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Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey With the weak dollar, the cost of my Jantzen shirts has crept up to $48.75. I was charged promptly this time. Also I noticed the website is working again. Isn't HK$ pegged with US$?
I am nerdier than 95% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!
I don't know if you know about the following two equations: sinx = 2*(tan(x/2))/(1+(tan(x/2))^2) cosx = (1-(tan(x/2))^2)/(1+(tan(x/2))^2) Then 4y=(1+ctan(x/2))^4 The remaining is quite simple because (ctan(x))'=-csc(x)^2. I believe this is the simplest way to get the derivative.
Wang, not wrong. It's all about art.
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Standard turnaround time is 2 working days for walk-ins, but I'm sure that they can do even better if pushed. Regarding the standards, only time will tell but the manufacturing facilties haven't changed as far as I know, simply the shop front which is much bigger now. I might give them a visit in a week or two, I fancy having some gingham shirts made up. That's quite right. I dropped by the new shop...
Rhodia ePure: http://www.bloc-rhodia.fr/Rhodia-BOU...049f9274a7329c Moleskine, but it's not leather cover. http://www.moleskineus.com/ Bittner. Their notebooks are made of cotton rag and acid free papers. Very nice. http://www.bittner.com/leatherBrowse...&Title=Bittner scribesdelight http://sitebuilder.securenetshop.com...light/journals rustico http://rusticoleather.com/p_home.asp CIAK http://www.ciak.fi.it/B3P_CIAK/B3Por...otto_1033.aspx
Just saw some yesterday here in HK. The price is about 70$.
Quote: Originally Posted by Montesquieu Were you travelling yourself, such that you could try on the clothes first hand, then I would recommend: - G Lorenzi (men's personal items, as noted) - Al Bazar (jackets and Guy Rover shirts) - Shoes: Bestetti, Lattanzi, Santoni, Mantellassi (all manufacturer stores / workshops, with Mantellassi's soon to open) - The Store or another retailer of Incotex - Tincati and Eddy Monetti for suits and general mens...
moleskine http://www.moleskineus.com/ Rhdia http://www.bloc-rhodia.fr/Home.html
Where can I see the image? Thanks.
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