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where is the link for the pants? Cannot find it on website.
how come seamless whole cut is less durable? pls enlighted me.
which model is it?
Deets on the cardigan please.
I'm also wondering the fit of sutor. I really dig this pair but only UK9 is available. I wear UK8.5E in EG 606 last. Is this pair ok for my size? Anyone? Thanks a lot.
My size is UK 8.5/9E for EG 606 last. Which size fits me better for Vass F last? Thanks.
I bought men's ex at the following places 1 airport 2 pageone in time square, 9/f if my memory serves well. 3 a small japanese book store in kimberly rd, tst. I forget the name, maybe zhi yuan.
Isaia? Quote: Originally Posted by chenzhongbi Excellent! May I ask who made the tie? It did ring a bell, but I just couldn't remember the exact name.
how is Riva compared with Alumo?
really like the first and third one. which book are they from? thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Looks good VG. I'm looking forward to one of the 'vintage' fabrics soon as well (thanks yfyf). Here's a few of my Chans. I'll have to dig up some of the others.
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