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I think the gift is perfectly goddamn sufficient. But my mom would tell me to write a note. So I usually end up deciding to write the note, but mostly because it's a really good way of making people remember and like you (particularly later middle aged or older folks) if you would enjoy receiving favors from them in the future.
Quote: Originally Posted by suited I give a ton of clothing to the salvation army. I think that's much better than giving money to bums. Well you're probably right, but more accurately giving to charity really achieves something different from giving to bums. Whether it's better is a moral or ethical question.
Places like Dean and Deluca and Balduccis, as well as a surprising number of those sort of neighborhood coffee stores will have Mariage Freres teas, which are quite good. Dean and Deluca et all don't have much of a selection of more esoteric teas, though. However I really think Mariage Freres doesn't compromise any quality despite its availability, and they have a pretty broad range of styles to choose from and explore. Just make sure that you don't accidentally get the...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 own mp3 library + Rhapsody Rhapsody + FairUse = having your cake and eating it too.
Quote: Originally Posted by x26 We admitted we were Powerless over Alcohol and Our lives had become unmanageable... Dude he is managing the shit out of his life. He's got his short term plan deployed, which consists of sipping bourbon and browsing styleforum. Also, he's consulting styleforum to help formulate his medium-term plan. He's motherfuckin Day-Timer® on that shit.
This question flabbergasts me.
Quote: Originally Posted by jgold47 has anyone ever tried that shit before? Promethazine? Yeeeah boyyy. The promethazine is kind of incidental to the overall impact of lean though- it's primarily the codeine that gets you high, although the promethazine does add a bit to the relaxing effects.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Jr. I don't see any point in the legalize it debate since marijuana is as cheap and accessible as ever. It is quite accessible, but with a bit of a delay. I mean when you want a six pack you don't have to call the convenience store guy, see if he's around/if he can come by, find out he isn't yet, set an alternate time, and perhaps still end up having to wait a couple of hours.
Yeah I would think there's only a strong onus on you to ask the father's permission if a dowry's involved. Of course I suppose that's what paying for the wedding is nowadays.
I'll give 'em cigs if they ask, but I have kind of a pay it forward attitude about bumming cigarettes. Otherwise my default is to not give anything unless there's some outstanding reason to (good story, particularly wretched looking fellow, etc.) Seeing the panhandlers of Mexico City really pretty much fucks your sympathy for those in the U.S. and Western Europe. In Mexico only the most decrepit or disabled tend to panhandle. In Cambridge, on the other hand, most of...
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