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On sale here Was able to pricematch through Nordstrom online chat and appy 10% coupon for final price of $245.65
Are Allen Edmonds boat shoes any better than the Sperry's I have now?
What do you guys think about Allen Edmonds offering of custom neumoks for $199? What last do these run? I normally wear 9.5 EEE with my Strand and Park Avenues. Not sure what size to get in this.
Fill a zip lock bag half full of water, put in shoe, put shoe in freezer.
Don't forget the 20% Coupon!
Nabbed Brown Suede, Black Suede, and Sand Suede for $182. Yeah, you're welcome.
7 pages for this POS?
Yup those are the ones. Got a pair in brown. Also got a pair of black Royal Hi
Just orded this: What do you guys think?
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