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Your honor, I paid for the NMWA logo wallpaper in the bathrooms out of my own pocket. And the coat? No it's just an old rug I had sewn up.
Thanks gents. I don't think we'd get much done if we worked in the same place, Stitchy. Well, some shopping certainly and some posting on SF (thought you do the heavy lifting there). And I see in this photo that one lapel on the Casentino is doing it's own thing. Just broke this out for the first time today! Nice to wear it again.
Almost complete NMWA rig out today (shoes from Hungary but not Vass and scarf also sourced otherwise)... Mazzarelli shirt (not visible), Inis Meain ecru bulls wool, Rota heavy cotton trousers, Casentino:
My goodness that is magnificent. I might need that farmer brown too. When does that go up?
Nice collar sprez @NewYorkIslander
Well then @PatrickR is wondering why the heck I keep tagging him in posts...
@PatrickR Darn. That looks really good.
No, I trust you. I like that stripe and the red.
Right, not really worried. I'm fine with the darts, though I think my favorite EP fit is EPLA in a large.I'm going to reiterate what @PatrickR said about getting those OCBDs rolling again.
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