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Quote: Originally Posted by RJman This threak needs erstwhile member the truth to carve up some A&S jackets. Is there a Bat Signal for him or sthg? You rang?
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Obviously, the reporter didn't bother to cut open a Kiton jacket for further investigation: : I wonder if the wood is real or fake.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon I think some people just take cheating too seriously. It is probably just me, but I really don`t understand why so many married people get divorced over a bit of cheating. I also think many men have been neutered and brainwashed by women into thinking that cheating is the worst sin possible. Tell the truth to the truth. You just don't want to be kept away from your thirteen year old missies. Right?
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I've met many clothing industry folks but Rob stands out as a special person. Friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, gentlemanly, customer oriented in the best sense of the word. All around good guy. Highly recommended for you local NYers to visit him and talk clothing. I guarantee you might learn something. How does he compare with Massimo? Do you find that he is more truthful with you than Massimo has...
I hope you will be paying for these.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 OK. I am going back to the Church's on Madison tomorrow at noon to purchase a pair of Diplomats. Maybe we can try this again? Man with the crimson collar? Good god, turdflower. This isn't Craig's List M4M here. Tomorrow with roses, my rosebud and your rose colored collar. Churches, wedding bells, bliss.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 After a quick search, I'm pretty sure who it was now. And by Chesterfield I meant covert and it saddens me, as I formerly kinda looked up to this person. Well thank god. You just proved it to yourself. You are important. People like you.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 It's funny that your SN is "the truth" whereas I'm all about truth. The thing is, I could scour this fora for the culprit but I want to give him the chance to HTFU & make himself known. Think about many people do you know that have a Chesterfield with a red collar? Truth be told, either that person will make themselves known on purpose, by accident or has a coat they can never wear again. I am a member of...
The truth, Big Bris, is that you are not that important.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I guess I have been lucky. I've had great success with Kiton MTM. Antonio Matteis took my measurements on the first suit and they have held since except for sizing in the waist. I have a slightly sloping shoulder and they get it perfect. I think it depends on who you work with. Working with Kiton reps from Italy during trunk show season seems to be best practice. You said you would talk to Massimo...
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