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I'm looking for the types of retro polo shirts Michael Cera wears. If not that, then maybe some cool tricolor ones. Opening Ceremony has some polos, but I'm looking for other sites to expand the old wardrobe.
I'm starting a casual wardrobe again for the first time. My current wardrobe consists of pop culture t-shirts and ratty old jeans. I need the coolest casual wear. Lists of clothing stores. And also lists of essentials. I have no idea where to start. I just don't want to get stuck buying t-shirts and jeans again because I'm clueless about where to start. I also don't want to spend too terribly much money. I need lists of jeans, shirt, jacket, etc. stores. I'm gonna be...
I'm starting a wardrobe for the first time in my adult life basically, and I need some lists and resources that you find helpful. I am still in college, and I expect to work in advertising and marketing. I need smart casual and business casual. I wouldn't be averse to anything more casual for school or whatever, as long as it looks good. I need lists of wardrobe essentials and also the best men's clothing stores online to buy them at. I'm stuck on Banana Republic and...
Can someone tell me what kind of glasses Wiz Khalifa is wearing here?
Can someone point me to some great leather jackets for under $300?
Whether I get them from Levi's, Guess, Calvin Klein, or some other, does it really matter? Isn't it really the color and fit that matter most? Is anyone really going to notice? Also, what brands are popular right now for men in their 20s-30s? What styles and fits? I'm just new to jeans shopping once again.
I saw The Infiltrator last night. It was a pretty good movie. Where can I find these kind of retro polo shirts like the guy here is wearing? They're not the standard boring ones from Ralph Lauren. They've got stripes or other stuff going on. Preferably list more than one retailer online.
I'm so new to dressing nice, and I have to start looking more business casual and smart casual for where I work and go to school. I know of Banana Republic, H&M, but I don't want to go to Gap because it's stupid-looking and not too adult. Where else should I be shopping online?
Does it matter if I go Levi's, Guess, Calvin Klein, etc. if I'm just choosing affordable straight leg jeans in basic colors? Are there better brands for affordable mens jeans? I got some from PacSun awhile back, and I didn't really like them.
I am looking to go beyond Ralph Lauren in seeking out Polo Shirts. I know there are a lot of new companies, brands, stores, and types of polo shirts out there. Look at this cool one Michael Cera is wearing in this YouTube video: Sorry, I couldn't find any Google Images images of him in that shirt. I want cool-looking, stylish, creative, fun, and professional polo shirts that go beyond the standard boring Ralph Lauren ones.
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