Well done Toronto.
I will play in the non-baller category. Funny thing is that I probably should have spent more money on watches and less on shoes. People will actually buy watches from you. Shoes not so much. C'est la vie!
No. That is a genuine loden field jacket. That I can tell from looking.
What is the watch? I can't see well enough on my phone and I don't know enough about watches to tell otherwise! Cinnamon!
I like tucked here.
Hope you guys at PDG have an enjoyable Thanksgiving and do some good retail too!
When are you going to take Kyle out for a half dozen beers and conveniently have Stead's phone number ready to go so that he calls up and orders a run of Kudu suede in brown?Something along the lines of "Bro... Bro... you totally have to call and order this suede... Bro..."
Yes. I noticed that offer. They didn't used to offer that. I wouldn't say 10% is terribly compelling to consider an entirely unanticipated purchase. It's nice if you've been waiting for the discount for something you knew you want.In that light a lot of this discounting is pretty silly. Anyone who is savvy about a given retailers habits knows to defer a purchase until they get this little yapa.The other discounted items might be interesting. They showed a couple of shoes...
PSA for anyone who is not on the Rancourt email list: 10% off for black Friday through Monday, and they'll have some styles on sale as well. No code yet. So sign up for the emails or look on Instagram I think.I'd say a Repello suede pinch penny or maybe a beefroll. They used to have a lot of colors of Repello on the site, but it seems as if they've pared that down. They may still have access to those colors though.They won't do the Repello unlined, but it is pretty soft so...
New Posts  All Forums: