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Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey With the weak dollar, the cost of my Jantzen shirts has crept up to $48.75. I was charged promptly this time. Also I noticed the website is working again. Isn't HK$ pegged with US$?
I am nerdier than 95% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!
I don't know if you know about the following two equations: sinx = 2*(tan(x/2))/(1+(tan(x/2))^2) cosx = (1-(tan(x/2))^2)/(1+(tan(x/2))^2) Then 4y=(1+ctan(x/2))^4 The remaining is quite simple because (ctan(x))'=-csc(x)^2. I believe this is the simplest way to get the derivative.
Wang, not wrong. It's all about art.
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Standard turnaround time is 2 working days for walk-ins, but I'm sure that they can do even better if pushed. Regarding the standards, only time will tell but the manufacturing facilties haven't changed as far as I know, simply the shop front which is much bigger now. I might give them a visit in a week or two, I fancy having some gingham shirts made up. That's quite right. I dropped by the new shop...
Rhodia ePure: Moleskine, but it's not leather cover. Bittner. Their notebooks are made of cotton rag and acid free papers. Very nice. scribesdelight rustico CIAK
Just saw some yesterday here in HK. The price is about 70$.
Quote: Originally Posted by Montesquieu Were you travelling yourself, such that you could try on the clothes first hand, then I would recommend: - G Lorenzi (men's personal items, as noted) - Al Bazar (jackets and Guy Rover shirts) - Shoes: Bestetti, Lattanzi, Santoni, Mantellassi (all manufacturer stores / workshops, with Mantellassi's soon to open) - The Store or another retailer of Incotex - Tincati and Eddy Monetti for suits and general mens...
moleskine Rhdia
Where can I see the image? Thanks.
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