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yeah of course levis, thats obvious, already had a look at the levis website. Im not really into a&f, thanks though. any other suggestions?
Hi, Which recommendable Jeans Brands are cheaper in the US than in Europe? Thanks
Hi, I'm lookin for a nice pair of jeans from the US, which I wont be able to try on personally. I was looking for a model like the levis 514, so not super skinny but slim, and the legs not tapered and not too wide. I have a 34/32 (wide pelvis not chubby or anything) Since the US sizes are bigger than the ones in europe, what size would you suggest? Can you recommend any other jeans that hast the fit Im lookin for? Where should I order the jeans from, I only had a...
november 18th by some canadian fella named drake. he was on tour with lil wayne. classic: nas - ether
Quote: Originally Posted by norbertr sorry i love hip-hop. and for the record im not a hypebeast.. and for the record i hate kanye. my personal favorite artists either stylish or style-appreciative Mos Definite Q Outkast bonus of andre 3000 at rag &bone Common and John legend. i wish i could blot out kanye's cocky ass somehow. john legend uhhh sorry for the overload. my pics are pretty boring compared to...
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs Who needs any Persols when you can have these? (For only $150 after cashback! PM me!) whats the name of these? wheres the best place to buy persol 649/714/2869 or those above in europe or online ? whats the lowest price for each of them? cheers!
btw im open for other suggestions
thanks a lot @ all I'm gonna check out the stores in dc+va first and maybe i'll make it to nyc.
actually i will stay in fairfax county VA visiting some relatives but it wouldnt be a prob to get to DC. boutique shops i guess, i search for casual but stylish clothes (denimbar), also for something more dressy (shirts f.e.). i hope you could get an image.
hi im from berlin visiting D.C. next month, so id like to know the best places for shopping. can you also give me some impressions what to buy there (jeans, shirts, tees, sunglasses, accesoirs, everything ? what are the must-haves over there? which brands are sold cheaper than in europe? thanks
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