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Subbed. Nice!
It's definitely got more volume overall than Rancourt's other boot lasts. I'd say very similar to Trubalance, and maybe a shade more room than the 1035.
Answered this over in the other thread!
@Superb0bo Putting further discussion here in case the WAYWRN folks aren't that interested. Jacket is a size 42. It's a full 31.5 inches in length, and it's got a straight cut through the body. Leave plenty of room and gives that sort of bell shaped silhouette, especially when you stuff your hands in the pockets. I may have to try something in your signature black linen next.
Well not really unfortunately. The retailers who stock in the UK have these costs as well. Sometimes the price for buying overseas really is lower, other times it's a wash. Sounds like it's the latter in this case.Might make a good case for taking the existing pair to a cobbler to be refurbished as the low cost route, particularly if you were looking at simply replacing them with a new pair in the same style.
Excellent! It's almost like it's real work wear... I suppose it helps that it's MTO so they don't have to stock a large range of sizes.You wait a few weeks (they've been good about the promised delivery window based on my two-order experience), but you get the size you need and the fabric/color you want. Not bad.Hope the items turn out well for you!
My understanding is that the shoes have to be specifically labeled Rancourt. Maybe they say something about this in the resole section of their site?
What fabric(s)? Will be a suit?BTW there's a thread for British workwear: http://www.styleforum.net/t/220610/british-workwear-heritage-brands/
Thanks!This is my first jacket from them. Trousers in that photo are Old Town as well, moleskin, and I have one other pair in a different cut in canvas. [[SPOILER]]
It's from Old Town, So vintage inspired.
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