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Got my fingers crossed for inbound overdye jeans! When is it OK for us to start asking about them incessantly. And the field jackets. Are they here yet? Are they? Driggs leg for the high rise trousers sounds really good to me. I actually quite like that leg opening despite my mania for wider hems. And what I've actually wanted to do with my Driggs is hike them up. Everything's coming together nicely. Fabric choices are good. Hopsack and flannel, yes!
Great looking fit Don.
Valstar/EPLA/Rogue Territory/Rancourt [[SPOILER]]
Valstar/Inis Meain/Niche
Me neither. They stay put nicely for me.
And take my trouser game to a... uh... higher level...
Geez, I mean really. Wow.
That coat will be epic.
I think the logger soles are like the Alden commando sole, meaning the fore foot sole and heel are two separate pieces with leather in between.The Truman commando sole is a full rubber sole and I think the tread is heavier.
Maybe consider the commando sole for rain/snow. It's got a deep tread and gives you a full length rubber sole. Pretty comfortable too. I think Vince is pitching the Madone as an alternative to CXL too. But I think waxed flesh is an awesome choice. I love mine.
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