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how much were they as seconds?
Thank you
You inspired me yesterday. I went to work and scrubbed these puppies for a while. Introducing the burgundy shell fleet I have succumb to so far! Hope to have a collection of brown someday like this....
please do!!!
What is the inside code? I want to say it is the Chester
Im dying waiting for the fall catalog to come out!!!!
I know!!! I may never recover from this!
I just realized I made a mistake in a post I made a couple weeks I go. I said that these were the neumora's when they are actually the mctavish. They are unlined grey oiled leather I believe with a single oak sole. I do not believe this color option and unlined leather was made or has been made yet and there is no code on the inside to identify them. But they are the mctavish! I wore them today and thats when I realized what I had done! Here they are again.
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