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Funny you should mention American Trench. Just got the bucket hat delivered. I went with the medium as someone who wears hats in 7 3/8 and it is too small (FYI). No problem. Will become a fantastic gift for someone near and dear and I have ordered the large for myself. Plus socks. This is a super high quality piece. That's clear just from handling it. Fancy DuPont fabric that's really crisp. Stingy brim that will snap up or stay down all around. Sharp grosgrain ribbon...
I'm having a hard time waiting through all this sneaker awesomeness for my FrankCowperwood Highs.
Gee whiz that's good @Don L
Yes, LawyerDad posted a really nice fit photo of it.I picked this up myself and it is really nice. Colors are great as is the linen knit.I will say that I don't quite understand the product page advice to size down. I wear Inis medium for a trim fit and the OS M in this sweater was even trimmer. I went with the large, which is slightly relaxed, but in a way that I think works for a comfy casual linen knit like this. I guess I have to post a fit pic to prove that, eh?
Hi and welcome!IMO you don't really need speed hooks on Rancourt boots. They open up well enough at the top and are easy to lace if you need to take the laces out of the top eyelet. I don't think speed hooks are really part of the handsewn style either. If you want them, go for it. But I don't see needing them.Chocolate bison and dark suede could look great. You might want to use one of the sturdier suedes if you go that route. The Repello really is lightweight. It pairs...
Yes, aspirational. Needles rebuilds looking very nice there. I also remain impressed with the shower stall/modern art installation thing that is his backdrop. Edit: I see he just explained what it is. It remains magical for me.
I think there is in fact a NMWA newsletter item on how to stand up straight. Seriously. On mobile but I can look for it later if someone else doesn't jump in.
^oh whistle.
Subbed. Interested to see those pocket squares and more about the knit blazers.
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