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Well, me neither. It's fun, but not the easiest way to get a pair of trousers. :-)
Thanks!I've been really happy with OS. Something I didn't know about before NMWA.I went with the 42.I think the photo does distort it a little. It's an iPhone propped up and tilting slightly upwards as the result.But that being said it is a trim fit. Similar fit to the OS multitweed from last year which I also got in a 42. By comparison you suggested a 40 in the Alpha jersey and that works for me. I think this will be more of heavy indoor-outdoor piece for me. Not really...
Thanks. It's Oliver Spencer.No tripod is good. And it's defintely a cool spot.
U caps in Oxblood calf on New Peter
Oliver Spencer, Portuguese Flannel and Vass
@wj4 you've got a nice wall there! Super solid fit and extraordinary Vass. 14oz Wilshires for me today
I can certainly tuck them in but I am more likely to wear untucked. I like a shirt over 31" to tuck.The Bart I have is a M.
Yes. Nice fit. They will definitely shrink if you dry them. Just a wash should be fine. They do loosen up with wear but not that much. As Louys noted.
Was that pearl wheat Barberis actually an end? Or can we get more of that? I'd probably be in for a pair of that.
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