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I do think that F is longer than P2 for sure and probably narrower in the heel.@OzzyJones I don't have any P2 oxfords but you might convince be those at Fs from the photos. Whatever they at they are stunning.
Wow, natty CXL Brixtons! Someone will pick those up fast.
Oh, I'll get photos up here.I'm really interested to see how the calf and suede go together. They are both dressier than any other leathers I've gotten from Rancourt (I don't really count shell as dressy despite the cost...)Not sure about how it ages, though in that photo the Fargo does look like it has similar surface characteristics to CXL (those scratches etc. seem typical of CXL). Hopefully Rancourt is steering you toward something that's a suitable replacement.Get...
Hey, that's great. Not that you have an issue with the shoes, but that they are willing to work it out for you.Teak Fargo sounds interesting. Looks like Helm in Austin uses it: http://helmboots.com/products/lotzer-dress-boot-teakFYI, their boots are 99% certain made by Rancourt, despite the un-Rancourt-like shape of this one.Also, I just wrapped up putting in a Clymer Boot MTO with Dustin at Portland Dry Goods:Here's what I'm getting:Vamp, Plug, and Backstay: Tan burnished...
I tried that on to size for my GMTO jacket and yes it is very very nice. You own I take it?
Yes. You are absolutely right.
Yes, 3636 is definitely a higher-volume last than the F. And a bit shorter. It's overall a different shape. The 3636 is roomy, but I don't think it's a 1/2 size or a full width roomier for me. But I'll need to wear this pair in 45 for a while to see what I think in the end.
Thanks NAMOR. This is a 5, which is the only size I've gone with so far in my limited Schneider collection. I enjoy the fit so far and can't see it being any smaller, especially with the liner in. I need to take the liner out and try it that way too. Was too cold for that today though I actually walked with it buttoned up. Buttoned as you've pointed out does no photograph well.I think I posted a photo with just a shirt. Maybe only in the NMWA thread. Fit was comfortable in...
When I was deciding whether to order a wide P2 I recall Reszo saying difference was 4 mm. Which is to say somewhere around there (not arguing over 1 mm of course, Concordia... thought I'm sure there's a thread for that. ).And of course a different last for a reference point.Sure, I can do that tomorrow. I'm going to say the difference will be noticeable.
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