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@deadAngle love those front pockets. What denim did you use?
You are thinking better pricing for a GMTO?I think Vince will pretty much make you what you want.Maybe there's a deal to be had for a group buy though. Or some leather that has a minimum buy...Could be fun.New sole options are nice. Boots are tough and awesome. I think you'd like them.
They use different lasts for different styles. This one might not suit you. I have beefrolls that gap a bit and pinch pennies that don't. You may be able to get Rancourt to make you your preferred style on your preferred last if you can get that figured out.
Well this would be awesome.
@Nik Telford oh right... There's a Vass thread... Well thanks for making it easy on me. Those are without qualification some seriously righteous shoes. P2 is perfect for them.
@Nik Telford can you treat us to a closet shot of those Vass?
That's a great idea. As long as you don't mind a little bit of wabi sabi I don't see how you go wrong. Could be cool to get one, wear it and beat it up and then dye it.
Courage! That's the spirit.
They are the bluchers. I did post a photo of just the shoes when I got them..
I did!Details:1. This stuff2. Two 5 gallon plastic buckets (one with lid for the indigo bath and one to soak the clothes before and rinse after) and a pair of long rubber gloves from the Ace hardware3. A long spoon to stir with (or a (clean) fly swatter if you can't find a long spoon when you suddenly realize you need one...)4. Coffee/iced tea/beer/liquor a bene placito for relaxing.5. A nice day and somewhere to hang the dyed cloths while the indigo oxidizes and for...
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