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Sounds nice. You are considering a derby I take it? Seems like they show the R as an oxford in general, but I bet it would work well as a derby too. I'd like to see that.
@NAMOR: Nice post compilation. 😄 R fit for me is true to Vass size. So 45 and same as F and P2. It's got a little more volume (particularly in the instep) than either of those and it is a shade shorter. But I'd say go with your standard size (and that was Mr. Kuti's advice to me). I have to agree that it's an elegant shape and more refined than the P2, and I do like the P2. It is a last I would choose again certainly.
This.Archie: I've got my eye out for the other guy in Chicagoland in mist linen. Figuring I'll sight you at Superdawg on my way to the airport. I'll give you a subtle knowing nod.
That was really a fun contest. Easy for everyone to join in, we saw lots of good stuff, some great fits proposed, and some great stories (and haikus) written. Looking forward to see some real life fits come out of all of this. Well done Greg! Only draw back I can see is being contractually obligated to purchase every item in the entry you submitted. You guys read all the fine print... right?
Those look like you could really get some serious overcoat collar pop with them.
Well, I'm not going to let the fact that Greg is the proprietor hold me back. I will use a two-pronged strategy to carry me to the top spot. First, I will begin to post one word at a time. Second, I will post fit pics of individual buttons of OS jackets and Inglese shirts. And then possibly individual pebble grains of Vass shoes, if my camera is up to the task. And congrats Greg. You run both a wonderful store and an enjoyable thread.
Perfect. That sounds like the right size for me as a US 40.
There's a lot of chaffing on your ankles? Hope that works itself out as the break in. Nice chukkas.
Can you please provide measurements for the size 50 Teba? Shoulder, chest, sleeve, and length if possible. Thanks.
Team OS. Get one. Get in.They really are nice. Unstructured and a very casual vibe.
New Posts  All Forums: