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got a pair of incotex from skefferz . Great seller, fast shipping, wonderful package. Highly recommend.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spatlese Just received some more Incos (I'm making up for not having bought chinos for >10 years), this time from another major seller on the forum, edmorel. My first purchase from ed, and I'm perfectly happy with the experience. +1 Got two incos from edmorel today. A++++++++ seller
So many people have 32 waist....
what does standard fabric include? And premium? Thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan My friend and trouser maker Salvatore Ambrosi will be in New York City between February 18th and 24th to meet with new and old clients. In addition, Gennaro Solito, the esteemed Neapolitan tailor, will be present to take orders for jackets and suits. Salvatore is still working out the hotel details, so I will keep you posted about the exact location....
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven Blue hairline is 120/2 hairline stripe. I need to order some more of this Carl Is it Thomas Mason?
May I know the fabric of the blue hairline stripe? Quote: Originally Posted by kryn13 Shipment of new shirts from Carl came in. Three business casual and one more formal.
Are they slim or full?
pattern: light blue hairline type: herringbone/dobby
no pictures
What's the difference between John Lobb Paris and John Lobb St. James?
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