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Seems to me that if she was going to bring the situation up at all, it should have been on a personal basis. If she has a limited working relationship with one of the "victims" of her fuckups, she should just apologize and leave it at that. For people that she's on somewhat more familiar terms with, she could bring up the reason for her failures, ala "My father hasn't been well lately", then if people feel it's appropriate they can discuss it further. Either way, a mass...
It sounds to me like the OP doesn't understand the difference between a polite equivocation and an actual promise.
Although baking definitely yields the flattest crispy bacon, I often prefer to cook in a pan because I want to cook something else (usually eggs) in the grease. You can get crispy bacon from most cooking methods if you allow it to cool on a rack. Really almost anything which is supposed to be crisp or have a crust of some kind benefits a great deal from rack cooling.
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 you r teh retard!? I was on a bottle of Australian red, several mixed drinks, a number of Fosters and three of four bowls of really good haze at that point, so pretty much yes. Decided to go for journalistic integrity over glamor in my photography.
This was actually friday: Was my buddy's and my joint birthday party:
Wait, was that Spock hitting Kirk? WTF
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph The arrangements are way beyond anything commercially out there in rock. It's really that good, time will tell. You need to find some more bands to listen to then dude.
Quote: Originally Posted by bearlydavid I think when you are talking about southern accents, it is mainly the rural areas. The Dallas Fort Worth area does not really have an accent. Yeah, very few people can place my accent as Texas. I think it gets stronger the smaller/more rural you get. Anyway, discriminating based on accent is incredibly stupid. But if you think it's bad in NYC, or anywhere else in the U.S., go to the UK.
Ham radio.
Quote: Originally Posted by dl20 You mean Dana Gordon? dl Whoops, yeah.
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