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No not at all too blobby and the comparison with the longer narrower lower slung F last is even a fairly stark one I think.Alt Wien is antique cognac shell and the u-cap is brown museum calf.Thanks fellas.
That combination is approved.
@sacafotos Mike had the Barena last year. I don't know if it has a style name or anything. It's a wool jersey knit sort of thing and very comfortable and warm. Always gives me sort of a Tyrolian vibe.
@Jr Mouse I have that belt. That is a wonderful belt.
Wow. How old are they?I'd send them into Rancourt for a full resole and maybe consider the Reltex soles. They'll come back fully reconditioned and the Reltex is probably much better suited to general use than Rancourt's leather soles.
What colors?
I believe @venividivicibj asked to see some comparison photos of the F and 3636 last.Here are several different angles (spoilered for those who don't want to flick through them on their phones)There are probably some distortions due to camera angle, but hopefully they give an idea. [[SPOILER]]
@Don L and @kelwatches: Thanks for the Barena advice. Sounds like I should be able to take care of it. Green loopwheel tee and Walts
That is such a nice sweater. I would like one of those, green or red doesn't matter to me. Oliver Spencer, Portuguese Flannel, and Dents gloves And d'wanna buy a watch (or, a look at the red lining for Stitchy.. gut shabbos sir).
Are those from the Epaulet order? They certainly look as if they could be.
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