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It's a better average department store. Lots of stuff, moderately good quality, widely ranging fit/styling.
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast I like them because my workplace pays for them and I don't pay a cent for a cup of coffee. They certainly beat the hell out of most office/waiting room coffee.
Guess I fall in with the consensus on the thread. When I'm traveling alone (obviously), or if I want some time to read the paper or Harper's or what have you. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, though I prefer bistros/cafes/bars/diners, and I do think it can be rather awkward at a more elaborate place.
I know pretty much SFA about cars, but I've always liked muscle cars, and 66 GTOs get me hot: A while ago, I went down to my grandfather's neighbor who had bought my mom's old (burnt orange ) Mustang, a '68 or '69 IIRC that he still had from many moons ago, but the old sonofabitch wouldn't sell.
Yeah, it's a good tactic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur However, I also absolutely hate the oversweetened, overcreamed machiatto/latte/etc bullshit. Both of those should have neither sugar nor cream in them... I would say tea, but most coffeeshops in the U.S. that don't vaguely specialize in it usually brew crappy ones.
Can we make a rule that all threads which have oxymoronic titles be moved into DT?
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Ari will save the day. Yeah, but he did just blow his ace in the hole with Samantha Gordon. I knew that would end up being a pun of some kind...
I've always used old fashioned glasses, but I recently got a bottle of Jack (I know, it's not Laphroaig, but I wanted something American to drink on election night and it was all I could get my hands on) that came with a free tumbler which is surprisingly thick and nice, and I must say I'm quite fond of it.
Man, they're gonna have to throw him a pretty big bone in the finale for the season not to end on a very down note. Or maybe Drama will get offered a big movie role. At least Turtle's ballin' at this point.
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