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I'm working on a project, and I am trying to find pictures of the most impressive, powerful, and expensive-looking suits. I kind of liked the flamboyant suits of the 1980s in American Psycho. I am not looking for boring, but I don't want anything really retarded-looking either. Think of that pink suit in Casino. That's a good example. I figured you guys would know best.
Where can I purchase Charvet pajamas online? I can't seem to find them. And I'm not going all the way to Paris. Even though they might be that good.
I was hoping for something more with 3 colors and stripes.
I'd like to buy dress shirts with more than 2 colors of stripes or checkers. The ones with just two colors look so plain and boring. I just see them everywhere.
What is the best brand of wool turtlenecks? Incidentally do people wear wool turtlenecks anymore?
What is the best brand of fleece jackets?
Each time I get a down jacket, it is puffy, black, and looks bad with my other clothing. I wanted to forego dry cleaning this year and just use smartwool and a down a jacket. What are some of the most stylish down jackets around that will still keep me toasty? Thanks in advance.
What shirt, coat, pant, and shoe combinations for winter?
I'm looking for really comfortable socks.
I am looking for vintage comic book character t-shirts.
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