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Quote: Originally Posted by SField Chicken thighs are quite common in indian cooking and in Paellas. They're very flavorful and I've never found them unpleasant. A grilled chicken thigh that gets rid of some of the fat is actually very nice. For making a curry, I'd fire the chicken first. I'd defininitely marinate and BBQ them, or at least sear them. Anything to get some color. Many indians will first do their meat in a tandoor, so that's extremely high...
So I had a thing of curry sauce which suggested using chicken thighs, and since I could get like a kg of them for 1.50 I decided to do so despite the fact that I don't like dark meat (cept wings and drumsticks.) Unfortunately, the curry didn't really cover up the stringy oily nature of the thighs (fucking Lloyd Grossman.) Anybody have a good use for them that sort of covers up the less nice ascpects?
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Jr. She is seriously hot. The closest liberal contender to her hotness and intellect is Hillary Clinton. Bill rather plays pipe with this one: which says a lot. Yeah but she was thinner then. Also he was getting hummers from her, which have as much to do with technique as anything.
The fact that you can now say that to someone who's snooching your fries and if questioned explain that you were quoting the President of the United States singlehandedly makes this the greatest time to be an American.
Wow, lots of hate. Personally I think his command of the technical aspect of rapping and flowing is pretty self-evident. No, that's not all there is to hip hop music, and the other aspects of his game (cohesive production, actually having something in particular to say) are more variable. I'm usually engaged enough by the wordplay and generally good beats to not particularly mind. Also I find it rather heartening that one of the biggest forces in pop music right now...
It may have sucked for the director of photography, but think how entertaining that must have been for everyone else on set. That was one hell of a hollerin session.
Please update from the road. I've always thought it might be fun (until you got caught) to be on the lam.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo1824 He has now backed out of actually wrestling...I think his handler's said no way. Well I remember reading an interview where he said that the only stunt work he didn't do for The Wrestler was some of the falls, because he was too old and slow nowadays to do it without hurting himself. Since that's a pretty huge part of pro wrestling, I'm not surprised the insurance company or whoever nixed it.
Well Rourke was an actual fighter for a while in the early 90s.
I think the movie is a study in American cultural archetypes as much as anything. I mean come on, the beer-swilling Ford plant worker war vet is as much of a stereotype as the studious immigrant or inner city decay gangster. The point is that by the end of the movie he's transcended that type (at least a bit.) The problem though is that the actors playing the brother and sister just aren't as good, so their characters don't end the movie particularly more fleshed out than...
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