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What's the difference between John Lobb Paris and John Lobb St. James?
Zee can do it. The price is around 200 or 300 HKD.
Quote: Originally Posted by kali77 Those Finamore's are gorgeous Today's arrivals. Last 2-3 orders were more basic and ordinary, so I threw some shirts that I felt had a little more "color" so to speak in this round. what's the fabric number of the light blue stripe? thanks.
I also want a grey wool incotex in size 32.
Could you find light/medium grey wool pants in size 32?
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano I always go with the excuse of buying something for myself and end up buying stuff for others. I'm still looking for gray, wool flat front slacks in a 32. If you got some holla at me. I'll pay you in $$$ or incotex whatever you prefer. I am also looking for light/medium grey wool incotex pants, in size 32 or 30 I will go to NY at the early of August. Do you guys think I can find something left...
There is a wonderful thread at AAAC,
Hi wodelaotian/OMG, Here is a link of Beijing bespoke. But it's in Chinese. I think you can also find some cheap tailors in Xiu Shui Street. In general, bespoke in BJ is way behind HK. Shanghai may be a little bit better.
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx recently purchased shirts are finally starting to arrive...two kitons, the final shirt (brioni MTM) should be here on fri or sat. I threw in the SAB umbrella as a special guest Nice shirts. Awful folding Is the blue one the same as this
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