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People love metrics, though, don't they? Even more so these when they are ever easier to come by and as a result everyone wants to sell you analytics for this and that.
Camoshita cream cotton and linen trousers purchased. Going to leave it to everyone else to find the Humpreys. I'm no fun. You can ask anyone.
I love them. Color is great. Really deep. And yes, wear with all those. They seem to go really will with denim in fact. Could wear for business as well, I'd think, though the Goyser makes for better casual wear.
Oxblood u-cap from NMWA:
Vass U-cap in Oxblood
Anyone want to comment on the EPLA oxfords and the Kamigata? Photos of same?
Blake wingtips. I'm going to take these into my local cobbler and see if he can put a suede strip in at the heel. I think that will help my slip issue.
Well, yes, me too actually.
I'm going to need a bigger boat.
Thanks. No worries.Saw something Duke Ellington related recently that involved a lot of wide cut trousers. While I tend toward the slim cut, I was impressed with how good wider leg trousers look when done well. I am going to assume that Camoshita is this.
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