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Darn. This is so cool.
Vince says true to size and in the end I think that will be right for me. 11D Alden, 11 Viberg 1035. Getting Truman 11.5, though I obviously have yet to try them on to know for sure if this is correct.
I've got a pair in the waxed flesh coming. Vince had been very accommodating to work with. If they boots work well for me, I could see getting the natural Dublin as well.
It doesn't seem as if this suit is meant to be orthodox CM.
Now that is style!
Well then do I go with the blue/brown FC highs or the horsehide? Could always go tennis low for the horsehide... Decisions.
That's really good @baltimoron
I'm a little over 6 feet and about 180 lbs. I bought a large in this shirt and it's comfortable fit. Not tight at all. So I bet you might well want to try a medium of you are looking for a slim fit.
Well I hope he makes with the Bildungsroman quick then, so you'll send him out again to learn and suffer and post videos of candy aisles for us.
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