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What are your thoughts on sizing? Can you compare to your typical EP sizing?Wondering how the shoulders fit especially. They look a little narrow relative to the rest of the measurements, but I know sometimes that's just part of the cut.
@Epaulet Yeah. That dude. That's the dude.
@Epaulet what color and what size is that fit model wearing?
Good to know in both cases.Addict has the advantage of two styles that I'd consider, while Aero is a little overwhelming. But I'll poke around and think it over. Some of the fun is in that anyway.
^ Oh no @wigglr... YOU wouldn't look good in that... not a bit. And the little bell that comes pinned to the ribbon on BBJ stuff... I love that. What's the origin? Anyone know?
Duck canvas trucker looks really good. Football? Not familiar with that.
So this is potentially the end result of black dyed CXL FQHH? I'm very intrigued by the black-fade-to-brown phenomenon, though if it takes 25 years I will be on to some other obsession.Noted this Addict version of the black-to-brown;And on a fairly different theme, saw High Large Leathers in the Standard & Strange Instagram feed and I'm taken with this:
They do let you return items on Whitesriver, which would leave you out $45 r/t or so if it doesn't fit. That's the impatience fee. Definitely consider sending in some tracings and your size details to Bakers too. They've done a pretty good job by me on sizing.
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