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I'm so new to dressing nice, and I have to start looking more business casual and smart casual for where I work and go to school. I know of Banana Republic, H&M, but I don't want to go to Gap because it's stupid-looking and not too adult. Where else should I be shopping online?
Does it matter if I go Levi's, Guess, Calvin Klein, etc. if I'm just choosing affordable straight leg jeans in basic colors? Are there better brands for affordable mens jeans? I got some from PacSun awhile back, and I didn't really like them.
I am looking to go beyond Ralph Lauren in seeking out Polo Shirts. I know there are a lot of new companies, brands, stores, and types of polo shirts out there. Look at this cool one Michael Cera is wearing in this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CODR5TU8RM Sorry, I couldn't find any Google Images images of him in that shirt. I want cool-looking, stylish, creative, fun, and professional polo shirts that go beyond the standard boring Ralph Lauren ones.
I've been searching for awhile, and I haven't been able to find any black-and-white variety jackets. Please link me to some awesome ones.
I've been out of the style game for a long time. Beyond Calvin Klein, Guess, Levi's etc, I'm a little lost on what brands offer affordable, high-quality jeans. Also, as far as leather jackets, I've been looking at some of the prices in the high hundreds, and I need a cheaper cost. Any suggestions?
I am looking for more streetcar brands like these to pad out my wardrobe. There is kind of a stoner, hip, luxuriant vibe to them. http://l-r-g.com http://www.bbcicecream.com
I'm working on a project, and I am trying to find pictures of the most impressive, powerful, and expensive-looking suits. I kind of liked the flamboyant suits of the 1980s in American Psycho. I am not looking for boring, but I don't want anything really retarded-looking either. Think of that pink suit in Casino. That's a good example. I figured you guys would know best.
Where can I purchase Charvet pajamas online? I can't seem to find them. And I'm not going all the way to Paris. Even though they might be that good.
I was hoping for something more with 3 colors and stripes.
I'd like to buy dress shirts with more than 2 colors of stripes or checkers. The ones with just two colors look so plain and boring. I just see them everywhere.
New Posts  All Forums: